Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie

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Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie
Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie

Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie – Despite being credited with launching the careers of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Lo Wei was a controversial figure, particularly as both of the aforementioned stars actually blamed him for the way he directed them, particularly Later on. After becoming a Lo Wei production for Golden Harvest, he had some success at the box office. Regardless of what actually happened there, however, the truth is that some of these collaborations are still effective today, as is the titular cult that always accompanies them, “Spiritual Kung Fu”, sometimes “So Bad It’s Good”. ” Style, are the most. Major samples.

Yi Lang is a martial arts student at a Shaolin temple, but his shenanigans and laziness lead his teachers to consider him a mixture of prankster and nuisance. One night when he was supposed to be on guard duty, an unknown masked thief managed to steal a book from the library that taught a forbidden, deadly kung fu technique, which eventually ended up in Lu Qing’s hands. A losing streak. Kung fu masters Yi Lang and the rest of the monks who were supposed to guard the book are punished, but news of Lu Qing eventually reaches the temple as it is up to the monastery’s fighters to end his unstoppable journey. do it After a while, Yi Lang volunteers to guard a supposedly haunted part of the library, but at night he learns that the rumors are true. Five red-haired demons appear who actually possess a lost style known as the Five Style Fists. The young man eventually becomes his apprentice, and his skills soon become so significant that he manages to pass several tests against the monastery’s teachers and is promoted to the man who will fight Lu Kink. However, the assassination of the Wu-Tang clan leader on the monastery grounds suggests otherwise.

Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie

Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie

As for the part that’s so bad it’s good, the presence of ghosts is the most obvious element. Not only do they wear long red wigs, white almost-leopard bodies with tutus, and white paint on their faces, it is their general stupidity that prompts them to mock Yi Lang. , even after he became a teacher, and to act in exactly the same way. Caricature, even in the film’s most violent scenes. The low-budget special effects that make them seem too small at times certainly contribute to this approach, but the fact that they are quite skilled at their “circus tricks” (the uncredited Yuen Biao is actually one of them ), this is what saves their overall engagement as they provide a lot of entertainment whenever they appear on screen.

Film Review: Spiritual Kung Fu

This buffoonery, which Jackie Chan also exhibits almost constantly, is not always handled well by Lo Wei’s usual sense of humor, as evidenced by Yi Lang’s conversation with the first girl he ever saw in his life. C, the fong of the leader above, shows. Daughter, stay somewhere between pedantry and disrespect. This approach actually pervades much of the film, with the silliness becoming annoying after a while. Thankfully, the revenge/martial arts aspect is ultimately accomplished and essentially saves the entire production.

In this regard, Yi Lang’s training and test against Monks is quite impressive and fully showcases Jackie Chan’s abilities. However, the scenes that really steal the show involve Lou Kink, who is pretty brutal and where James Tien plays another great villain. In particular, his two fights with Jackie Chan are great, as is the last one, despite the decision to include five ghosts as well, adding unnecessary comedy to a truly gruesome scene. However, Jackie Chan’s performance in the lead role and as a stunt coordinator is really top notch, as he really showcases his incredible agility and speed.

Chen Jung-shu’s camerawork is a bit off at times, but overall his collaboration with Lo Wei is quite good, especially in the depiction of battles and ghosts. Chou Chih-Liang’s art direction is of the highest caliber, especially in the various rooms of the temple, the maximum artistry of which is reminiscent of Shaw Bros. productions. Liang Yung-charn’s editing could have been better, with setting changes sometimes abrupt, though the resulting pacing is perfectly adequate.

“Spiritual Kung Fu” is not a good movie by any means. At the same time, it’s the buffoonery, silliness and action sequences that deserve the cult title.

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My name is Panos Kotzathanasis and I am Greek. Having been a fan of Asian cinema since childhood and especially Chinese kung fu and Japanese samurai films, I cultivated this love in my youth to spread to Southeast Asia.

Starting with my own blog in Greek, I then wrote for some of the most important publications in Greece and for several websites dedicated to (Asian) cinema, such as Taste of Cinema, Hansinema, Easternkix, Chinese Policy Institute, and of course. Asian Movie Pulses I continue to contribute to.

In early 2017 I launched my own website, Asian Film Vault, which I merged with Asian Movie Pulse in 2018, creating the most comprehensive website about the Asian film industry as it covers almost every country in East and South Asia. . And definitely all genres.

Jackie Chan Spiritual Kung Fu Full Movie

Please sign in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After you login, you can close it and return to this page. 1970s Hong Kong action comedy starring Jackie Chan. The film follows martial arts student Yi-Long (Chan) as he battles the spirits of his haunted Shaolin Temple. However, he learns a defeated fighting style from them, which he uses to hunt down a thief who stole a valuable school fighting text.

Film Review: Spiritual Kung Fu (1978) By Lo Wei

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