I Dreamed Of Africa Film

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I Dreamed Of Africa Film
I Dreamed Of Africa Film

I Dreamed Of Africa Film – Kim Basinger has hand signed this VHS cover “I Dreamed of Africa” ​​in red ink on the front cover.

It is a 2000 film starring Kim Basinger, Vincent Perez, Eve Marie Saint, Garrett Strommen, Liam Aiken and Daniel Craig. It is based on an autobiographical novel

I Dreamed Of Africa Film

I Dreamed Of Africa Film

Koki Gallman, an Italian writer who moved to Kenya and became involved in conservation work. It was shown in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. The film, as a whole, was not well received, although Kim Basinger’s performance was praised. Basinger received a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Actress (also for

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). It was also a major financial failure: its budget was $50 million, while the worldwide gross was less than $15 million.

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“I’d be curious to meet the person I have to translate,” said the grumpy voice on the end of the phone line. “Kim Basinger gave me her own interpretation, and it’s definitely not me. I was never afraid when Paolo went hunting. I certainly was never afraid of the elephants in my garden.”

Cookie Gallman, widow, mother, world-renowned writer and conservationist, is not very happy. I Dreamed of Africa, the film adaptation of her autobiography opens in the US today as she quickly discovers the pitfalls of handing over her life to Hollywood.

“I know times change and things change. But this is a depiction of my life in the 70s in the year 2000,” she says.

I Dreamed Of Africa Film

It’s easy to understand why Hollywood was drawn to Gallman’s life, despite an initial (and apparently unresolved) reluctance to see “all that drama on screen.” Born outside Venice in 1943, Koki moved to Kenya in 1972 with her husband Paolo and son Emmanuel. They bought a farm in Laikipia district and enjoyed their new exotic life. Shark hunting, bison hunting and flying across the continent in private jets became part of their everyday life, far from the grey, suffocating gloom of the Venetian winter.

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But eight years later, Paulo dies in a car accident on his way to pick up a cradle with Koke for his soon-to-be-born daughter Sveva. Three years later, Emmanuel, then 17, died in Cookie’s arms after being bitten by one of his pet snakes.

By this point, most people would probably have packed up and gone home, leaving only sad memories of their African adventure. However, Gallmann stayed put. Determined to “make something positive out of tragedy”, in 1983 she founded the Gallman Memorial Foundation – in memory of her husband and son – dedicated to conservation and anti-poaching programs, research into the use of medicinal plants in the region, and the promotion and sponsorship of education for Kenyans.

When she is not working for the foundation in Kenya, she travels the world raising international aid for it. It took her agent and I almost a week to track her down, and I tracked her down by phone and email from New York to Toronto, London and Kenya.

In the three parts of his autobiography – I Dreamed of Africa, African Nights and Lion Nights – Galman manages to write about his life and achievements without slipping into holy smugness or excessive sentimentality. Describe Africa without romanticizing it or resorting to exotic exotic sights – this is not an out-of-Africa fused year in Provence. And although she didn’t learn English until she was an adult (she only learned it from Victorian novels “about nannies and paupers”), her books are beautiful, elegant, and full of fascinating details from her life in Africa: the smell of elephants, the sound of tiger coughs, the feel of desert dust after the rain..

Vincent Perez & Dog Film: I Dreamed Of Africa (usa 2000) Charaktere: Paolo Gallmann & / Literaturverfilmung (nach Dem Buch Von Kuki Gallmann) Regie: Hugh Hudson 05 May 2000 **warnung** Dieses Foto

Although Gallman claims her main goal in writing the books (and endorsing the film) was to show a side of Africa not often seen on television, she admits there was inevitably a cathartic side: “Some people – I’ve never “Go to a psychoanalyst, lie on the couch and tell the stranger your problems. It happens, doesn’t it? Well, since I was a little girl, the blank slate has been my psychoanalysis.”

Through her books, she searches for clues to solve an absurd mystery. She tries to find a logical sequence leading to her senseless losses.

I dreamed that Africa was riddled with terrible tragedies – crippling car accidents, the deaths of friends and friends’ children. It is as if Gallman, in retrospect, sees her life as a series of disasters, preparing her (and the reader) for a greater tragedy – the loss of her husband and son.

I Dreamed Of Africa Film

Take the romance, loss, renewal and gritty action and throw in stunning scenery and a sweeping soundtrack, plus a politically correct environmental message: Hey, presto, you’ve got Hollywood glamour. Or so thought the 15 or so producers who approached Gallman after her first book was published. At first she was reluctant to put her life in “unknown hands”, but she eventually signed over the rights to her book to Stanley R. Jaffe, who had already produced two films about a lonely woman fighting against circumstances – accusatory and fatal gravity.

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Although Gallman is excited for Jaffe and director Hugh Hudson (who made Chariots of Fire), she has her doubts. She questioned why most of the film was shot outside Kenya and felt there was a “lack of magic” on screen between Basinger and Vincent Perez, who plays Paolo. She’s happier after seeing the film at its New York premiere last week (“Not a dry eye in the house!”), but she still has reservations. “It’s hard to focus on life for two hours. The film is a translation of the book, and the book is the embodiment of my life, so I knew it wouldn’t be the same.”

But Gallman’s main concern was Basinger. Despite Basinger praising Gallman as “a person with dreams and courage to follow,” it seems that the actress decided to treat Cookie Gallman as a fictional character: not once, to Gallman’s chagrin, does Basinger arrange to meet her real-life counterpart. “The director, producers and screenwriter all spent time with me in Laikipia. The only person who didn’t come was Kim. She probably felt a little insecure and has her own opinion about her interpretation of me.

She hastily adds, “You know, I’m not an actress and I don’t know anything about actors. I only watch movies when I’m on a plane, so I don’t know how actors deal with these things.. Kim is good in the script I gave her. But, you know , we are completely different people: she is represented in the United States, and I live in the bush.

So what about the movie itself? “Well, I’m not really the ideal audience. The ideal audience has never met me, never been to Africa, never read my books. For that person, the film will touch them, no doubt.”

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But now that Gallman is back home in Laikipia, she has more important things on her mind: She’s finishing two more books, and her 100,000-acre farm is there, not to mention wedding preparations. From Sveva, who is now 20 years old and studying at Oxford. But her charitable foundation remains Gallman’s main concern. Before we hung up, she asked me, “Have you been to Kenya before?” Winnie, self-centered Kuki Gallman (Kim Basinger) takes her androgynous child (Liam Aiken and Garrett Strommen) and moves to Africa with Paolo (Vincent Perez), her adrenaline junkie boyfriend/husband.

That says a lot from me. Anyone who has ever known me will attest that my tolerance for bad filmmaking is extremely high. I watched movies with joy and respect that even Mystery Science Theater didn’t air. Rarely in my long history with movies have I seen a product so incompetent – so devoid of redeeming value – as I Dreamed of Africa.

IDOA (note that this acronym can also stand for ¿I’m Dead On Arrival) is the Batman and Robin of the dramatic film industry. Africa) appearance

I Dreamed Of Africa Film

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