How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

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How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes
How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes – Hello there! My name is Liz Staley and I’ve been using Clip Studio Paint for a long time (I started using the program when it was known as Manga Studio 4!). I’ve been a beta tester for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio Paint, and I’ve written three books and several video courses on the software. Most of you probably know my name from those books. I write weekly posts for and CSP, so check back every week for more Clip Studio and tricks from me!

Last week we covered the basics of drawing eyes, let’s talk about how to make eyes interesting. Eyes, especially in anime, can tell a lot about a character. And the eyes are usually the first thing we look at, so they are also very important for facial expression.

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

One of the things that makes your characters look more interesting and unique is to give them different faces, and one of the great ways to change those faces is to change the shape of their eyes. We all know the stereotypical “big eyes” of many anime characters, but if you put those eyes on all your characters, they can look like clones!

Various Cartoon Eyes Illustrations Hand Drawn Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1449381599

To start this exercise, open a blank canvas in Clip Studio Paint and draw random shapes on a single layer. Try to diversify the forms as much as possible. I started with the 9 shapes shown below painted in light blue.

Now create a new layer above the shape sketches and draw the eyes in a different color to match the drawn shapes. Have fun, play with it and see how much fun you can make your eyes!

Notice how different shapes make a difference to the common eye! Round shapes are generally friendlier, while angular shapes are tougher. The more unusual the shape, the brighter your eyes will be. For example, I think the eyes in the bottom row of my exercise are very strange and make the character more memorable.

For me, larger, rounder eyes are more suited to a youthful or cheerful personality, while angular eyes are more masculine or mature. The eyes in the bottom row look more like the antagonist than the protagonist to me (although the bottom left has a different pupil shape, which I think works for the protagonist!)

Cartoon Face Drawing

Note that you can also play with the shape of the pupil to add interest to the eyes (like the cropped pupil in the lower left example). Abnormal pupils, such as cracks, give the character a sinister or otherworldly appearance.

Like the starlight in the middle in the example above, it can be good to change the shape of the white of the pupil!

Take a look at the examples above and think about what kind of character you can see with these eyes. Are they heroes or antagonists? What kind of story can they be featured in? Do they have magical powers? Are they good people or bad? These are things to think about when creating your characters and creating their unique displays!

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

I did another tutorial on the basics of expressions, which mainly focuses on how the eyebrows and mouth change during emotional changes (you can find this tutorial here: https:///en-us/articles/4362 ), but the shape and size of the emotion the character’s eyes can change when they change too!

How To Draw Cartoon Eyes

In the example below, I took two emotions (happy and angry) and did three steps in each row. Look at the development of each eye and how each eye changes.

(Note: The header shape template in the example above is from CSP user Ceneriste. You can find the template here – )

By exaggerating the expression, you turn it into an “extreme” version of the emotion. For example, the character in “The Fury” is VERY angry, and we can tell not only from the eyebrows that drop to cover part of the upper part of the eye and the gaping open mouth with teeth, but also from the pupils. made a contract.

Drawing more realistic faces can only take the expression away. But when drawing caricatures, you can really exaggerate the expression. An exaggerated expression makes it very clear what it is and can be used for comedy or drama! Softer expressions have their place, of course, but it’s fun to play around with exaggerated expressions to see how they look and feel. If you’re drawing more realistic characters, there’s a limit to how big you can open your eyes – because a real person’s eyes can’t be big enough to take up half of our face! students.

How To Draw A Happy Anime Face, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Theonlybillcipher

I think one of the best things you can do if you want to draw better expressions is to have a mirror and hold it up where you are drawing. If it’s not really small, maybe a cheap window from the Dollar Store. I had a mirror on my desk that was supposed to be inside the school locker, and I always turned to it when I didn’t know how to draw an expression. As you do this, notice if your eyes open or close during the expression, then use that as a guide if you want to exaggerate your eyes by making them bigger or making them too small.

I hope these examples have given you some ideas on how to create unique and expressive eyes for comic book and cartoon characters. As styles vary, this tip may not work for you at all. But as always, I hope I’ve given you even a little inspiration to put yourself into your own art! This tutorial will show you how to draw happy anime eyes in six steps. It includes illustrated examples and a drawing video.

There are several ways to draw a happy expression. The example in this tutorial (with the eyes completely closed) is a very common way to do this in anime and manga. Drawing an expression with closed eyes is easy because you don’t need to add as many details as you would need. Therefore, the lesson is perfect for beginners.

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

Although the examples are very simple, it is still recommended to start with a pencil and make light lines that are easy to erase if you make a mistake. You can darken them later.

How To Draw Anime Expressions, Keys To Conveying Emotion In Drawing

Above is a video drawing tutorial for a fun anime/manga eye expression line. You can watch it and read below for a detailed explanation of the drawing process. If you liked such videos, click like and subscribe to the channel. Your upvotes and subs are very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Start with each eye, or in this case, the lash line. Draw them in curved general shapes and cross each eye at the outer end and create a mark for individual eyelashes.

Place the eyes far enough apart that there is one more between them (minus the eyelashes on the sides). Also, don’t forget to place them so that there is enough space for the eyebrows at the top.

Leave a good distance between the eyelashes and the eyebrows, because when you close your eyes, the eyelashes fall down. Also draw the inner ends of the raised eyebrows compared to a normal expression.

Eyes: From Anatomy To Emotion, Realism To Cartoon, And More! By Toinstaa

Tip the upper lids with small curved lines in the inner corner of each eye. Place them well on the eyelashes. Draw the lower parts of the eyelids into longer folds and place them very close to the eyes.

You can (optionally) add more tips of individual eyelashes to the eyes. In this example, there will be one insert for each of them, but you can draw more if you want.

After drawing all parts of the eyes, you can darken the lines and fill the eyelashes with black or pencil shadows. Or you can color them if you want.

How To Draw Happy Cartoon Eyes

Although real eyelashes are usually black in anime and manga, they can sometimes have unusual colors. This means you can choose almost anything you like.

Character Eyes Vectors & Illustrations For Free Download

Just like your eyelashes, you can tint or color your eyebrows. If you want to draw a full face, remember that eyebrows are usually the same color as hair (for both real people and anime characters).

Anime eyes are usually stylized with less detail than real eyes

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