How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

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How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need
How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need – Having large hands is just one reason people choose medium vs. Standard golfer. There’s another reason switching from a stock grip to one with a wider rim can lower your score.

Most golfers will use a standard golf swing. But if you have large hands, a medium grip will help you control your swing and the ball better. Your grip should fit your hand comfortably and allow full coverage without feeling too bulky.

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

Only a dedicated golfer will appreciate this guide that points out the difference between a medium and standard match. So if you love golf as much as we do and want to lower your score and increase your golf IQ, find out if you should use a standard versus average golfer.

Are Oversized Grips Better? — Finding Your Grip Size In 2023

You can also benefit from the medium size compared to standard golf grips if you tend to hook the ball a lot. This can mean that your hands are too much, causing the face to be closed. A thicker grip can slow down the hand and allow for smoother transitions through the impact zone.

In the last decade, I have seen many students who don’t play golf when they fit the club. Don’t overlook this equipment and take the time to make an educated decision between medium vs. standard golf clubs using this information.

There are some benefits of holding a medium that most people don’t think about. Of course if you have bigger hands, this match will suit you. You will get more space in your grip and therefore have better control.

The medium handle is designed and constructed the same as the standard, only thicker. Usually the difference is ⅛”. While this does not sound much, your hand is very intuitive and can pick up small differences.

A Guide To Sizing Grips For Golfers

The medium-sized handle also benefits those with smaller hands. If you experience stress in the grip, you are holding the club too hard. Then the medium can provide relief. A strong grip will throw off your tempo and result in unpredictable shots. A thicker grip will prevent your hands from clenching, which will relax your hands, arms, and shoulders for a smooth, fluid swing.

Finally, if you are a fast swinger, then regardless of your hand size, you may find relief with a medium grip. This will slow down the tempo a bit to improve consistency and give you more control when you swing a little faster.

Standard size grips are good because they fit a wide variety of golfers. In most cases, this size match will be perfect and will allow you to grip with maximum traction. Many people stick to the standard size because it works well with both long and short games.

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

This is the most common grip and is used in any club that you buy off the shelf or from the manufacturer. Unless you specify a different size, the standard size .9″ circumference will be in the club and ready to use.

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If the catch is too big for you, you may have trouble in the short game. The standard-sized grips are equipped to provide the best possible feel, which is great when you’re hitting the green from within 100 yards.

Since most of your play will take place at this yard, the standard size grip is perfect and doesn’t need to be changed.

Standard versus medium golf clubs also promote faster hand speed through impact. If you find yourself cutting the ball, choose a standard grip size (or smaller) to encourage a faster conversion rate. Squaring up your face is a priority in every shot, so having the right grip size is the first step.

As you can see, the difference between average and standard golf is a bit complicated because it is not only based on hand size. However, if you have decided on the size, you can skip ahead to the purchase section with one of these great options.

How To Regrip Your Golf Grip For Less Than $30 With Ethan Welsh

This kind of handshake has been around for decades. Originally inspired by turn-of-the-century leather wraps, this updated version offers superior grip and durability.

It is best to have all the clubs with the right grip, which means you want a comfortable grip from the tee as well as from the 100 yard mark and out of the bunker. Design this wrap for all of these areas and everything in between.

Tacky materials also do well when moisture is in the air. A little rain or sweaty palms will not affect this, and you can still swing at full speed without fear.

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

As one of the best-selling grips you can find, this multi-compound grip is perfect for the medium size because it offers different styles (i.e. tapered vs non-tapered) on the top and bottom. The grip is set to promote maximum tackiness at the top, which is usually where all your power comes from.

The 9 Best Golf Grips Of 2023

The lower half of the grip is softer and more responsive to accommodate smooth shots into and around the green.

The term “multiple compounds” refers to the different materials used in the grip. In the upper part, the fabric material is woven into the tire. This creates more friction, so the power hand does not slide.

If this grip starts to weaken, you can sand it with regular sandpaper to remove excess dirt and oil and remove other cable accessories. The handshake will feel almost new after that.

Want to know what golf grip you like to use? See the most commonly used golf clubs in the Golf Tour Size Chart

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Standard vs. Medium isn’t just about size. Since hands come in all shapes and sizes, grip companies are ready to create the best grip for any hand size.

Even with all these sizes, you can customize each one by adding a special layer of grip tape under the handle. It takes about four coats to turn a standard hold into a medium hold.

Yes, a larger grip makes a difference and is more comfortable for players to use when needed. They can help improve the flight direction of the ball to ensure a more controlled shot with the iron and an accurate drive off the tee.

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

Medium grips are ⅛” larger than standard grips. These measurements are taken at the end as all companies have different fitting techniques which will make other grips different. Some medium grips are thicker on the top but almost the same standard size on the bottom. Butt measurement is the only way to determine the larger grip size.

How Tight To Grip A Golf Club

Yes, most professional golfers use standard size grips; However, they can be adjusted with the help of additional grip tape. Adding just one extra layer of grip tape makes a huge difference to professional golfers. And when you’re playing for millions of dollars, having the best equipment is essential.

You’ll know your fingers are wrapped too far if you need a medium grip. If you find that your fingers are getting in the way of your hand, you may need a medium grip. Also, if your accuracy is lacking with all of your clubs, a medium match can help stabilize the clubface to correct your shots.

Yes, a medium grip can change ball flight in many cases. For those who like to grip the ball, a medium grip can change the ball and make the ball go straight. The medium size handle prevents your hand from turning violently. Thicker grips improve smooth transitions through impact.

Tiger Woods uses a handle that is larger than the standard 1/32. This is because they want to have full control over the clubface. He also believes that a smaller grip for his hands will improve the feel of every shot. He has more space in his hands and therefore, can be more aware of all the shots he makes.

Kingrasp Multi Composite Golf Club Grip, Golf Grip

Medium vs. standard grip is a topic that isn’t discussed enough. A comfortable and optimal grip is essential for ball flight and swing.

By using simple measurements and observing the natural flight of the ball, you can determine whether the medium grip is the best choice for you. Before you buy a new club or buy another set of lessons, make sure your grip is doing its job first.

Clint is the head teaching professional at one of Toronto’s busiest golf institutions and has been featured on Canada’s national golf television show, “Score Golf Canada,” twice. Now he tests and reviews golf equipment and can enjoy his favorite game whenever he wants while helping people lower their scores.

How To Tell What Size Golf Grip You Need

If you’ve read our blog on choosing the right grip, you’ll know that grip size is an important factor in making sure you get the most out of your golf club and help you hit the ball straight.

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