How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners

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How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners
How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners

How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners – He defined prayer as “the act of man communicating with a divine or holy being,” usually a god or goddess.

These can include bowing your face to the ground, raising your hands to the sky, bowing your head, closing your eyes, or “folding” your hands in prayer — usually by bringing your palms and fingers together.

How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners

How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners

The purpose of the praying hands is unclear. Some sources show that ancient religions used this form, from ancient Babylonia to the later Jews.

Easy Hands Drawing Ideas

According to other languages, it was a sign of slavery, as the captive’s hands were tied, preventing him from taking up arms in retaliation.

Likewise, past popes referred to the custom of folded hands by feudal lords as a sign of respect and obedience.

Hands in prayer poses are often the subject of art. Another famous painting is called “Praying Hands” or “Study of the Hands of the Apostles”.

This painting was painted in 1508 by the artist Albrecht Durer. A 60-foot sculpture called “Praying Hands” stands on a university campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

How To Draw A Hand Holding A Pencil

Do you want to draw praying hands? This easy step-by-step photo guide will show you how.

A pencil, a good eraser and a piece of paper. You may want to color in the finished image with markers, pencils, colored pencils, or paint.

1. First draw the shape of the hand. Create an open rectangle shape with three sides using three fold lines.

How To Draw Praying Hands For Beginners

2. Outline the upper part of the arm with curved lines. Look at the bumps on the cover and light bulb. Use “U” shaped wires to secure fingers.

Praying Hands Drawing, Simple Line Icon Illustration. Hands Folded In Christian Prayer. Royalty Free Svg, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 101901204

3. Extend the arms along the curve. Next, join the edge of the wrist with a long, curved line. Use more curved lines to make the folds of the arm fabric.

4. Draw three long curved lines from the hand. On both sides, add curves so that the lines meet. This makes fingers.

8. Draw the second hand after the first. Begin by extending a long curved line from the wrist to the tip of the pinky finger. This covers one side of the second hand. Show the other finger by drawing a short line between the finger and the thumb. Below the arm, use some curved lines to connect the dangling part of the fabric. Finally, outline the hand on the palm and the knuckles of the little finger with short, curved lines.

9. Define the hands. Apply small, round shapes on fingers to reveal nails. Draw short curved lines to create the curvature of the ball.

Praying Hands Pencil Drawing Free Image Download

Do you want to draw other parts of the human body – eyes, nose or ears? Check out our photography guide for some fun photography fun.

The circular arrow icon at the top of the window, usually visible in the lower left corner (you can use the keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+R on PC and Command+R on Mac).

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