How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

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How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step
How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step – In this new blog series, we’ll be taking our sketchbooks outside to draw and paint! One of the most popular things to draw (and draw) outdoors is flowers. Today, we’re going to show you how to draw 12 simple flower shapes and how you can draw them with your Multliliner (or Multiliner SP) pen! Without further ado, let’s get started with the first step below!

For each you can use Google Images, Pinterest or take pictures for reference as you sketch! Once you have gathered these references, begin to simply “map” the shape of each flower. Above, I’ve added circles, lines, and other general shapes that will build the “skeleton” of the flower to keep the proportions correct.

How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

On paper as I sketch, I will later erase the pencil marks. Also, I am using a 0.7 HB mechanical pencil.

How To Make A Flower Drawing {5 Easy Steps}!

The next step is to start adding the petals! For some flowers, such as tulips and poppies, there are not many petals to begin with/the flower shape is simple. However, for more complex flowers, such as dahlias, peonies and hydrangea, there will be more steps and details to follow!

In general, though, at this early stage, draw the petals lightly, erasing as needed, capturing the essence and overall shape of each petal. Don’t be afraid to check your reference image too!

The next step is very easy, just keep adding more petals! For specific flowers, such as marigolds, dahlias, and hydrangea, this means adding another “round” petal. For simpler flowers, such as tulips, poppies, plumerias, and pansies, this means that the flower is much more drawn out at this point. If you are a beginner at drawing, I recommend starting with these simple flower shapes!

The above step is the final drawing step, make sure all the petals are added. Look at your reference image to make sure all your petals are folded in the natural shape and in the correct direction. Catching and correcting mistakes while you’re still in the “pencil stage” is key to how your drawing will turn out when you add erasable ink!

Different Flower Drawing Beautiful Image

Now it’s time to add the Multiliner pen! Above, I used a 0.5 Multiliner SP pen (it’s a refillable version of a regular multiliner) to outline all the petals in what I call the “single pass” method, meaning each line was applied only once. This one-pass method allows me to see how my flower petals will look before adding line variations and other details.

When sketching, especially if you are new to drawing! If you are right-handed, start with the flowers on the left side of the paper and work your way across the page; That way, the chances of accidentally washing your ink are slim! And if you’re left-handed, start with the flowers on the right and work in the opposite direction.

Your paper is not stuck to your desk! (At least we hope not!) It’s much easier to move the paper than your hand, so when sketching, twist and turn the paper at the angle that’s most comfortable for your drawing hand. Drawing a line in one pass without raising your hand will help you a lot!

How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

The next step above is pretty easy: I waited at least 30 seconds to make sure the pen ink had dried, then used an eraser to erase all my sketch lines. That’s it! 🙂 But since I deleted my initial sketches doesn’t every flower look crisper and more defined now?! This simple step helps clarify each shape, so when we move on to the next step (adding details), it’s easy to see where those details need to go!

How To Draw Flowers And Plants: An Art School In A Book

As mentioned above, this step is all about the details! For this step I’m still using my 0.5 Multiliner SP pen, using the same stroke technique I use with my markers,

In the areas of the flowers where the petals overlap, I’m adding lines to create depth. I never add any lines to the entire shape of the petal, instead I move the pen to a comfortable level away from the darkest areas of each flower/shadow. Anyway, always go back to reference images! They will help you know how far each shadow line should go.

The 8th and final step is to create the line contrast, which means I used a pen one size larger, 0.7, to separate the shape of each petal from the shadow lines. This final step creates the maximum amount of contrast and prepares each flower for adding color; We will show you how to do this in our next blog!

The above templates can be downloaded and printed from the art gallery on our website. Use the black drawn flowers to work on your colors for our next blog, or use the gray drawn flowers to work on your outlines using your multiliner pen!

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Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll show you how to paint 6 of these flower colors!

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The first thing you’ll want to do before you paint is figure out your palette! For each flower I was going to draw, I tested the marker colors on a sheet of paper to make sure I had the right palette. Note that there are three different colors for each flower: dark, a midtone, and light. In the next step, I will choose to center it

How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

So the flowers are not too pale or too dark. However, you can choose lighter or darker colors if you want!

How To Draw A Tulip

Once your model is complete, the next step is to paint a movement that best represents the shape of the flower. For example, the rose was painted in a circular motion from the inside, the marigold was painted in squiggles from the outside, the lily was painted in a cup shape, etc. As you were looking at the flower colors, we recommend that you have reference photos nearby when you complete this step. They will be one

Once the color step is complete, the next step is to add the first outline layer using a black multiliner pen. Just trace the shape of the petals in a single pass, like a stroke or fold. For example, consider four petals, the center and all petals of a sunflower, half and all petals of a dahlia, etc.

Also note how the outline process is not detailed, the white of the paper is still showing. That’s the doodle technique; To show the beautiful mistakes of hand drawing and painting!

After completing the initial outline, the next step is to add details. Remember that your flowers don’t have to be realistic, so if you want to create a plaid pattern, for example, in the center of sunflowers or daisies, feel free! The detail added with a multiliner pen at this stage is a way to create depth in a flat layer of color.

Beautiful Bullet Journal Flower Doodles — Joyful Journaler

The final step is to add the outline of each flower once with a thick tip to create contrast with the newly added details. In the example above, I was using 0.5 for the details and 0.8 for the final outline. However, this step is optional and is preferred! If you also like the look of using width stitches, you don’t need to add this last step to your flower doodles.

Now that we’ve covered how to complete this drawing technique, let’s put our drawing skills to the test and apply them to this series of drawings found in our line art gallery! Print the above 8.5 x 11 inch template on a sheet suitable for at-home markers.


How To Draw Different Flowers Step By Step

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