Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

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Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu
Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu – Jackie Chan, the patron saint of silly kung fu movies, action superstars, and supercops everywhere, is actually more into sports than you might imagine. Not only was he featured in the rare NES and Turbographics game, as well as the PlayStation game Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster, but he was also featured in a host of other games. For now, I’ll focus on Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Action for the NES, one of my favorite platformers of all time.

I got lucky and bought this game for the NES when I was a kid. A used copy was for sale at a local video store. I’m not sure who Jackie Chan is then. It was the early 90s, and although he had appeared in Battle Creek Brawl and Cannonball Run at this point, his fame had not exploded in America. However, he was very popular in Asia during that period.

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

In this game you control our hero who has to save his sister from the evil witch. Inside reminds me of Ghosts N Goblins. You travel through five stages, hidden along with special mini-game stages. You can jump and attack with a standard punch, crouch attack and jump kick. To attack frogs they use special techniques. I don’t think this would work in real life, so please rely on our amphibious friends. Some Castlevania-style techniques are done by grabbing and pressing to attack. You can also fire a Hadouken-style fireball by grabbing and charging the attack, but these are limited. Special attacks also have a fixed ammo amount.

Jackie Chan: The Kung Fu Years (video 1990)

The graphics are bright and colorful, with great backgrounds and enemies. You fight bandits, tigers, fish and all sorts of other weirdos. My favorite is the first boss who is a Buddha statue that comes to life and attacks you. Defeating this boss will send you straight to hell, with wings and demons. The music is incredibly catchy chiptone, and is often set by you whenever it gets stuck in my head. Check out this NintendoComplete game.

One of my favorite special stages is where Jackie fights the woodpeckers. You may recognize them as Mokujin from Tekken. you are right! And wrong! This is from Lee Wu Lun’s…sorry…Jackie Chan’s Shaolin Wooden Man, where Jackie fights a bunch of woodsmen in a Shaolin temple. It’s not great, but it makes for a great techie.

Did I mention that I absolutely love the soundtrack? Seriously, it’s good. Check out these awesome 8-bit earworms (ewwww) which is a pretty weird statement but I’m sticking with it. Just kidding, I’m not against anything.

There are quite a few Jackie Chan games out there, but there’s one you may not have realized you’ve already played: Kung Fu, the classic NES game, is actually a licensed Jackie Chan game… or is it? this is. But it was basically a Bruce Lee game. You see, Bruce was the biggest star in Asia at the time of his death. Game of Death was left untouched and eventually Dragon was entered by director Robert Close and ended with young kung fu star Yuen Bao (who was Jackie Chan’s Sword Opera brother, but that’s perfect). other thing).

Amazon.com: Leying 1/6 Soldier Male Head Sculpture Jackie Chan Kung Fu Star Asian Action Figure Male Body

In this movie, Bruce fights his way through the levels of a pagoda and fights a different master on each floor. The film also features an incredible fight with his real-life student, basketball star and aviator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The finished film is terrible, but the original film is incredible. It also features Bruce in his iconic yellow and black striped joggers.

So let’s recap: the movie Kung Fu was the basis for the video game, until it wasn’t. With Bruce Dead, China was looking for a new superstar. Enter Jackie Chan, with his sworn brothers Yuen Bao and Samo Hong. He acted in one of the best kung fu movies called Meal Wheels. It was a huge hit and then in Japan, the game we know as Kung Fu was released as Spartan X (Japanese title Wells on Mail), starring our man Jackie. was gone

And just in case you don’t believe me when I say the movie is one of the best, just watch the fight scene between JC and Benny Jet Orchids, the famous kickboxer and best friend of Hollywood actor John Cusack. (No, really). Si tien una partida guardada de Breath of the Wild te encontraras con una grata sorpra en Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

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The Movies Of Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

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Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

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Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

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Jackie Chan’s Kungfu

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Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

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