How To Draw Horse Easy

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How To Draw Horse Easy
How To Draw Horse Easy

How To Draw Horse Easy – Learn how to draw a horse step by step with this tutorial. Print out the guide and grab a pencil and draw a simple drawing of a horse! Whether you’re a budding artist or just love to draw, these simple instructions are a great way to get inspired!

Check out all these things to draw when you’re done with this realistic horse drawing! If you like to color, check out these wonderful mandala coloring pages and these designs of coloring pages for teenagers can be liked by everyone!

How To Draw Horse Easy

How To Draw Horse Easy

Learn how to draw a horse easily with these steps. Get Started with Horse Body Guidelines (Steps 1-9)

How To Sketch A Horse, Step By Step, Drawing Guide, By Dawn

Step 1: Draw a circle (shoulder/chest guide) – little tip: think of the circle as the face of a watch.

Step 4: Add a long inverted/inverted trapezoid shape under circle 3 – around 5:30 and 8 o’clock.

Step 5: Add a slightly curved line to rounds 1 and 3 connecting the neck – start at 1 o’clock on round 3 and finish at about 11 o’clock on round 1.

Steps 6-7: Create a guide for the front leg – At the bottom of circle 1, draw each leg into three parts with two turns, bending the leg behind the knee and forward at the leg joint. We performed standing and bent-leg stretches (at 6 and 7:30, respectively).

Horse Drawing For Kids

Steps 8-9: Attach the Back Leg Guides – Similar to the front legs, pull each guide into three sections with two turns, but here you will pull the twist forward for the hook as well as the twist that the lock is attached to. We draw two identical arms, one before the other (6 and 5 hours – cycle 2).

Let’s start drawing. You can make this drawing your own by changing the position of the head, tail, or legs, or the distance between the guides, or the facial features. (Now you can switch to pen or colored pencil)

Step 10: Start with the neck and horse’s back – draw a curved / arched line parallel to the neck guide (start just above circle 3 at about 12 o’clock, finish at circle 1 at 1 o’clock). Continue the line from the 2 o’clock circle to 11 o’clock and draw across the circle to 5 o’clock.

How To Draw Horse Easy

Step 11: Add the Belly – Draw a curved line between circles 1 (around 6 o’clock) and 2 (around 7 o’clock).

How To Draw A Running Horse

Step 12: Draw the first back leg – Continue with the back line from step 10 and draw around the leg guide. Add a hook, locking joint and bumper to the hoof. Continue drawing a line across the body to mark the thigh.

Step 13: Draw the first front leg – same as step 12, draw around the leg guide. Add knee, joint and hoof bumpers. Continue the line in the body as well. This helps show which leg is facing us.

Step 14: Draw the horse’s head – Same as the legs, draw guides for the head and add bumpers around the bottom of the trapezoid to mark the chin, mouth and nose. (Draw along the guides, start at 2 o’clock on circle 3, around the trapezoid, finish at 11 o’clock).

Steps 15-16: Add the first ear – In the space to the left of circle 3, draw an ear that is bent forward. Add details – draw a curved line inside the ear (from the point where it meets the top). This will show the inside of the ear.

How To Draw A Horse

Step 17: Add the Front – Draw a curved line from the ear to the center of the face (or as long as you like).

Step 18: Keeping the front lock in place, add a second ear – pull it behind the first in the same shape and style.

Step 19: Add a Mane – Draw a curved line along the neck. It will look like the main one is on the other side. For a longer mane – see step 21.

How To Draw Horse Easy

Step 20: Continue with the neck and join the chest – draw an arched line parallel to the neck guide connecting circle 3 (3-4 o’clock) and circle 1 at 10 o’clock, continue along the circle to the leg. .

How To Draw A Horse {step By Step With Printable Guide}

Step 22: Attach the other front leg – As in step 13, draw around the leg guide, add the knee bumper, joint and hoof. This time, don’t pull inside the body.

Steps 24-26: Once the tail is in place, attach the other hind leg – pull the tail around the leg guide, attach the knee hook, leg joint and bumper to the hoof.

Step 28: Add the Nose – Draw an upside down 6 or bean shape in the lower left corner of the trapezoid.

Step 29: Draw a simple line for the mouth. Step 30: Erase the guidelines and add any finishing touches you like (such as lines for the hooves or horseshoes, wires for the mane and tail, saddle and bridle, etc.) Now you have your first drawing of a beautiful horse. ready with For painting or decoration!

Easy Horse Drawing Ideas

This tutorial is just a basic example. The more you practice, the more you will be able to adjust the drawing. You can change facial expressions, legs, mane and tail, add markings or add a mandala pattern for a fun coloring project. Leave or add details of your choice. Have fun drawing.

Use this printable download as a drawing guide. Follow the steps and you’ll be well on your way to making your own hand-drawn horse!

After sketching the horse, continue drawing. Practice makes perfect! Grab your pencils and try these drawings!

How To Draw Horse Easy

Cindy Hopper combines an art education degree with hands-on experience raising children to share simple crafts, DIY projects, holiday inspiration, recipes, printables, and accessible ideas for a simple and happy life. Don’t miss a thing! Sign up to receive craft ideas, recipes, sewing tutorials and more delivered to your inbox. Follow Go to My Lou on FB for the latest news! Join me on PinterestandInstagram for an extra dose of fun! Hello, dear artist. In our comments, you have often asked us to teach you how to draw a horse. So, this drawing guide is ready and let’s start the drawing process!

Horse Drawings Step By Step Easy For Beginners 2023

First, we sketch the torso and head into a pair of round shapes. With this step, we will immediately show the basic proportions of the horse and place it correctly on the sheet of paper.

Now we will outline the shape of our horse’s eye and ear. We chose a cartoon style so that the eye looks like a regular circle. Note the small border around the ear.

In this step, we will continue to create a very simple horse shape. So, now we will connect the head and torso with two smooth short lines. Inside the outline of the head we will also draw a small nose and mouth.

As you know, all horses have a mane. In our cartoon style, we will draw a small membrane that looks like a round shape with several jagged edges.

How To Draw Horses Easy Lesson Apk For Android Download

Now add another round shape with jagged edges. It is located between the ears and the back of the head. This size should be larger than the size from the first step.

Horse legs are very difficult to draw, aren’t they? Actually yes, so we decided to make this task as simple as possible. In this step, we draw a rectangle and a triangle, which are located on the front side of the torso.

This is another very easy step. Now we will draw the hind legs of our horse. This is similar to the last step, but you can see a noticeable twist here.

How To Draw Horse Easy

Here we will only add four lines to represent the hooves. Note the size of the hoof and the distance from each line to the edge of the foot.

How To Draw A Horse Head Outline

Creating a curved tail is the last step before working with color. You can choose the shape and size of the ponytail as you wish.

We decided to avoid shadows and complex highlights. For a completely simple drawing, it is enough to paint only our horse and not to forget the simple white accent in the eye.

Don’t forget to check our website for new drawing guides. We are happy to work for your progress! Also, don’t forget to tell us how good your score was. We focus on your ideas when creating new lessons! is an educational video site that provides an engaging way for teachers, students and parents to access and share educational content. Users can upload and share original educational videos, view and comment on videos uploaded by others, and join various online communities to connect with peers, teachers, and parents. It also provides access to many educational videos from various sources including YouTube, Vimeo and many others. With its intuitive design and powerful search function, it makes it easy for users to find and share educational videos with their peers. From science and math lessons

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