How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

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How To Measure Baseball Glove Size
How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

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The baseball glove size chart, like most charts, contains glove size measurements to help you choose the right glove for your hands. The numbers in the chart are approximate to hand sizes.

How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

The graph usually contains variables such as age, status, and location. With this information presented in a graph, you can now easily choose your glove with great accuracy. This reason, among others, emphasizes it as a crucial tool.

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Wearing the right glove size for you or your children maximizes comfort and performance and allows for a full display of physical strength.

No matter your position when playing baseball, you owe it to yourself to understand your physical limitations in order to improve your performance in the future.

Also note that no other piece of equipment in baseball, other than a bat, depicts your physical strength more clearly than a glove!

Best gloves fit in design and size. These two elements prove inseparable. However, these factors depend on certain variables such as level, age, game venue, and gender.

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In this article we will focus on the level. Glove sizes are categorized based on the standard and general category for children, youth and adults.

To better answer the question of children’s baseball glove size, let’s divide this children’s category by age:

For dominant positions (from an outfielder or fielder’s perspective), the player may need a larger glove, around 11-12.50 inch glove sizes.

How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

For a teen in a dominant position (outfielder or outfielder), the Youth Baseball Glove Size Chart should measure upwards of 12 inches, but no more than 13.

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Fitted youth baseball glove sizes fall into the 10-12 inch range. But when a person’s hand is slightly larger or smaller than the standard size, it seems difficult to tell.

Moreover, the young age is at the beginning of the transition from childhood to adolescence. In other words, determining the exact size of this phase transition is very difficult, if not impossible.

Adult baseball glove sizes are standard in three dimensions. Thus, finding the right glove for an older pair of hands proves to be more accessible.

Also, if you are curious about the difference between a basic first glove and a regular glove, check it out here.

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The baseball glove size chart is good for business as an intuitive guide to sizing and fitting for baseball gloves. Using the right gloves for your hands helps you reach your full physical potential, which affects your chances of success.

Baseball glove size depends on many factors such as level, age, game position, gender, and individual hand size. In the graph, the category that covers the rest of the variables is the level – Children, Youth and Adults.

Five years as a baseball player, my coaching methods with this game inspire me to motivate and support young players even more. As with all sports, we must maintain our flexibility to do our best in any competition while wanting to have fun. But, of course, some of us would like to have some fun and exercise for better health. It doesn’t matter what your primary goal is; I think most people who hold a baseball bat like me fall in love with the games. It’s easy to buy a new baseball glove. In years past, this might have been something like: (1) go to the sporting goods store (2) pick out a glove that looks great on you (3) buy it.

How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

But in baseball today, there’s a lot of emphasis on performance. Parents want their player to have a glove that looks good, but also one that can play and catch a baseball properly. If you are a parent and find yourself in this situation, you have come to the right place. We’ll teach you what you need to know about the correct glove size. By knowing how to measure a glove size and knowing the right glove size for a player, you can help him out on the field and catch the ball at a higher level.

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The best place to start when it comes to baseball glove size is with the glove’s anatomy. It’s a good idea to know which part of the glove it is before you begin. Make sure you know the basics:

When a manufacturer measures the length of a fielder’s glove or first base glove, they measure from the heel of the glove to the tip of the index finger of the glove. Note that they base this measurement on the length between the bottom of the heel and the tip of the forefinger on the template used to cut the leather for the palm. In other words, they measure the length of the glove before assembling it when the leather palm is placed on a table.

If you are going to measure the length of an already made glove, the best way to measure is to use a paper ruler (it can bend the index finger, rest and heel of the glove to arch it). Be aware, however, that your measurement will likely differ from the length listed by the manufacturer due to a slight twisting of the leather during its manufacture.

Catcher’s gloves are slightly different from the first basemen’s and fielder’s gloves. It is measured by the circumference of the glove’s palm. See the image below for a better understanding:

Glove Used By Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals

We will give the same advice as above regarding the home measurement of glove circumference for hunting. For the best reading, be sure to measure with a paper ruler, but know that your measurement may differ from the listed circumference due to warping of the leather during glove manufacture.

Before we start here, make sure that the size of each glove and baseball glove is etched into the leather on the thumb or pinky finger of the glove. You can always use this as a guide to the proper glove size for your next glove purchase. If your player likes his current glove and is doing well, stick to the same length. But if the glove doesn’t serve your player well, be sure to check out our suggestions on how to size the glove based on your location:

At this point, we think most of you can choose a size based on the basic components of the glove, how it measures in length (or circumference), and your position. But each case is unique. This is especially true of youth gloves. If you need the most direct answer as to which glove size to buy based on the players age and stature, please refer to the table below:

How To Measure Baseball Glove Size

Once you have the glove of your dreams, make sure you break in your glove properly.

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The size recommendations above are averages and may not fit every player, so be sure to choose the size based on our size chart.

Your personal preference. Don’t be afraid to choose the size! Thanks to JustGlovesGlove Assurance, you can pay a little more to have your glove tested, broken in, and returned. So if your baseball glove doesn’t fit, you’re not stuck with a glove that’s too long or too short.

Still need help sizing a baseball glove? Let’s help! If you have any questions, call our glove experts at 866-321-4568 or email [email protected] via live chat. They are available and will be available for you to grab at a click! We use cookies to make it better. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy and cookie settings

This article was written by Isaac Hess and writer Luke Smith, MFA. Isaac Hess is a baseball coach, coach, and founder of Made Baseball Development and Champion Mindset Training, a baseball coaching program based in Los Angeles, California. Isaac has over 14 years of experience coaching baseball and specializes in private lessons and tournaments. He has played baseball for professional and collegiate leagues, including Washington State University and the University of Arizona. Isaac was named one of the top 10 prospects in baseball in 2007 and 2008. He received a bachelor’s degree in regional development from the University of Arizona in 2007.

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A baseball player’s glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport. Knowing your glove size is easy, but choosing the right baseball or softball glove can be a little trickier. When purchasing a glove, consider the player’s age, stature, and personal preference. We’ll walk you through how to measure and choose a baseball glove to make sure you get the right glove for your needs, and give you some buying tips and terms to make sure you know what you need to know ahead of time. Get out in the field.

This article was written by Isaac Hess and writer Luke Smith.

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