How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

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How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners
How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners – U.S. USA Field Hockey took the opportunity of the “High Performance Summit” to break new ground for the National Field Hockey Team. The pitch will be ready for use this autumn for a number of international matches against Canada, South Africa and others. The team has been training at Queens College in Charlotte for about a year. The new field will be 25 minutes north on the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus. The Belk family, UNCC and North Carolina State, in partnership with USFH, have been working on this project for several years. This is a comprehensive effort to promote attracting the Olympic team to the city of Charlotte. There are some sports that have full-time training.

Field hockey will be the first team Olympic sport to establish a permanent location in the city. The United States Performance Center, founded by EK Belk and David Corner, has provided the management and development expertise to make all of North Carolina’s resources possible. In addition, they provide medical and training staff for the team. USPC already has strength and conditioning staff on campus that guide the USA Field Hockey women’s team in their daily fitness and nutrition efforts.

How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

So on May 18, 2023, the first phase of construction was marked with a groundbreaking ceremony attended by USFH officials, Chancellor Sharon Gaber, various political officials from the state of North Carolina, Belk family members, the team and coaches. Shovels in hand, matching hard hats….work started like ceremony!!!

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The turf will be made from Polygrass Paris GT Zero and will be the same turf used for next year’s Paris Olympics. A derivative of sugarcane is used to produce ethanol, which is used to make plastic synthetic surfaces. It takes less water to cycle and can be recycled. This will be the third new surface ever installed in the world.

There are words of inspiration and instruction from Ike Belk and David Korner. Chancellor Gaber pointed out the participation and cooperation of all. Coach David Passamore and team captain Amanda Golini thanked everyone for the facility, humbled by the inspiring teamwork that got us to this point, and how proud we are to represent our country, city and country.

US Field Hockey Executive Director Simon Hoskins said this moment is a step toward the future of field hockey.

Throughout the week the men’s and women’s national team coaches meet with the nation’s top coaches to discuss training methods and “the game” in general. The country has coaches from all over the country, many of whom train our current national team athletes.

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Coach Stone is coming and I’m going to visit some of the great coaching friends Pam and I have made over the years involved with the sport. Our role as Chairman and Trustee has allowed us to share our passion for the game. We enjoyed attending events with coaches Missy Maharg Carla Taglianti and Pam Stuper and making new friends like Tracy Fuchs. The enthusiasm and dedication of all these coaches is amazing. We all share our determination that US field hockey has the best chance of success at the Pan Games, the Paris Olympics and beyond.

The final score was 4-2 as Lafayette dominated the second half of the game against Drexel, which lost 1-2 in the regular season last fall. The Tigers feature the type of offense that will make it very difficult for opposing coaches to scout this team in the fall.

Drexel drew first blood late in the second quarter. The first half was a similar affair, but in my eyes, Lafayette had the better moment but failed to find the back of the net. Also, Drexel will get several corners, threatening to score

How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

In the third quarter, Drexel was called for a penalty stroke, but Lafayette failed to convert making the score 1-0 in favor of Drexel. Soon after, the Leopards found their stride as four different teammates found the back of the net for four consecutive goals. Alex Darrah, Ellie Barton, Ariel Schumacher and Hannah Findlay shined on the scoreboard, much to the delight of fans and parents. Lineke provided assists on Schumacher’s goal, Alex Darrah and Hannah Findley Barton on Catalina Robel’s hard-shot diving effort.

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It was a team effort when the defense started to stifle Drexel’s offense. Indian Ralph led the defense as the game trailed. Leneke spans attention by shifting the field from one side to the other, freeing up his teammates to attack the circle.

Lane Delmott is back from Barbados and fit to play after playing for Canada at the Under-21 Pan Am Games. Spring is a rewarding experience for everyone. There have been some bumps and bruises along the way, but I’m hoping it will all be gone by August. Catalina Rubel was an active threat all afternoon. Carley Kreytak tackles a Drexel attacker. Aimee Hoffnagel and Josephine van Wijk demonstrated their skills and leadership. Alex Darrah will be a real force this fall, and McKenzie Hall showed great determination in the spring. Alex Conway shows a lot of maturity.

The Leopards will once again play an interesting schedule in the fall that includes Big Ten and ACC teams along with their regular opponents in the Patriot League. Boston, American and Lehigh will be on the road. (There will be a new field in Boston). Bucknell, Holy Cross and Colgate will be home visitors.

There will be a regular schedule of clinics and camps in the coming months, and coaches will be on the road looking for talent in 2024 and beyond.

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In the third match of the spring season, “The Rivalry” was renewed on Lafayette’s home court. Originally scheduled to be played in Lehigh, the meet was rescheduled for Lafayette because Lehigh’s irrigation system broke down.

From the first push, it has the feel of a regular season game. In fact, Metzger’s weather cooperated giving us a deja vu situation at the end of winter. A chilly wind from the west forced the fans to bundle up in warm blankets, but the players on the field didn’t seem to care as they battled on for sixty minutes.

The first half was back and forth as both sides had chances. Each goalie deflected several shots. Many penalty corner chances and several shots were saved by Raffi Franomeni.

How To Play Field Hockey For Beginners

The second half saw the Leopards take charge. Emma Garvey must take the first minutes of spring and keep the cover. It was an offense with some great midfield work that ended up “breaking the ice”.

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Lafayette had a chance midway through the third quarter on a penalty shot. Alex Darrah struck out, giving the Maroons a 1-0 lead. Energizing the team, Catalina Rubel scored two more goals, the first of which entered the left side of the goal line and swept hard into the corner. She would then add her first goal by receiving a pass from Ellie Barton, after Barton made it down the right baseline, finding Kata on the stroke line and touching down the goal.

Hannah Findley scored the final goal of the day with a sweep from the left into the far corner from a penalty corner.

The Tigers were aided by some excellent play in the field. Peyton Ginter enjoyed a good interception, Mackenzie Hall made himself known on several occasions, while Hoffnagel and Van Wyk were solid in midfield. Spans were a threat all afternoon as Darrah and Findley found themselves open in a number of attacking opportunities. India Ralph looks comfortable leading the defense from his center point!!

Although many were scarce, Lehigh and Lafayette retreated to their warm cars to watch the game, and there were brave souls wrapped in blankets who offered support from both sides.

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I benefited from being around some of the senior players, but I appreciated Felicitas Hannes who provided expert observations on the action on the field.

As a fan watching the team, I want them to “win” every match. But spring is about more than success. It is truly a time of reinvention! We lost a talented senior class and have yet to see any new additions. So, when we see “the game” this spring, we need to be careful and look at it differently. The same goes for many team members

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