Isaiah 41:10 Coloring Page

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Isaiah 41:10 Coloring Page – You do not need to contact me to ask permission to print a set of my coloring pages for your school, church, or event for free. I am happy to present them. Please use the Paypal button to make your donation. See the permissions and restrictions statement below for more information.

A bible verse coloring page. It is a beautiful reminder of God’s care and protection. Scripture is illustrated with the image of a hand reaching down and another hand reaching out. It’s a great kids craft or coloring page for adults.

Isaiah 41:10 Coloring Page

Isaiah 41:10 Coloring Page

“Do not be afraid because I am with you, do not let your heart fly, because I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will lift you up with my right hand in victory.” Isaiah 41:10.

Isaiah 41,10 Drawing By Yulia Shuster

If you want to read this verse, here is a link to the comments on it. CLICK HERE.

Art takes a lot of time for me to do. I drew the hand five or six times before I was happy with the shape, then I traced it to finish it on the image. I had to scan the letters several times to get them right.

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Free Christian Coloring Pages For Adults (2023)

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Sometimes it takes me hours to draw these coloring pages, but I draw them because I love God’s Word and hope they are a blessing to you.

I have drawn many coloring pages of Bible verses. To quickly browse a list of hundreds of my coloring pages, CLICK HERE.

Isaiah 41:10 Coloring Page

The letters can be colored with colored pencils or fine markers. Hands can be colored in almost any medium.

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Now that they are grown up, only one of them continues to enjoy great color. But I find it helps me relax and be on time. This is definitely a good thing for adults!

These Christian coloring pages have scriptures on them, so it makes it more interesting and meaningful because you can meditate on the inspirational Bible verses at the same time. 🙂

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