How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

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How To Draw Dinosaur Picture
How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture – Easy drawing tutorials > animal, cartoon, cute, easy, reptile > How to draw a dinosaur

Do you want to learn how to draw a cute dinosaur? This simple, step-by-step prehistoric drawing tutorial will help you master a beautiful dinosaur sketch.

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

Did you know? One of the first cartoons featured a cute dinosaur like this one. It was called Gertie the Dinosaur and was released in 1914 – over 100 years ago! In the film, Gertie plays a prank on her human master.

Drawing Dinosaurs For Kids: A Step By Step Dinosaur Drawing Guide For Kids Ebook Von Adrian Sanqui

Cute dinosaur figurines have long been popular. Generations have grown up with Littlefoot, the “long-necked” dinosaur from Earth Before Time, and his friends Ducky, the “duckbill” hadrosaur, Petrie the “flyer” or pterodactyle, Cera the “third horn” or triceratops, and Spike the “spike-tail” or stegosaurus. The film also features the terrifying “sharp tooth”, or tyrannosaurus rex!

Do you know the official name of a long-necked dinosaur like the one in our illustration? For decades, children have been taught that its name is brontosaurus. Later, scientists decided that brontosaurus and brachiosaurus were the same species, and withdrew the name brontosaurus. Yet brontosaurus fossils have recently been identified – the brontosaurus is back!

In addition to brontosaurus and brachiosaurus, there were other dinosaurs with long necks, such as giraffes. These include Apatosaurus and Diplodocus.

1. Start drawing the outline of a cute dinosaur by making three long curved lines. Two loosely parallel lines will form the neck. The third will be behind. It should meet and join the upper neck.

How To Draw A Simple Dinosaur

2. Then draw the front leg. Use two curved lines for the dinosaur’s chest and shoulder. From the shoulder, extend another line and repeat it again to define the foot and leg. Then draw short lines on the top of the leg and the base of the neck.

3. Draw the remaining front leg. Again, extend the curved line and double it back to define an elephant-like foot. Then use “U” shaped lines to make the nails on each foot.

4. Draw the back leg. Use a curved line at the top of the leg. Let it pass through the second line that doubles back to complete the outline.

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

5. Draw two curved lines between the front and back legs, defining the belly and the remaining back leg. Use “U” shaped lines to draw the toenails as you did for the front feet.

How To Draw Dinosaurs And Extinct Animals

6. Draw a cute cartoon dinosaur head. Use curved lines to outline the jaw, top and sides of the head, nose and chin. Twist one line at the top of the head inside, do not connect with the other line.

Draw a series of “U” shaped lines between them to enclose the crest or spikes on the dinosaur’s head. Use small “U” lines for the nostrils and shade a small oval inside each area.

7. Draw two ovals for the eyes. Color a small oval in the center of each area to show students. Draw a curved shape above each eye, creating eyebrows.

8. Extend two lines, one from the back leg and one from the back of the dinosaur. Let the lines meet in a soft place, make a tail. The nails are drawn on top of the tail using a series of “U” shaped lines.

Step By Step Tutorial: How To Draw 4 Dinosaurs By Dennonyx On Deviantart

9. Draw a bottom line on the dinosaur’s back, then close the “U” shaped pins above it. Remove if necessary.

Color your cute dinosaur outline. Since no one has ever seen a dinosaur, we don’t know what colors it actually was. Were they green or brown like this one? Be creative when coloring your cartoon!

For great tutorials on how to draw cute cartoons, see the post 51 Easy and Fun Cartoons to Draw.

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

It’s the circular icon at the top of the browser window, usually located in the upper-left corner (you can use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+R on PC and Command+R on Mac). These make perfect art projects. for children as they can stick these pictures on their fridges or in their notebooks.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur

I’ve already done many tutorials for drawing cute and kawaii animals, like this kawaii dog tutorial and this kawaii cat tutorial.

In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a cute dinosaur in this step-by-step guide so you can easily make a cute dinosaur drawing!

Whether you are a kid or an adult learning to draw, these steps are very easy to follow, let’s get started!

I’ll show you how to color the dinosaur – but you can choose any color you want!

National Draw A Dinosaur Day (january 30th)

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy something, I will make a commission at no extra cost to you.

But you can use any tool – pen and paper or colored pencils or Copic markers or Photoshop because the drawing method is always the same.

I’m going to draw a kawaii dinosaur, if you want to see more books that teach how to draw cute kawaii animals, check these out:

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

You can even print this out and draw over the drawing. After that we will pull the leg.

Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids Learn To Draw 8075238 Vector Art At Vecteezy

The trick to drawing cute animals is to use lots of circles and circles – that’s what adds to the fun of these animals.

From the back of the head, draw a long curve towards the tail and finish by drawing the end of the tail by drawing a line downwards.

Dinosaurs have very small arms so just draw a small V in the middle of the dinosaur’s body.

And now we’re going to draw the dinosaur’s face – I’m going to draw a small round circle in the middle of the head to show the dinosaur’s eye.

How To Draw A Cartoon T Rex

Then draw small round scales on the dinosaur’s body. Draw small circles starting at the head and ending at the tail.

You can even make them sharp, but I prefer to draw rounded scales because I find them more attractive.

You can color this dinosaur any color you want, but for this tutorial I will color it green!

How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

Next I will color the scales. You can dye the wave a different color or use several colors for the wave. Let your creativity take over!

Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids Learn To Draw 8075237 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Finally with a light yellow color (almost a cream color) I will color in the belly and foot of the dinosaur to add more detail to this dinosaur.

If you want to see more tutorials on drawing kawaii animals and kawaii things, please leave a comment below on what you want to see next!

I will be adding more kawaii drawing tutorials (animals, food and more) to this blog, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in drawing in a kawaii style and then selling clipart or selling it on Etsy, check out this course!

Easy Dinosaur Drawings

My old friend Ilaria (we became friends on Instagram after I had Instagram) did this course! I’ve watched her grow from 0 followers, and I’m so proud of her!

And believe it or not, there isn’t a good online course on learning how to draw kawaii art and then make virtual stickers online. I have been looking for a course like this for a long time.

You can make your own stickers and print them and sell them on Etsy or anywhere! He goes into detail about how to draw characters.

This is one of the best courses I have taken which is beautiful and informative.

Dinosaur Outline Drawing Images

A sketchbook, Photoshop and a graphics tablet to draw kawaii characters. If you want to make stickers, you need a printer and stickers.

And if you are really interested in improving your drawings or want to make cute kawaii animals and kawaii people, check out this second course by Sara.

Sara teaches you how to draw anything in a cute kawaii style. I really like these types of courses because they are very easy to learn and very easy to find clients because this is a really relatable style of drawing.

If you’re just getting started with ProCreate, I highly recommend this course: Follow Beginners: Digital Illustration 101

Cute Dinosaur Cartoon With Line Art, Dinosaur For Coloring Book With Color Less Drawing Icon. 15566751 Vector Art At Vecteezy

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How To Draw Dinosaur Picture

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