How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

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How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts
How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts – For those of you who have dabbled in other sports (yay, multi-sport athletes!) and are just getting into the softball mindset, this post is for you!

I know how busy our lives can get, but the good news is that you still have over a month before most school tryouts start in the spring, giving us plenty of time to get in shape for softball season!

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

One of the biggest things parents and players ask me about this time of year is “Amanda, what can I do to prepare for school exams when we’ve been so busy with X, Y and Z so far this winter? ‘

Hs Softball Tryouts Begin Monday

Well, I have some tips and helpful hints for those of you trying to get back into softball mode next spring.

We all know Varsity and JV ball is what you shoot every day. Going from shooting once a week (or less) to suddenly shooting 6 days a week can wreak havoc on your arm. Start shooting now. Start shooting 3 times a week 4 weeks after the trials, 4 times a week 3 weeks before the trial, then add a long shot 2 weeks before the trial. Plan ahead and start shooting now!

You don’t have to throw hard every day, but you just have to play catch. Make a logical progression from where you are today to how many times a week or how many times you throw during the season!

Girls who prepare their body and arms before the season usually last longer and stay healthy throughout the season!

What Do You Do In High School Softball Tryouts?

So many players simply don’t prepare to succumb to injuries early or mid-season. Add a hand care regimen if you want to be more proactive.

Having a good cardiovascular base is huge when it comes to softball. Cross country or endurance training is great, but not always effective for softball players. A burst of 20-minute intervals of running or short sprints twice a week before the start of the season will put you head and shoulders above non-training players.

As a coach, footwork is one of the first things we look at in trials. If your legs tire quickly (we’ve all had leg blocks at some point in our careers), you know you won’t be as quick to react or get up on day 2 or 3 of the test.

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

Any type of plyometric or explosive leg training will help you build a stronger foundation so that the start of the season is less of a shock to your system and less prone to injury.

Usa Softball High Performance Program

So many kids start the first week of the season with about 8 blisters on their hands. Although it may look difficult, it usually won’t help you hit the ball better if your hands are constantly hurting. I would recommend a couple of presses a week to work on your mechanics as well as tightening up your hands a bit until you get blisters.

I admit that I hated every job as a child. It was boring. I hated doing it myself. And I didn’t see the value in that. Now that I’m older and seeing how much it helps me build good movements and habits, I’m a big advocate of always getting good reps off the tee. This is where you can implement all the cool and fun things you learn from your trainers and make these adjustments a habit.

I know tee work isn’t glamorous, but your swing needs to be focused and have good form. The better pitcher you have, the better you will be able to hit a live pitcher when the time comes (see below).

Bucket work definitely has its time and place (my players all know how much I appreciate finger work), but unfortunately it just can’t replace actual playing time or swing pitching.

Summer Tryout Q&a With Amanda Scarborough

Whether it’s a direct shot from a friend, a frontal shot or from a car. Do at least a few sessions on the rolling track before trying. Even if your mechanics work, your timing can ruin your test performance if you haven’t practiced enough! Adjust to see the speed again so you can hit the ground running when the season starts and you can quickly adjust to live pitching when you see it!

Also, I would strongly advise players to find a way to hit the car before trying. Most trainers use the machine in trials because it is consistent and does not wear out. I’ve seen too many players look terrible in tryouts against the machine because they haven’t used it in a month and can’t get the timing right in the limited number of slots they get in tryouts.

Get your hand-eye coordination on point. Work with some balls on the ground and leg work. If you live in a place that gets really cold in the winter (hello Buffalo, NY), flying balls and throwing pitches can be difficult, but go to a local gym or use your garage. You can always roll or do a wall ball to work on jumps, scoops, forehands, backhands, etc.

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

If you can’t use a real softball because you don’t want to punch a hole in the wall, get a tennis ball. With or without the glove!

Burlington Area School District

If you play another sport or don’t yet have a consistent exercise routine, trying to lift weights for just 4 weeks could do more harm than good.

If you can make it a daily/weekly habit, consistent practice can make you faster, increase your throwing and bat speed, and generally improve your athletic performance. It can give you a competitive edge against a kid who doesn’t lift.

Staying in shape will not only help you on the field, but it will also help you stay fit and injury free. Don’t underestimate how important this is. You cannot try out or play if you are injured.

Every ounce of prevention is also an ounce of performance improvement. The stronger your arms and legs, the harder you can shoot and hit!

Preparing For Travel Baseball & Softball Tryouts (for Parents)

Don’t worry or regret that you didn’t prepare and that “should”, “would” or “could” eat away at your confidence.

Follow these tips to help you prepare for the exams and give you a head start on those who haven’t taken the time to prepare.

For those who used to play other sports (yay, multi-sport athletes!) and now just…

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

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I hated clinics and group sessions when I was younger. I was a “shy” kid who didn’t like to stick to… trying softball can be intimidating no matter how good your skills are. No need to stress if you prepare. Here are BrickDust U’s top softball practice tips that work for players who dream of playing at a high level.

How To Get Ready For Softball Tryouts

Don’t wait until test day to prepare. Prepare by training an extra 2 weeks before the test date. Get some extra exercise, ride the cages, or go to the park to train with friends.

Helpful Tips For New Little League® Coaches

Here’s an idea. Put yourself in practice situations that reflect what you will do on the test.

Take the same number of ground balls and swing them around the field as you predict you will in a softball tryout.

The goal is to have your mechanics as refined as possible during the trial period. In addition, you get your body in top shape by staying hydrated and eating healthy food the day before.

This will show the coaches that you are reliable and give you some time to relax before the tests. Bring all the softball equipment you think you will need such as glove, bat, helmet, face mask, mittens, etc.

Panthers Youth Softball Holds Tryouts In Coral Springs • Coral Springs Talk

If you don’t have your own helmet, don’t worry, the coaches often bring helmets along with various other equipment. You also want the right clothes. Carry a softball

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