Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

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Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length
Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length – You choose the number of credits, choose the recipient’s audiobook, and your local bookstore supports your purchase.

For the first time in a single collection, #1 New York Times best-selling author Lee Child once again demonstrates his mastery of the thriller genre with an unrivaled collection of three Jack Reacher novels and six short stories.

Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

Too Much Time: Set in the aftermath of Jack Reacher’s military service, this first novel finds Reacher in a depressed Maine town. He witnesses the briefcase being taken by accident, but sees more than a simple crime, a story that leads Lee Child to his new Reacher novel, The Midnight Line.

Echo Burning (jack Reacher Series) Audio Book On Cd Lee Child Preform Dick Hill 9781469258928

Little Wars: Lee Child takes us to 1989, when Jack Reacher, an MP, was assigned to investigate the cold-blooded murder of a young officer.

The telex was short and to the point: a soldier was found shot to death ten miles north of Fort Smith. The situation is unclear. The victim was shot twice in the chest and once in the head. Professional hit. It is proposed to set up an ambush on the spot. The military police assigned the case to Jack Reacher. He called his brother, Colonel Joe Reacher, at the Pentagon for information and met with Sergeant Francis Neagley to ask, “Who will kill a great officer?” helped answer the main question.

Untrained: Jack Reacher is on the road, hanging out with Canadian boys who are planning a hike through the dense Maine forests. After a hot lunch, they part ways and Reacher looks to a quiet town surrounded by countryside to indulge his wanderlust. But not for long. First, the road was suddenly closed. Then the military police show up. Maybe it’s an exercise. Or maybe that’s the problem Reacher always faces, no matter how far he goes.

Additional Jack Reacher Stories, including “James Penny’s New Character”, “Everybody’s Talking”, “Maybe It’s Tradition”, “The Guy Who Walks into a Bar”, “No Motel Room” and “Lonely Diner Image” presented here for the first time in audio format.

Never Go Back,’ A Jack Reacher Novel By Lee Child

“Jack Reacher is today’s James Bond, the hero of a thriller that we can’t tear ourselves away from. I read everything as soon as it comes out.” (Ken Follett).

Lee Child is the author of twenty-one New York Times bestsellers about Jack Reacher, twelve of which have reached number one. All of his novels have been included in major motion pictures, including Jack Reacher (based on One Shot) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Foreign rights to the Reacher series have been sold to hundreds of territories. Lee Child, born in England and former television executive, lives in New York. You choose the number of credits, your recipient chooses an audiobook, and your local bookstore supports your purchase.


Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

Never Go Back is an adventure film featuring “one of the finest characters in modern thrillers” (Newsweek).

Killing Floor By Lee Child

Former military cop Jack Reacher drives from snowy South Dakota to his destination in northeastern Virginia near Washington, D.C.: the headquarters of his former class, the 110th Congressional Representative. The old stone building looks the most like the house he once had.

Reacher was there to meet personally with the new commander, Major Susan Turner, and still spoke on the phone in a warm, charming voice.

But this isn’t Turner at the commander’s desk. Reacher is faced with two shocking pieces of news, one with serious criminal implications and one too personal to even think about.

Reacher will fight to find Turner and clear his name while staying one step ahead of the Army, the FBI, the DC Police and four unknown robbers.

Cleaning The Gold By Karin Slaughter, Lee Child

Combining intricate plot mysteries with a thrilling quest for truth and justice, Lee Child makes Reacher wonder who he is, what he’s done, and what awaits his uneducated life on the open road.

Lee Child is the author of 18 New York Times best-selling novels, including eight #1 Jack Reacher thrillers. All were selected for major motion pictures; The first is Jack Reacher, based on One Shot. Foreign rights to the Reacher series have been sold in nearly a hundred countries. Child, a native of England and a former television executive, lives in New York.

Commentary “Breathless interstate rumble. . . [Lee] Some of the best and smartest children’s writing ever written. . . Child behavior hero Jack Reacher has already read 17 novels and three e-book singles. But his latest book, Never Going Back, may be the best desert island in the series. It is very well designed. And full of wild surprises. Clever about Reacher’s features. Bunyaneschi has been praised for his contribution to Reacher’s science” (Janet Maslin, The New York Times).

Jack Reacher Audiobooks Full Length

“Welcome to the ruthless world of Jack Reacher and his incredible tendency to be in the wrong place at the right time. . . . Kid has created a wonderful character that other thriller writers try to emulate but can’t match. He has a knack for taking material worn out in the hands of other writers and making it seem fresh. . . . Strict and attractive. . . Never Go Back is one of the best children’s novels.” (Associated Press)

Three Jack Reacher Novellas (with Bonus Jack Reacher’s Rules) Full Length Audio Books Free By Kanakonolene

“Wonderful . . . The kid never, ever stumbles. He does it best, but most of all he keeps us guessing about Reacher.” (List of books (starred review))

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