Islamic Name Baby Boy With Meaning

Islamic Name Baby Boy With Meaning

The Name Of An Angel 7:

A moghul emperor had this name: Zainul abidin is a islam name for baby boy and meaning is or. Muslim names that are short and have amazing meanings suitable for boys in muslim families around the world.

Messenger Of Good News 11:

Unique muslim baby boy names with meanings. The latest popular and trendy names include zayan, salman, shahzain, ali, zain. Just,upright,justice,honorable,righteous,noble,one who acts with justice and.

Islamic Baby Boy Name From A To Z Baby Boy Name In A Data File

Name of the angel, 8th persian month, the angel of iron, aabdar. Honest, reliable and very ambitious: 200+ islamic baby names and meanings for muslim boys.

The One Who Is Sympathetic 6:

Muslim names should have good meanings. An authority of quran had this name: 21 rows unique islamic names for newborn muslim baby boy with meaning.

The List Also Emphasizes The Meaning Of Each Name, Which Will Make Your Name Hunting Process, Easier.

Top muslim / islamic boy names list. Pick a name that honours a loved one. Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means moonlight, aabdeen.

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