How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

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How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils
How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils – You know those amazing pictures of flowers that look almost real? This is the magic of colored pencils and it’s easier than you think. Start with a photo you like or a real flower and see how far you can go.

Once you’re comfortable with these techniques, you can apply them to any type of flower (not to mention the rest of your colored pencil projects). Have fun sketching!

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

Before you put pencil to paper, you need to know what colors to use. It may not seem like a smart idea, but at least three colors – light, It is important to choose medium and dark. It’s the secret that brings dimension and turns a 2D doodle into a vivid image.

Flower. Pencil Drawing. Stock Illustration. Illustration Of Chrysanthemum

But don’t draw with graphite. The graphite will match the bright colors of the flower and can be very difficult to remove from the drawing later.

Instead, use the lightest of your colored pencils to outline your flower. Sketch large, general shapes, such as the outside of flowers and leaves.

Sketch small intricate details with the lightest colored pencil in hand. Focus on things like floral veins or pollen in the center of the flower.

FYI: This step is the longest and most intensive of the entire process. But it’s also the most fun and – believe it or not – relaxing.

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After tracing the details, color the flower using the lightest touch. This will create a “base” color from which you will build textures and textures. This base doubles as highlights later as you start adding darker colors.

Use only one color and rotate the petal flower. Then choose another color and look around.

Always start light and gradually darken the shadows. It gives you a lot of control because it’s easy to add color… but it can be hard to get it.

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

You can layer colors on top of each other to get exactly the color you want. for example, Putting a bit of blue on top of bright red will give you a deep purple hue.

Pencil Drawing Flower Stock Illustrations

The more you study the smallest details of your reference flower, the more you will really get to know this flower. The better your drawing.

After you’ve layered all the shadows and highlights, finish your flower by blending to create a smoother look.

Your lightest colored pencil is your best blending tool. Catch and color the whole flower. It will subtly blend lighter and darker areas for a finished look that is incredibly rich and vibrant. First draw on the blank paper, then transfer the final lines to the actual drawing paper.

Designer carbon paper comes in different colors so you can use the color that will blend into the final image.

How To Draw Flowers: With Colored Pencils: Susak, Jasmina, Susak, Jasmina: 9781508988632: Books

One of your goals when drawing is to keep it as clean as possible, and you’ll see I’ve put the reference photo below me.

They are right-handed, so you will see the drawing from left to right. That way, you never have to rely on completed work fields.

Any color is possible, but this rose is usually pink. If you look at other flowers, you will see orange as the base color.

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

It doesn’t matter if my colors are slightly washed out in the final image. However, if the volume values ​​are not correct, the flower shapes will be incorrect.

Easy Tips To Drawing With Colored Pencils

The strong contrast between the outer edge of the front petal shows the distance from the inner darkness of the back petal.

Then I look for places where this line will soften until it disappears. These transitions indicate that the distance between the two petals decreases until they touch.

You will have a broken line where they touch. In other words, you can’t see where one flower begins and another ends.

To correct the color of the area you are drawing; You have to look and compare.

Silky Flowers Emerge From Cj Hendry’s Gigantic Hyperrealistic Drawings

Then it is more yellow than what you see in my picture. red pink violet blue etc. Ask your area on the reference photo.

For example, If you find that there is a little pink in the drawing, choose the nearest matching pink pencil and continue drawing with that pencil.

When you place this second color, the missing color may be changed to a third or fourth color in some areas.

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

Only when you can’t see the darkness as you need using layers, press the pencil harder.

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Hard clicking should always be your last resort, so once you hard click it becomes very difficult to correct or erase mistakes.

When I draw flowers, I glue white paper. The lightness of the paper makes the colors in the flowers you add appear darker than they really are.

By reviewing the previous flowers, you can now better find the correct tonal values, making the drawing more realistic.

Then look at each petal again to adjust not only the incorrect volume values, but also the visible lines in each petal. To add marks or spots.

How To Draw Flowers: A Step By Step Guide

Drawing with colored pencil is a slow process, so use it as a way to relax and disconnect from the outside world. If the drawing process takes a week or more, as long as you want.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about them. They are there to support Rose.

You can see I almost sketched them out to make sure I didn’t write too much detail.

How To Draw Realistic Flowers With Colored Pencils

At this point, you can call the drawing finished, but I decided to add a dark background so you can see what it looks like.

How To Draw A Pink And White Magnolia Flower

Black, as well as brown and green pencils are used for the background. Brown and green add color to the black.

When adding a background like this, it’s important that the entire image is flat, unless there is a halo around the flower.

/* —————————————— */ /* Slug is recommended -block-visitors-2 – start */ /* ———————————— — –*/ .recolink /* —————————————– ———- – */ /* Check slug: recommend-block-visitors-2 – end */ /* —————— – ———— — ———— */ Since spring is coming, I decided to make a tutorial drawing these beautiful purple crocus flowers, So take some papers, Sharpen your pencils and draw these flowers step by step.

I originally used Polychromos and Luminance pencils, but if you don’t have them, try drawing with the brands you do have. I have attached a color chart so you can compare the shades to what you have.

How To Draw A Realistic Rose Step By Step With Pencil

This paper has a light texture – you can’t see it, but you can feel it when you draw. Sometimes it is difficult to get detailed information for this reason.

Pink was used sporadically. 137 to create this drawing; 249, 136, 135, 172 Colors like 174 were the most used.

So let’s start creating! 1. Contours – If you are right-handed, I recommend starting with the flower on the left. Here we use 137 colors for flowers. It creates soft, curved lines and looks like a crocus in a photo. Use orange (117) for the stamen markings. 174 shows the outline of the stem.

2. Let’s start with the first petal – the darkest shades are first marked with purple and purple (133). Then I colored the petal a light purple. The next step is marking the black parts of the stamens (117, 118). Then use a lighter orange and finally color the stamens with yellow.

Prismacolor Colored Pencil Realism: Techniques & Tips

3. Add some color to the second petal – here the steps are the same as before; Highlight the darkest parts with purple and violet. Cover the entire petal with light purple and press gently onto the paper. You can add a few layers of light pink and the flowers will look pink. Now take the white pencil and create a new layer that will blend the shadows and make the petals lighter. The white lead can be pressed lighter or harder on the surface, so the flower will be more varied in color and more natural. Using the same method, start shading the front petal.

4. More Progress – As you can see, Here I used more pink than before. You can add some green or gray green where the petal meets the stem.

5. Adding the next petal – purple, Use some purple and white as a blender. Start working on the second front petal as shown in the tutorial.

6. Finishing the flower piece – time to draw the last petal. You already know the method from the previous steps 😉 Use the yellow where the stem starts.

Drawing Flowers With Colored Pencils: 5 Simple Steps

7. Using green to draw the stem – first; I use deeper.

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