How To Draw Sonic The Werehog

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How To Draw Sonic The Werehog
How To Draw Sonic The Werehog

How To Draw Sonic The Werehog – You start the face by drawing the most prominent eye shape or curve. The eyebrow is like this because Sonic is in his wolf form.

Starting from the eye line, draw the lower part of the face in the shape of a mask. Paint the nose and draw some faces to the right.

How To Draw Sonic The Werehog

How To Draw Sonic The Werehog

Draw in the eyes of the werehog, then draw the snoring mouth in the open snout. Also draw teeth.

Drawing Sonic The Werehog By Gothicyola On Deviantart

We can start by drawing the head and ears. The ears should be drawn in a dog style or pointed. Draw thick pieces for “hair”, then proceed to the sixth step.

Now we will focus on drawing the torso and arms. Start with the left hand, then draw with the other hand. Draw long bracelets on the wrists of each arm, then draw details on the chest.

Now you will spend your time drawing hands and fingers with large claws. These are your typical werewolf style hands.

Finish drawing the torso, then draw the thighs on the socks on each leg. Add a wrinkle detail to the socks to add texture.

How To Draw Sonic The Hedgehog & The Gang

Draw the Werehog, which is a larger version of the sneakers, then you can go to the final drawing step.

Refined sneakers by adding straps and spikes. The shoes are almost like cleats. Eliminate mistakes and you’re all done.

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Complete the drawing of Sonic the Werehog. How did he look at him in amazement? How evil it is.

How To Draw Sonic The Werehog

Description: It’s like Sonic, but it’s more like a dog and has big hands or claws. What could this creature from the Sonic series be? This is a werehog. Next and finally today I will show you “How to draw Werehog” step by step. Sonic the Werehog can be found in Sonic Unleashed and is a form of Sonic that takes on the image of a wolf. This happens when Sonic accidentally consumes Dark Gaia’s energy. He becomes a ghost at night and returns to his normal state during the day. Drawing Sonic the Werehog may prove challenging for some of you novice artists, but if I know any fan of the Sonic series, you won’t hold back. I’ll see you soon, so have fun drawing a werehog.

How To Draw Your Werehog

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