How To Draw Faces For Beginners

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How To Draw Faces For Beginners
How To Draw Faces For Beginners

How To Draw Faces For Beginners – Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is a blog page drawing tutorial. Today I will draw male and female faces with different features like eyes, nose, jaw or mouth. I’ll show you step-by-step how to build any page, and then show you how each feature affects the entire page. This blog is based on my YouTube video, which you can find below.

First, I’ll start this page with a female figure in a drawing tutorial. For construction lines to draw surfaces, draw a circle, a horizontal line, and a vertical line as shown in the image below. Then draw a rectangle using the horizontal line inside the circle as the top line. Let the vertical lines go slightly towards the center. Draw a triangle at the bottom. Draw a circle at the bottom of the triangle and at the bottom of the big circle. Then draw two lines along the borders of two small circles on the sides of the vertical line in the middle. Then draw two horizontal lines down the center of the large circle. Finally, draw two vertical lines on the edge of the rectangle.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

Construction lines for drawing the page are ready, you can see them above. Now we can start with the first feature – the eyes.

How To Draw Faces: Step By Step For Beginners

I always start with a soft circle to define the position of the eye, then outline the entire eye starting from the inner corner.

In real life, the human face is never 100% symmetrical. So don’t be upset if your eyes are not the same.

Now we attract Asian eyes. There are many types of Asian eyes. The most popular element is an even eyelid and a hidden or slightly hidden inner corner. As usual, I will start from the inner corner. Draw a sharp inner corner pointing down. While drawing the rest of the eye, you can decide which eyelid you want to draw. Sometimes it is completely hidden, but often you can see the appearance of the eyelid on the side of the outer corner. As in the example below.

The next eyes are downward facing eyes. The outer corners of the eyes of this type are downward-facing, often hooded, and in some cases may look sad. As usual, I start at the inner corner, and line the upper lid starting and ending at about the same height. You can give your downcast eyes a more powerful effect by rounding the lower lid, but as you can see, I decided to keep it subtle.

How I Draw Faces Using Simple Supplies

The last eye example I’ll show you is the small and round type. It’s a basic source type and I think it might be easy to get started with, so I wanted to include it in this tutorial. Always remember to use links when starting out. Even if you want to develop your own style, you should know the basics before playing with them.

The first eyebrows I’m going to show you are very arched and rounded. The shape is well defined and inverted. I draw it a little lighter at the beginning and work from the center of the face outwards to create a sharper and darker tip. To give it a natural look, you can add a few hairs on top of the eyebrow.

Now we draw straight black eyebrows. This particular reference has a typical Asian style, which is how I like to paint my characters. This type of brow has no defined high point, so you define their shape by tapering down from the top of the brow.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

Now we draw black, thick, hairy eyebrows. They often have a lot of excess hair that can get a little messy.

Drawing Faces Tutorial

As I started with construction lines for drawing faces, always try to draw guide circles that are slightly visible when drawing noses. I will put a big one in the middle and two smaller ones on the sides. Their composition depends on what kind of nose you are going to make, but I will show a few of them.

Now I draw a nose that is relatively straight and the nostrils are less visible. I keep it simple and just outline the base of the tip of the nose, the nostrils and the edges of the nostrils. I’ll fade the instructions a bit at the end.

This makes the nose slightly raised and the nostrils prominent. In addition, the overall shape is relatively simple.

Another nose is turned downwards, making the nose invisible. This nose shape is easy to draw because there aren’t many details.

Draw Facial Features With This In Depth Beginner’s Guide %

Just as I draw construction lines to draw the faces, I start with two light circles to define the size of the mouth. Then I mark the corners of the mouth with two dots. Sometimes I add additional shapes to emphasize the lower lip, for example.

Now I will show you two ways to draw a hairline. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to make a more detailed video on how to make a face!

The second, rounded, is more common in colored women. Of course, there are thousands of variations of both, and these examples are incredibly simple.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

In most cases, the ears are in line with the top of the eyes and fall to the level of the base of the nose.

Portrait Drawing For Beginners: How To Draw Faces Quickly And Accurately

I will show two examples of hair: thin straight hair and thick straight hair. I have a full hair tutorial on my Youtube channel, click here to check it out! Or click here to read my blog about it!

When I do the hair, I try to fade certain areas a little so the hair doesn’t look heavy.

Finally we finished the face of the woman. If you want, you can add details like eyelashes or shadows.

Starting with a man’s face, of course we draw some construction lines. They’re basically the same, except that men’s faces are often a bit longer and more angular, so keep that in mind. As you can see, I draw a larger jawline than a woman’s.

How To Draw A Person

I’ll start with the easy form. These eyes are gender neutral, not too hooded, and can be used on a woman’s face.

Male eyes are often hooded and have larger brow muscles, which is the biggest difference between male and female eyes. The link below is a good example of this. Eyes closed, eyebrows really low. The eyes are directed downwards, so the outer corner of the eye is at the same height as the inner corner. You can see that these eyes also have a long and open inner corner.

As the next clue, I chose the hood, the big eye. There is almost no space between their eyes and eyebrows, and the lower eyelid is thick and well defined. It might make your character look a little sad at first, but after adding eyebrows and shading, it should be fine.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

If you’d like me to do a more in-depth tutorial on eyes or any other facial features, let me know in the comments! Also, if you’ve enjoyed the blog so far, give it a thumbs up by liking or leaving a comment!

Pencil Sketches Of Faces

Now it’s time for the final eye shape. Asian eyes. They are not so different in men and women. The only difference I noticed right away is that they seem tighter.

In order to get the texture right, I make sure that I follow the correct direction when applying each hair to the brow.

These eyebrows are similar to the previous ones, but the point of the arch is raised and the end of the eyebrow is at the same height.

The last eyebrows I’m going to show you are high and rounded. You can see that the reference photo is Leonardo DiCaprio. I chose his eyebrows because they are different from other types of male eyebrows.

Easy Face Drawing Ideas

I use the construction lines shown earlier in this blog. It is broad and has strongly marked and visible nostrils

This nose is also very wide, but because the tip of the nose is pointed downwards, the nostrils are not so prominent.

First, in the same way that I draw construction lines to draw faces, I draw soft circles to help define the size and shape of the mouth.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners

The latter also has uneven lips, but both are larger this time.

Drawing Faces Ebook By Lise Herzog

The first one is more elegant. I’m not drawing the shape as in the reference, because hair is very complex and it doesn’t take much time to trace every detail. I try to determine the direction of the hair and the general

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