Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

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Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade
Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade – The most amazing thing about Dragon Blade (written and directed by Daniel Lee) is that it’s not an outright disaster. I realize that’s not a high compliment, but it could easily be a lot worse. Time and time again we have seen similar movies like 47 Ronin, The Legend of Hercules, Last Knights and Seventh Son crash and burn. But Jackie Chan’s latest action film, starring John Cusack and Adrien Brody (yes, really) is a murky but sporadically enjoyable film, somehow saved by its own desire to be cheesy.

Based on real events that happened in China in 48 a. C., the story follows Huo An (Chang), commander of the Western Regions Defense Unit, who works with the Roman general Lucius (John Cusack) to restore and protect the Goose Gate. The Silk Road of the mad tyrant Tiberius (Brodia). At the same time, Tiberius hopes to kill his younger brother Publius (Joseph Waithe), who is under Lucius’ care.

Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

It’s worth noting that Dragon Blade is one of the most expensive Chinese-language films ever made (with an estimated budget of $65 million), and it certainly serves its purpose. The film doesn’t shy away from big settings or large-scale battle sequences, although they are CG-enhanced, and most of them are really strong. Chan himself is credited as the action director, and his fight scenes, as well as everything else, make up the best parts of the film. Overall, there’s no shortage of sword fights and martial arts, which is good because the story is an absolute mess.

Superstars Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Choi Siwon To Promote Epic Action Blockbuster ‘dragon Blade’ In Singapore

On the plus side, Chan and Cusack’s characters form a great bond early in the film, and their blossoming charm is one of the highlights here. The main message of Dragon Blade is to promote harmony and peace between different races, cultures and creeds, and this message is best demonstrated by the friendship between Lucy and Huo An. Meanwhile, Brody’s Tiberius is a cartoon character, and that’s where the movie starts to fall apart.

Basically, the entire plot is disjointed and rendered almost entirely through montage and cross-cutting. This includes excessive flashbacks that often repeat these scenes

It happened moments before. It’s as if Lee thought the audience couldn’t catch his visual cues the first time and insisted on showing them again for an obvious callback or just to beat a dead horse. It doesn’t make sense anyway because the narrative is barely twisted. Apparently the US cut is about 25 minutes shorter than the international cut and that might have something to do with it. But if those 25 minutes are anything like the other 103, maybe Dragon Blade is better off without them.

Dragon Blade is not without its redeeming qualities: good action, a coherent message, and some emotional moments. And while John Cusack and Adrien Brody are almost hilariously against type, Jackie Chan does a fine job in the title role and an even better job as the action director. Unfortunately, these things aren’t enough to save the story and presentation, which ranges from passable to terrible. [element poilib = “accentDider”]

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The story is silly, but Dragon Blade has some interesting fight scenes thanks to Jackie Chan’s action direction.

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Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

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Dragon Blade Review

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It is not just another Chinese period epic. Its $65 million price tag makes it the most expensive Chinese film in history, while its opening numbers broke records at the domestic box office, and its final total of $120 million ranks it as the eighth highest-grossing Chinese film. Its cast is truly international: Chinese actors Jackie Chan, William Feng and Karen Lam are joined by Hollywood actors John Cusack and Adrien Brody, Korean actors/pop stars Choi Si-won and Steve Yeo, Australian dancer and scream queen Sharni Vinson. as well as French singer Laurie Pester. And so the plot needs considerable historical permission to imagine an East-West encounter between the Roman armies and the western Chinese tribes.

Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

Jackie Chan is Huo An, who was raised as a Hun orphan by a Chinese general (William Feng) who instilled in him ideals of peace and racial harmony. Now grown, Huo An is the head of the Silk Road Protection Unit, a group of soldiers who mediate disputes between the dozens of tribal groups that coexist in this border region and manage the trade route without resorting to violence, like the ancient equivalent of UN peacekeeping forces. . But after being jailed for smuggling gold across the border, Huo An and his team are arrested and sent to Wild Geese Gate, an abandoned outpost they are tasked with rebuilding. There they meet a Roman army led by General Lucius (John Cusack), who fled with a few hundred men to protect a noble boy (Joseph White) whose powerful brother Tiberius (Adrien Brody) killed his father. , Consul Crassus (Gregory Allen). After a brief battle, Huo An and Lucius decide to make peace and the Roman refugees are welcomed at the Wild Goose Gate, which they help restore with their architectural expertise. But when Chinese and Roman soldiers become friends, Tiberius’ takeover of the Silk Road threatens and confrontation becomes inevitable.

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Written and directed by Daniel Lee, the film has many of the hallmarks of this highly underrated director. If anything, it works almost as an impressive summary (and therefore simplification) of the topics he’s covered over the past decade. The relationship between heroism and memory – embodied here by William Feng’s General Huo, who is seen in flashbacks and whose armor, perched on a pillar at the Wild Geese Gate, dates back to 2008.

And the concept of rewritten history, executed not only narratively but also visually with creative and deliberately imprecise costume design, took on both

. But despite the presence of these Daniel Lee stamps, as well as some of its weaknesses, such as an often unclear power play and exposition,

So is Jackie Chan’s brand, with a big, simplistic message that’s endearingly humanistic, if at times thunderously patriotic.

La Battaglia Degli Imperi

The lovingly humanistic part of the message concerns the equality of ethnic groups and peace between nations. Nothing subtle, but a big heart needs no subtlety, and for all the fighting and fighting in the film, some of the best scenes are actually scenes of quiet camaraderie. As Roman and Chinese soldiers team up to rebuild an outpost, we’re treated to a series of wonderful, not to mention visually stunning, sequences in which they exchange architectural techniques, training methods, fighting styles and, in one particularly exciting moment, inspiration. songs (composed by Henry Lai, whose overall score is rich and beautiful). The patriotic side that had dragged Chan along

, thankfully, has been muted, but there are still some slightly jarring lines, like Huo An telling Lucius, “Roman soldiers are trained to kill, but Chinese soldiers are trained to save lives.” But of course they are.

It is first and foremost a great show and a visual treat. As usual, the art direction of Daniel Lee (with Eddie Wong and Thomas Chung) is wonderful, with a special challenge for the costumes, and the presence of a dozen different ethnicities on the screen is perfectly satisfying. Cinematography by Lee’s chosen cinematographer, Tony Cheung, is superb, with stunning chiaroscuro in the night scenes complementing the bronze glow of the daytime images. Unexpectedly, and despite the big budget, the film only has one battle scene, an excellent location

Jackie Chan Movie Dragon Blade

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