Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

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Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings
Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings – Why Ian McKellen turned down the role of Dumbledore in Harry Potter movies after Richard Harris passed away The Lord of the Rings actor says he ‘got the role of the ultimate wizard’ in Gandalf.

Ian McKellen has revealed why he turned down the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series following the death of Richard Harris in 2002.

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

In an interview with the BBC’s HARDtalk programme, McKellen explained that Harris disliked him as an actor, calling McKellen, along with Derek Jacobi and Kenneth Branaugh, “uniformly brilliant” performers. Technical but lacks passion”. Due to harsh criticism from Harris, McKellen was unable to accept the role.

Am I The Only One Who Thinks Harry Potter Is A Rip Off Of Lotr? I Get Criticized A Lot For Thinking So. Let Me Know What Everyone Thinks.

“I couldn’t take this role from an actor I knew didn’t like me,” McKellen said.

McKellen then went on to praise Michael Gambon, who eventually succeeded Harris as Dumbledore in the last six Harry Potter films, calling his performance excellent. The Lord of the Rings actor also wrote on his website after Harris’ death that despite turning down Dumbledore, he ended up playing the “super wizard” in Gandalf.

“Recently, when he criticized me and others for being unenthusiastic actors, I assumed he might be a little upset that I had been given a super wizard on screen,” he wrote .

It was recently announced that McKellen will reprise the role of Gandalf in a one-man show at London’s Park Theater from July 3-9.

Dumbledore Portrait Medieval, Dark, Teal, Intricate,

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Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

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, contains some of the most revered novels and films in pop culture history. Each story has a loyal fan base, those familiar with every aspect of their respective fantasy worlds will notice certain similarities between the two epic tales.

Dumbledore Vs. Gandalf The Grey: Who Would Win In A Fight?

. The separate works draw from European and Norse mythology and thus may sometimes overlap in their stories. However, there are many types of characters in author J.R.R. by Tolkien

Hit bookstores worldwide in 1937, just over 60 years before Rowling’s novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released. Both are literal powerhouses that have forever changed fantasy storytelling, but Tolkien fans and Rowling fans find that the two can share some great stories.

The big similarities are the story elements, especially the idea of ​​“being chosen.” Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins are both chosen against their will to take on a nearly impossible task with the help of a group of heroes and save their respective worlds. Both are male and lost their parents at a young age (Frodo lost his parents at age 12, and Harry was just an infant when his parents died). The two live with their uncle and they must fight a nearly unknown evil force known as the Dark Lord.

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

But   the ‘chosen’ story is one as old as time and has all the characteristics of the word

Gandalf Vs Dumbledore: Who’s The Better Wizard?

Another similarity fans noticed is the role of Gandalf the Gray and Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. For many years, the two were often considered enemies because they both grew long gray beards in their old age. Both are extremely smart, sound the same and look the same.

But to say that Rowling eliminated Gandalf would be going too far, as producers like New Line Cinema for LOTR and Warner Bros.

Interestingly, Gandalf and Dumbledore are both there for their protagonists when their respective stories begin. Birthday marks the beginning of their long journey. For Harry, it was his 11th birthday, while for Frodo it was Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday.

One of the biggest similarities between the stories of Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, and Legolas are the ridiculous villains Wormtounge and Wormtail. Do you know which Worm character belongs to the right franchise?

Gandalf Vs Obi Wan Kenobi Vs Dumbledore (lord Of The Rings Vs Star Wars Vs Harry Potter)

Both Wormtounge and Wormtail serve their dark master. Both are boggarts, guardian spirits in Celtic mythology that haunt but sometimes help. Wormtounge is Saruman’s second-in-command, while Wormtail serves the Dark Lord Voldemort.

). The two characters serve the same purpose: to maniacally manipulate powerful leaders while stoking injustice and division within the family or community. Both were also caught red-handed in their evil plans and were eventually banished until they were reunited with their masters.

In The Lord of the Rings, the Dark Lord’s life force is bound to a ring. In Harry Potter, the Dark Lord’s life force is bound by seven Horcruxes. Both heroes must destroy the items so that the Dark Lord cannot regain full power. If Frodo puts the ring on, he becomes invisible to others. This is similar to Harry’s Invisibility Cloak. Frodo usually wore the Ring on a necklace around his neck for safekeeping, but always wearing it burdened him as the Dark Lord drained his will and energy. This is similar to the Slytherin Horcrux that Ron wears around his neck until it can be destroyed. Both Ron and Frodo experience a change in personality due to the items they carry.

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

Unlike nearly losing his life when he destroyed the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron on Mount Doom in Mordor with the help of Samwise Gamgee, Harry temporarily lost his life to Voldemort – being the last Horcrux – but then resurrected from the Resurrection Stone. These are two pretty big similarities, but probably not plagiarism or anything like that.

Top 10 Villains In The Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit Movies

In both works, the audience is introduced to a small, weak creature for whom they must show sympathy. IN

, Dobby serves as the loyal but tortured servant of the Malfoys and later Harry Potter (although he is not Harry’s slave but a guardian).

Ultimately, both Gollum and Dobby push the story to the next level. Gollum literally destroyed the One Ring after falling down Mount Doom with his ring.

In the trilogy, Tolkien uses the Nazgûl to search for Frodo and the One Ring in Middle-earth, while Rowling has extremely similar characters but calls them Dementors. Both evil creatures were dressed in black, could not speak, and were neither alive nor dead.

Harry Potter’ And ‘lord Of The Rings’: From Severus Snape To Gandalf; Which Characters Can Be Friends?

And there’s a huge giant spider in both stories. In the first part of both series, the main characters fight a giant demon. In both stories there is an object that allows the main character to see a possible future or make a wish. In LOTR, Galadriel shows Frodo a mirror (actually just a basin of water) that shows him the future, present, or past. In Harry Potter, two different items are used. The first is the Mirror of Erised which allows Harry to see his greatest wish (or possibly the future) and the second is the Pensieve, which shows memories (or the past). Source: New Line Cinema

. For that matter, you can’t claim she even copied Tolkien’s work, because none of the new art is original. While there are some similarities between these two brands, there are enough differences that they can stand on their own.

Every movie and book we read is somehow connected to some earlier work, which is also connected to some older story. Fairy tales and fantasy stories are not copyrighted, and anyone can tell the story of a witch or troll in a new and interesting way without necessarily copying from an existing work.

Is Dumbledore In Lord Of The Rings

Overall, both series will forever inspire new readers and writers to tell their own great stories.

The Rings Of Power: Here’s Why The Stranger Should Be Gandalf

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Over eight films, the Harry Potter franchise has built one of the greatest British casts in cinema history, but one actor who never appeared is Sir Ian McKellen, who has now shed light on why. why that role never materialized.

The British acting icon was considered for the role of Hogwarts headmaster Professor Albus Dumbledore after original actor Richard Harris passed away in 2002, but McKellen has revealed that he was the one who did not feel comfortable taking on the role. this role due to Harris’s previous comments about

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