How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

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How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy
How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy – Looking for easy ways to draw flowers? You are in the right place. This entire article will teach you how to make flowers step by step.

There are very popular flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, and daisies, so these flowers have their own posts that you can click on to see fun and easy ways to make them.

How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

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Easy To Draw Flowers

Before I get into it, I want to share with you the tools that I wish people had shared with me when I first started bullet journaling instead of the expensive books and brands that the pros always recommend.

Having these good basic tools will allow you to research and find out if you want a bullet journal without spending a fortune. In addition, they can last a long time.

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We love flowers and here are some easy ways to make this beautiful flower. Click here to see more

Easy Flower Sketches For Beginners [with Printables]

This flower is so beautiful! Learn how to draw cherry blossoms (also known as sakura) with the following tutorial. You can find cherry blossom ideas here.

You can make more petals on each stem to fill the bottom page as shown in the picture. Create a beautiful bullet journal plan.

Here is another way to draw lavender flowers. You can pull them in a thick bouquet and use this beautiful shade of purple to paint them.

How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

Here is an easy tutorial for making a daisy. Click here to see other ways to make daisies.

How To Draw A Flower

But don’t worry, today is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make gladiolus flowers that you can try!

Here are some fun and easy flower drawing tutorials that you can try!

They are flowers with the same 5 petal shape but different details. It’s really fun to play!

Here are some great flowers for border ideas that you can use to decorate any bullet journal or page.

Step By Step Flower Drawings Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

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P.s. Don’t forget to stock up on the supplies you need (including a supply of bullet journals!) because Amazon has great sales! 🙂 Hello! I’m Courtney from Tulip Poplar Co. and I’m excited to take you through my steps to create an easy spring flower design! Spring is my favorite season and there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from, but today I will draw daffodils and tulips. I broke down the process step by step. First, I will show you how to create individual flower images using simple steps. Then I’ll teach you how to create a colorful arrangement of these flowers with my favorite Zebra Pen products! Let’s get started! How to draw a general drawing of a daffodil Look at the shape of the cup of the flower like a trumpet. The rings are round or oval in shape and extend downwards to meet the petals. Daffodils are beautiful because there are so many small changes. Some petals are fat, some are thin, but teardrop-shaped. Step 1: Add center details. I like to create a swirling circle surrounded by a second swirling circle, giving the edges a classic spiral daffodil look (see image above). The hoop is thin, so be sure to space the circles. Extend it down to where it meets the middle petal. Step 2: Start with the petals, focusing on the shape of the tears. Daffodils generally have six petals. You can add some curves to the shadow lines to give the flower more detail. Do this by adding “C” shaped curves in the direction of the main petal line. Add as much or as little as you like! Step 3: Continue adding petals Continue until all the petals have been drawn. Step 4: Draw the trunk Add your stem and you’re done! It’s so bad! How to draw a tulip The general shape of a tulip The general shape of a tulip is like an egg. The petals are tightly pressed together and form an open cup only when the tulip is in full bloom. Step 1: Draw the first petal in the shape of a thin egg. Step 2: Add an extra egg-shaped oval next to the first one without doing it to the first oval. Step 3: Connect the two ovals above with a curved line. Step 4: Add a curved back petal from the line you just created to the end of the flower. Step 5: Add the last back petal to the opposite side and take your hand. It’s over! Now that you know how to create a basic design for each flower, let’s begin the arrangement! How to Create a Spring Floral Design Step 1: Draw Your Drawings in Pencil First, draw your design with Zensations Drafix technical pencils. I love these pens because I find they give me thin, subtle lines that are easy to erase later. The goal is to go over the line with a pencil afterwards, but if you feel confident enough to go through this step without putting it aside first, go for it! In terms of creativity, I like to include a few of each flower and tie them together with a simple leaf arrangement. I think odd flowers (three or five) are the best! Step 2: Draw your artwork Next, let’s take a look with the Zensations Technical Drawing Pen to make the drawing last. These pens are my absolute favorite! They provide waterproof ink that won’t fade when you paint the artwork later! Also, they come in different point sizes so you can choose the right one for your line. I’m using 0.5 in this image. Don’t worry too much if your lines aren’t perfect. After that we will delete the pen so no one will know. Step 3: Erase the Pencil Lines Erase the Zensations Technique pencil lines and enjoy the beautiful painting you’re left with! Make sure to erase all the pencil marks so that the colors don’t mess up in the next step. Step 4: Shade with Color Next, use the Mildliner Highlighters and Mildliner Brush Pens to color your piece. I love the Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens for bold color. They will destroy this painting! Mildliner Brush Pens are great for painting, as the brush tip allows you to cover large areas quickly, while keeping the edges soft and drawing fine lines and details. Both Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens have dual tips so you can choose the thickness you want to use. There are so many beautiful colors it’s hard to choose what to use! I used a light purple as the base color for the tulips and then added shadow details with a deeper purple. I went with a classic yellow for the daffodils, but it’s fun to mix it up! Bonus Project Tip This project is perfect for using Zensations Colored Pencils! If you want extra color, you can draw on the flowers with ClickArt Retractable Marker Pens or Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable Pens. You can add more shading to the lines with these colored pencils. I love the idea of ​​turning this spring colored photo into a card to give to someone special! Step 5: Enjoy the results Enjoy your wonderful work. Awesome! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For more inspiration, check out this tutorial on drawing a Wombat with Pointillism.

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How To Draw Flowers Step By Step Easy

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of nature, so it makes sense that people always want to photograph them! Fortunately, learning to draw is simple because flowers are one of the easiest things you can do.

How To Draw A Daisy Flower (daisies) In Easy Step By Step Drawing Instructions Tutorial For Beginners

If you don’t think that’s the case, you haven’t had the right education. In this list, we’ll share the best flower drawing tutorials we’ve found on the web.

Whether you want to draw flowers to fill your bullet journal or for general doodling purposes, we hope these flower drawing tutorials will be of great help to you.


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