How To Replace Patio Doors

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How To Replace Patio Doors
How To Replace Patio Doors

How To Replace Patio Doors – Renovating doors is not something that most homeowners prioritize, unless they are doing major room renovations. One of the most common projects is replacing sliding patio doors with French doors. Sliding doors operate on tracks, and are a popular choice among US homes. However, when people consider their locking system, they think about getting French doors. Is it feasible?

When looking to replace your sliding patio door with a French patio door, there are several options and upgrades to consider. For example, swing doors in particular have more opportunities to open. Homeowners can get sliding doors with the same level of versatility. Our units are available in two, three and four panel configurations. If the opening is wide, you can add a fixing unit or install a window to create a stunning glass wall.

How To Replace Patio Doors

How To Replace Patio Doors

1. Maximum field of view: multiple glass panels running across the length, even in rows, can give you a great view of the outside. Thanks to this, you can easily take your rest.

When To Replace A Patio Door

2. Easy access: French doors create wide entrances and exits, allowing you to comfortably open up the entire space. This feature amuses many people. When closed,  French doors provide an airtight seal, preventing drafts from entering the home while keeping warm, air-conditioned air out.

3. Flexible design: French patio doors have a three-point locking system with two screws and a lock, giving your home a powerful security function. You also have the freedom to customize your choice of color, glass and hardware finish.

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Patio Door Alternatives Facilitate Healthy Interiors

“This is our second time working with RBA. Once again they were quick, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend them!”Learn how to make an easy patio door replacement with this tutorial. From measuring your opening, to ordering and installing your new doors.

Our front patio double doors have been in dire straits since we moved into our home 3 years ago. The doors let in drafts, didn’t close properly, were blocked by new interior flooring, had areas of rot, and the finish had seen better days. It’s been on the to-do list for a long time but this summer we finally took the plunge and decided to replace them. The original doors were purchased and installed by my parents when they built the house 17 years ago, so they definitely got their money’s worth!

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How To Replace Patio Doors

The photo above shows the doors being replaced (before the exterior was painted). There are several reasons why we wanted to replace French doors. You can see how much rot there is at the bottom of the doors before you rip them all out. We liked that these doors actually swing in the house (“in-swing”) and have swing doors instead. The doors had ornate decorations inside the glass, which we never loved. And finally, after changing the floor inside the house, the door on the left can no longer be opened! The new floor was 15mm thick compared to the old 8mm floor and blocked one of the doors.

Sliding Patio Doors Kent & South East

Changing interior doors. They have the perfect products to ensure your door is installed with a weather tight finish. From sealants, silicones, fillers and caulking, DAP has all the right products to ensure your door is installed, weather tight and your investment protected from the elements.

The first step is to measure your rough opening or the distance between the studs and header and the floor/floor. To do this, you will need to remove the interior molding to access the frame of your home. Measure the distance between your two vertical door studs (jack studs) and write them down.

Complete the same measurement from the top of your sub-floor (where the door will sit) and the bottom of the horizontal header and record again. These measurements will give you a rough opening to fit your patio door.

Next is to measure the thickness of your wall. Again with the trim removed, you can measure the distance from the face of your driveway to the outside of your house’s exterior siding (not your siding). I was able to measure the width of the existing door frame, but you can also use a small rod or paint stick and push it against the existing brick molding (between the door frame and the house column) and measure the width that way. Our measurement was 8 1/2″, which makes sense as we had:

Removing Stationary Door Of A Patio Door

With all these measurements you can go to your local hardware store and order/pick up your new door. Because of the unusual width of our frame (due to the 2×8 frame) we had to order a custom door, but you might get lucky and pick one straight from the store. You’ll want your door to be slightly smaller than your rough opening to level/square the frame to ensure smooth operation of the door.

When it comes to getting your new replacement patio door, you have many options to choose from. The first is the swing door method.

Whether your patio door swings indoors (in swing) or outdoors (outdoor swing) will determine whether you need a swing door. Both types have pros and cons. At first our door was swing but we decided to change a door. Here are the pros and cons of both

How To Replace Patio Doors

The next choice is how your doors will swing. We keep the same initial setup as the left hand swing. Our left door had an active latch and latch and the right door was held in place by pins on the top frame and bottom edge. You can see the configuration options above. You’ll also want to check your local building code and home association regulations, as these can ultimately affect which option you go with.

Glazed Patio Doors

You can choose from a variety of door construction types and finishes. When we ordered the exterior door we were able to choose between steel, fiberglass and wood doors. As for the finishes, we can choose wood grain and smooth surface and painted/finished or primed doors. Ultimately, we choose to go with a smooth fiberglass door due to cost and appearance. We wanted to match the colors of the exterior windows (a post on how we customized our original PVC windows can be seen here) and the painted option came with an additional $1000 price tag, so we decided to paint it ourselves.

You also have glass options when choosing your patio door replacement. Our old doors had a single pane of glass with a lattice effect. We liked the light the glass brought in, but we didn’t like the look of the grid inside the glass, so we opted for a single panel on each door without grids. There are usually several options for glass configurations that you can choose from depending on the brand of your door. Here you can see the modern custom door we installed with several small windows and a sidelight.

Once you decide on your options, you can pick up or order at your doorstep. It took about 3 months to arrive at our door, but there was a slight delay due to supply issues due to COVID.

Once you have your new door you can begin the process of replacing your new patio doors. I started by making sure all the molding was removed to expose the entire door jamb. You can check that everything is fine at your door before you start. After removing the plastic covers from the new patio doors and removing their pallet cloths, we noticed that the bottom lip was 2 1/2″ shorter (a piece was missing). This caused us a 3 week delay until we had the correct door fabrication part and everything installed.

How To Repair Your Sliding Door

The new interior door is ready for replacement and all trim has been removed instead of removing the old doors. When the doors were closed I took mine

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