Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

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Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out
Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out – The original X-Men franchise unofficially ended after seven franchise films and a number of spin-offs. After Disney’s deal to buy 20th Century Fox, it’s expected that the X-Men will (eventually) be integrated into the MCU.

With a new cast and a new attitude (with the exception of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool, who has already announced his desire to join the Disney family, and hopes that he will keep his work on the side).

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for 17 years, appearing as the character in nine different films, including three solo spin-offs, the last of which was 2017’s Marvels.

How To Watch The X Men Movies In Order: Chronological And Release Date

Jackman’s path opens up some obvious options for future choices to play one of the X-Men’s most iconic characters.

And would allow the franchise to go in an exciting new direction, with a young female Wolverine. Another way would be to look at what Jackman was when he started as Wolverine: a complete unknown.

But just for fun, there are a few known quantities that make for great geeks, and that includes ways to make the character your own. So without further ado, let’s see who the next Wolverine could be.

The latest to throw his name in the ring is someone with little experience in the world of superheroes: Jason Momoa, who made Aquaman into DC’s most financially successful film to date.

Wolverine 3′: Hugh Jackman Offers Update

At the Celebrity Fanfest in San Antonio, a fan asked Momo who she would play if given the chance to work in the Marvel Universe. “Wolverine,” Momo answered without hesitation, to the delight of the crowd. “Yeah, I’d love to play Wolverine.”

When the panel moderator mentioned that the role might open up (after Logan, and with the integration of the X-Men at the end of the MCU), Momo continued to train the thought, with a big smile on her face. “Unusual, I just grew up with Wolverine,” he added.

While Momo is obviously not the Wolverine of the comics, she would be a good fit. The edge and cool atmosphere he brings to Aquaman, and he brings to Khalil Drogo.

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

Plus, that wisdom will definitely come in handy when he finally appears alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord.

Who Looks Best Varun Dhawan In Bhediya Or Hugh Jackman In Wolverine Movie Poster

Tom Hardy may already have a few superhero roles under his belt – he played the villain Bane in the Christopher Nolan film

Last year was really fun – but what else? He was originally nominated as a good choice for the role (with

Although it might be a bit confusing if Venom actually takes on the role in the MCU (like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man did), Hardy will bring an aggressive approach to the role, and as always, no one will be entirely themselves. Do not drown. Protected and lost in personality. Hardy is one of our favorite actors, and if he’s excited about a project, you know it’s someone to look forward to.

While it’s not particularly likely, rumors have been swirling for the past year or so that the artist formerly known as Harry Potter might be playing Wolverine. You might not see him at Jackman’s height, but it might work out well—Wolverine has always been considered too short in the comics, and the 5’5” Radcliffe would be a perfect fit.

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Moreover, he has come a long way as an actor since his Potter days – his roles in films

Not only does he show his wide range, but he’s willing to do anything for just one character (his

Perhaps the least known on this list, Christopher Abbott has proven himself to be a versatile chameleon of an actor throughout his industry experience. This year, he may find himself up for an Emmy after playing the classic lead in Yossarian’s George Clooney adaptation.

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

Like Jackman, Abbott has a regular beard, and has shown his talent in many genres, such as horror films.

Logan Director James Mangold Reacts To Hugh Jackman’s Return As Wolverine In Deadpool 3

. Could the next stop be a superhero franchise? There’s no reason to think he can’t pull it off.

Another choice with some experience in a ‘major franchise’ game, Richard Madden is best known for his role as Robb Stark.

But he also won a Golden Globe earlier this year for his role in Netflix’s The Bodyguard

While this last one will probably overrule him for Wolverine, let’s make our quick pitch for Madden to make X the ultimate weapon. Above all (and he’s certainly a great actor too), Madden has the look, just like Jackman. . You don’t need much dialogue from Madden – just one look will do – it’s part of what makes Jackman’s Wolverine so great; A look can kill.

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Officially Announces Hugh Jackman’s Return As Wolverine

It might just be the best choice of all. Like Wolverine from the comics, he is of short stature (listed at only 5’9, compared to Jackman’s 6’2). He has the experience to anchor a franchise, as we saw in two very exciting games.

S Matthew Vaughn, who revived the franchise by bringing in younger versions of the characters, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence, among others)

More importantly, this kid’s got acting chops – he might get an Oscar nomination for portraying Sir Elton John in this month’s Rocket Man, which he raved about. Egerton is another person on this list who just oozes with charisma—if he can dial up that subtle energy (sometimes explosively) that Wolverine channels, we just have a winner.

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

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It is officially scheduled to be released on September 6, 2024. But as exciting as that was, it came second to the revelation of the future – a revelation that Hugh Jackman himself had changed.

Secret Wars 5 Dell Otto Old Man Logan Exclusive Variant Wolverine Movie Coming

A special one because it is the first part of the franchise that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He then laughingly explained that he had no idea. Well, maybe one.

At this point, Jackman showed up and Reynolds asked him if he wanted to play Wolverine again. Jackman simply replied “Yeah, sure Ryan.”

It’s hard to keep my mouth shut about this. ⚔️ — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) September 27, 2022

Is There A New Wolverine Movie Coming Out

. This was supposed to be his last appearance as the last character, but in his return

Hugh Jackman Returning As Wolverine In ‘deadpool 3’, Marvel Pic Has Release Date

We know that Wolverine and the X-Men will be introduced in the MCU in the coming years. The question is: Will

Mark its beginning? It seems that, as we know, the third Deadpool movie is reportedly becoming canon to the MCU. But the problem lies in the fact that the latter two appear to be in Fox’s X-Men universe. So while Jackman’s Logan and Reynolds’ Wade Wilson could get by there, how would they do in the MCU?

Reintroducing Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, there’s room for Fox-type characters to return. Especially when the MCU is slowly being introduced. But does Jackman’s Claw Variation have the same reference?

Are you glad Wolverine is back in Deadpool 3? Do you think he will be the same version we saw in the X-Men movies? Will that be the official MCU logo or just a variant? Let’s find out in the comments below! Hugh Jackman has fueled speculation that he will return to work as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Wolverine 3 Set Photos Show Hugh Jackman’s New Look And Patrick Stewart

Fans of the popular X-Men character are buzzing on social media about the actor’s possible return, just two years after bidding farewell to the role in the hit film ‘Logan’. Rumors grew when Jackman posted two adorable photos on his Instagram story, hinting at his return in the upcoming Marvel film.

The actor shared a piece of Wolverine fan art by Boss Logic on his Instagram story and followed it up with an old photo of himself with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Disney bought 20th Century Fox and gave the rights to the studio

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