How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

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How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup
How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup – Eyebrows can vary greatly in shape and size. Luckily, there are some simple guidelines we can follow to learn how to draw eyebrows convincingly and realistically!

The “trick” to drawing eyebrows (or any required texture, really) is to stop thinking of them as eyebrows or even hair. Instead, at least for the first half of the drawing process, we should treat eyebrows as just shapes and values. This is very important, but sometimes difficult thinking! To change your perception and learn to see complex objects as shapes and values, take my free mini-course, which includes video lessons on these basic concepts.

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

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If I were to divide the process of eyebrow drawing into three main points, they would be:

The balance of unity and diversity (or similarity and difference) is one of the fundamentals of composition, and we can use it a lot when drawing this eyebrow.

Let’s dive into the tutorial and expand on these guidelines! Or download the reference image of the eye I’m drawing, this tutorial infographic (below), and draw with me.

In this lesson, I will talk about the basic concepts of drawing and the stages of the drawing process. To get the most out of the tutorials on this site, learn more about them in my free video course!

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As with most drawings, I start this one by blocking out a basic, simplified shape or a few eyebrow shapes through the line. To determine which are the main groups, I can squint the brow, which combines many details to create a more defined, solid shape. I’m also looking for major divisions, such as between Form A and Form B, which I’ve underlined.

I can do this by, for example, lining up the pencil with the tip of the brow and checking where it fits on the eye (see diagram below). Then I mimic this alignment in my drawing.

In this tutorial, I will focus on drawing eyebrows first, because eyes and eyebrows develop at the same time, the two are closely related, and I will refer to some of the steps of drawing eyes as they apply to eyebrows. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on drawing realistic eyes here.

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

In this step, I start looking for the value structure of the eyes and eyebrows: where are the light values, medium values, and dark values? (Check out lesson 4 of my free mini-course to learn how to develop your image value structure!)

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Specifically, in the brow, there is a dark shape inside the B shape, which I call the C shape (pictured below). This form is one of the darkest parts of the entire scene. I have shown the C shape in my image using a slightly darker value.

I prefer to build my values ​​slowly: since it is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to remove dark values, I want to be absolutely sure that everything is in place before I completely dim.

I filled in the rest of the brow with light, leaving a slight difference between the dark and light shapes.

The key to drawing realistic brows is not to fuss with drawing every hair. Rather, we must first “see” these details, ignoring them as much as possible, focusing instead on the forms of value.

Beautiful Woman Brows Makeup Vector Illustration For Cosmetics Sale Advertising Design. Fashion Woman With Cat Eyes Drawing Isolated Vector. Set With Woman’s Eyes, Eyelashes And Eyebrows Hand Drawn Vector Illustration. Vector Beautiful Woman

Although the pupil and iris are not completely finished, I have focused on rendering them so that I have a variable that I trust and believe in, and now I have the rest of my proportions, values ​​and positions.

This is where I started marking the “value threshold” in my drawing: the lightest and darkest values ​​in the scene (pictured below).

Notice how my eyebrows are starting to look like hair even though I haven’t had any hair done! Here I’ve darkened the brow, especially the darker shape I called the “C shape” earlier. The subtle pencil marks I used started to “read” like hair because I used them

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

I darkened further, defined the darker shape of the browbones, and began to “rotate” the smaller shapes of the eye, such as the creases of the upper lids and the lower gradation of the lower lids.

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Note that the edges of the brow are still soft. (See Lesson 6 of my free mini-course to learn about the basic concept of Edges!)

Now that I’ve gathered as many brows as I can and packed a few products into the eyes, I’m finally ready to turn my attention to some brow hairs.

Shall I draw each of them? Not all! Personally, I’m not interested in hyper-realistic rendering here. I prefer a more natural look and I can achieve this by choosing brow hairs to separate.

After my analysis is complete, I start drawing some of these hairs, paying attention to their spacing, thickness, and length. They are not the same distance or the same size! In order to create similarity with our model, we need to pay attention to its features

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Eyebrow When several of my marks start to look similar in length or spacing, regardless of which one I’m shooting, I know it’s time to take a good look at my model or reference image.

In this step, I use the pencil and eraser almost equally. Specifically, I rely on the second technique I show in my scrunchie technique video: flattening the scrunchie to give it a sharp edge, then using it to create the slight gaps between the hairs seen in the link photo.

Is my finished image an exact copy of my model’s eyes and brows? I believe no! However, the similarity of this man’s eyebrows, the character is there, he was definitely a target!

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

Why not download this eye reference image, this tutorial infographic, and remember the steps so you can draw it yourself!

Mistakes You’re Making When You Fill In Your Eyebrows

Alternatively, check out my step-by-step guide to eye photography and my guide to the 6 most common eye photography mistakes (and how to avoid them). . Maybe your teenage years were a period of tweezer luck that resulted in permanently thin brows, or maybe it was a very real struggle to tame unruly brows. Even subtle mistakes like getting them too close, parting too much, or filling in too little can have a big impact on how your face looks. Eyebrow mapping doesn’t always come naturally, but luckily there are tools to master the task!

Enter Brow Mapping, an ingenious makeup technique used to shape your brows to a personalized perfection! This simple technique will help you find your perfect brow shape, including where your brows should begin, curve and end to ensure symmetry. As Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, put it best: “Your brows are the most powerful feature of your face.” Read on to learn how to shape your brows using brow mapping.

Follow this easy five-step eyebrow mapping guide to create a shape that’s just for you. Before you get started, grab the brow products below.

The right eyebrow products can make all the difference. We recommend using an eyebrow pencil, such as the Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil, which allows you to create feather-like strokes for natural, full, fluffy brows. Available in four versatile shades, it adapts to your hair color and enhances the look of your brows with ingredients like biotin, saw palmetto and antioxidants.

How To Do Eyebrows

For winged brows – or to add more volume to the tail of your brows – try Brow Power Micro Brow Pencil. It’s the same formula as the original Brow Power Pencil, only with a micro-fine tip that works for you to achieve a natural look. (Psst. All IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencils have coils on opposite ends!)

A tinted brow gel like Brow Power Filler Brow Gel is a versatile product to have on hand. With its volumizing effect, it helps fill in sparse brows and achieve a thicker brow look. It also tames thick brows and helps keep them in place all day.

This step is the core of the eyebrow mapping technique. To start, you’ll create three points on your brows, where your brow should start, the highest point of your back, and where your brow should end.

How To Draw Eyebrows Step By Step Makeup

“[Getting Started] Hold your Brow Power pencil from the outside of your nose – to the side of your nose – to the top of your browbones and make a [light] mark,

Eyebrow Mapping: How To Shape Your Eyebrows

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