Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

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Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master
Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master – Jackie Chan is the undisputed kung fu master. He serves us martial arts in a proven way. One day the king of martial arts met a boy&nbsp…&nbspmore»

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Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

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Drunken Master,’ A Slapstick, Absurdist Fight Flick That Is Also, In Its Own Weird Way, A Tribute To And Rumination On Drinking

Jackie Chan is the undisputed kung fu master. He serves us martial arts in a proven way. One day, the martial arts king met a boy, Zhang Yi-shan (Zhang Yishan), who wanted to be like him. Jackie agrees to teach Zhang the fine art of kung fu. But what he didn’t expect: he himself still has a lot to learn in life… In the well-known tradition of ‘Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master’, he combines carefully choreographed fights, slapstick and the best humor. Jackie Chan’s films have a wide and enthusiastic audience, not only Easterners find their way.

C6vn2q on 02/24/2011 I found this disappointing as I love watching Jackie Chan movies, I just grabbed the shelf and rented it. I also ask myself Jackie Chan, is he even acting? after 10 minutes I took out the Blu Ray again! The story is about a “badly cast” boy who wants to be in a Jackie Chan movie! And the DTS audio sounds like crap too! Finger WEG B—-MOVIE unverified review by gasoman on Apr 28, 2012 So here’s a real fan of Chan. After 45 minutes I killed the junk. Jackie is only seen at the beginning of the movie, but I think she must have made a small appearance at the end, unfortunately I missed it. I can no longer hear the horrible German tone, somehow it sounds like they are speaking at the same time through a tube. Even old DVD movies sound better in mono. The movie itself was probably shot with a mobile phone, because normal DVDs are better quality, in BD, blush. Sure, it looks like the movie was also financed by the advertising placed there, which can no longer be called hidden advertising. I don’t want to talk anymore, I’m just disappointed. not reviewed by The7 on 18/02/2011 Jackie Chan – Kung Fu Master – where is his Kung Fu and where is Jackie????? Great movie if you have insomnia, really great. if you are a die-hard Jackie Chan fan, you can do it. Sorry Jackie, but your old movies are better. unverified review by xqa3ocjc on 06/15/2011 As I love watching Jackie Chan movies, I’m really looking forward to the movie. But unfortunately, I have to say that the movie was so bad that I only watched it for 10 minutes. Not just playable, but also technically really bad. I saw it as a blue ray and the image was so violent it was unbearable. The sound is very tinny and there are technical possibilities that exist today. Conclusion: Horribly unresearched Cornelius review on 03/27/2011 Basically this movie shouldn’t be given any stars. Actually pretty bad… B Movie! The sound quality is terrible. Bad story. He doesn’t suit Jackie Chan. A big disappointment for his fans. no check review noteborn on 03/03/2011 Um, no Jackie, no KungFum, students and fans going to the big city. Funny kids movie! If you take the following sentence, you have everything the movie has to offer: Go ahead and fight, but do well in school… Save postage and time! unreviewed review by xh16pu1s on 08/17/2011 Awesome! This movie is a complete failure. The cover looks promising, but it is. After 20 minutes I had to stop because I couldn’t take it anymore. Poor quality, harsh sound… Stay away from this garbage! unchecked review by JakeBoone on 07/27/2011 I just agree with others here. Even I (or luckily) fell asleep while watching it. Another movie where people get a completely wrong picture based on the cover and title etc. FINGER WAY is too subtle for that! unreviewed review by y4bc7lxf on 05/15/2011 Where is Jackie Chan anyway? He only appears for about 2 minutes in the entire movie, which is a little disappointing. unreviewed review by jgcr8tti on 05/11/2011 This Jackie Chan movie is a complete waste of time, it’s boring to see Jackie Chan for 10 minutes!! Jackie only appears in a total of three scenes, initially in the opening sequence, then absent for a long time, then as a web carrier, and in the last 8 minutes of the film as a fight choreographer she has never seen before . ! I have to admit that I didn’t even watch it until the end because after the first few minutes the movie seemed really ridiculous for a Jackie Chan movie. I keep hoping that something can be improved, but it carries over throughout the film. This movie definitely belongs in the P! unreviewed review by CaptainKlausD on 04/13/2011 JackieChan plays the first 2 and last 3 minutes. Otherwise, the movie is just about a teenager looking for his idol. Synchronization is under all arms. 90% of the film is just the front box, and it’s also a low-budget production in itself, with Jackie Chan briefly putting his face on camera. As a fan of Jackie Chan he was very disappointed!!! unexamined criticism

Jackie Chan – Kung Fu Master received 2.0 out of 5 stars from 106 ratings and 13 reviews.

Your Online Video Rental Presents: Jackie Chan – Master of Kung Fu 2009 – DVD by Mail – Blu-ray by Mail – Available Online Immediately. Adventure genre film starring Jackie Chan, directed by Jiang Ping. Film material © MIG Filmgroup.

Kung Fu Master

Jackie Chan – Kung Fu Master; 12; 27/01/2011; 2.0; 106; 0 minutes; Jackie Chan, Zhang Yishan, Pan Yueming, Yu Nan, Jiang Hongbo, Yan Bingyan; Adventure, action; This martial artist from Hong Kong started his career when he was only 5 years old. As Jackie Chan gets older, so does his list of movies.

Not only that, he was touted as an on-screen replacement for Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan has also been honored with titles such as ‘Hong Kong Avenue of Stars’ and ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’. Today, April 7th, Jackie Chan is 66 years old.

Today we are going to tell you about special Jackie Chan action movies that you should watch.

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

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The First Jackie Chan Movies: How Martial Arts Superstar Shaped His Fighting Style In Shaolin Wooden Men, The Young Master, And More

He worked as assistant director and assistant screenwriter in the movie ‘Who I am’. Chan played the role of a secret soldier in the film.

Who is on a mission to destroy three scientists. The plot of the film then takes an interesting turn after Chan’s memory is lost in the film.

He played the role of a police officer in the movie ‘Police Story’. Who eventually escapes after being falsely implicated.

The comic timing and stunts of the movie are so good that you will be entertained after watching the movie.

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (video Game 1990)

Jackie specifically mentioned this film in his biopic, saying it was his best action film. Not only that, following the praise of the first installment, five sequels were made in the franchise.

Action comedy ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ Chan plays a Hong Kong police officer who goes to New York to help his uncle sell a supermarket.

Several twists and turns in the story take place and Jackie finds herself involved in a crime with criminals.

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

Drunken Master II Chan reprises his role as a famous martial artist. The film is a sequel to ‘Drunken Master’ but the film is considered a reboot.

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