Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

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Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup
Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup – West Indies’ Rahkeem Cornwall (left) with Kraigg Brathwaite during the recent second Test against Sri Lanka in Antigua. Photo: Randy Brooks/AFP/Getty Images

Many offered to support a multinational team in a sport that their friends were not interested in

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

The alliance around the West Indies cricket team was never a difficult decision. My grandfather grew up with future greats like Rohan Kanhai and Basil Butcher in Berbice, Guyana, while one of my mother’s earliest memories is of traveling for hours and hours across the country’s rugged countryside just to see the team play Bourda cricket. land in Georgetown.

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It was a legacy. The legacy. Having never held a cricket bat in inner London, I made the sensible decision to embrace the maroon and pledge my support to this multinational team, a sport none of my friends were interested in.

Alas, this was also the 90s, so I witnessed the gradual decline of a once great team, but continued to support everything from Curtly Ambrose to Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul to Shannon Gabriel. I watched him on TV, on cards, no matter the time of day, through ups and downs… and more ups than downs. I resigned myself to the fact that this hobby is a lifelong individual activity that was never discussed in my immediate environment.

In 2019, the magic of social media put him in touch with Machel Hewitt, now 40, who also grew up in London with the same passion for West Indies cricket. Machel attributed his love to being part of his “cultural heritage”, saying: “It was good for me [as a child] to go back to Jamaica every year on holiday, so cricket is connected to the motherland.”

Machel feels that Caribbean cricket is so ingrained in his identity that the isolation of fans in England has not affected his determination to support the side. “There was no one to contact. I felt like I was on a one-man mission.”

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We decided to create the Caribbean Cricket Podcast to talk about modern West Indies cricket, which we felt was not being covered enough by the international media who were preoccupied with the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s. “It was about reclaiming the story and creating a podcast that showed the British diaspora as a community that still cares about West Indies cricket,” says Machel.

At first it was a hobby focused on fans discussing the current issues of West Indies cricket, but then it ended and suddenly we had more time. We have started reaching out to Caribbean players and stakeholders. Our interview with Trinidad goalkeeper Joshua Da Silva was mentioned by Michael Atherton during the live coverage of England’s home series in July 2020 and since then, through various factors, we have had the privilege of interviewing a number of match guests, myself included. hero Courtney Walsh.

Most interesting is the discovery of a small legion of diaspora Caribbean fans, usually under the age of 45, who also grew up in the UK and quietly support the side in dignified isolation, purely out of loyalty to their culture. ancestors. It goes somewhat against the perception in this country that the only West Indies cricket fans left are old enough to remember the days of Clive Lloyd and his men at the Oval.

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

A fan waves the flag during the ODI between England and West Indies at The Oval in 2017. Photo: Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

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There is well-documented research into cricket’s lack of association with the Caribbean community in this country, and many theories have arisen as to why interest in the game has faded within a generation. All of these are valid and represent a systemic flaw in the game’s development, but with this larger background in mind, it was interesting to see what kept a small minority group together in 2022.

Jason Perrier, 43, who grew up in England, had a stepfather who “listened to Test matches on the radio … he brought me up to appreciate that cricket is as much a part of our culture as anything else”. But he says he has conversations about the game with friends or colleagues who are “mostly South Asian or white.”

Travis Newton, 41, embraced the team as a child after watching them with his father in Antigua – “in the 90s you only had one TV in the house”. He describes the feeling of belonging to the team, but also the feeling of isolation as a fan. “I grew up in a rough part of London and the other black boys weren’t really interested in cricket.

Rosey, a cricket coach, moved to London from Montserrat as a teenager and, despite initially finding cricket too expensive to play here, later took up coaching as an adult. He still supports the West Indies when they play, despite the distance: “There is no escape. It’s in the psyche.”

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Neeks Quamina, 30, from London, describes going to England for the 2019 World Cup and “missing the West Indian fans on the ground supporting the team. Not only were we outnumbered by the opposing fans, but we had to rely on the neutral fans on the field to make up the numbers.”

In the coming weeks we will hear the cliché that the West Indies are “everyone’s second favorite team”, but in small parts of the UK, the descendants of Caribbean migrants are quietly rallying behind their first team, the maroon players who still unite them. their historical identity.. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our website, deliver customized content and targeted advertising, analyze website traffic and understand where our audience comes from. For more information or to opt out, please read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use effective December 20, 2019.

Australia’s Marcus Stoinis scouts the warm-up match between New Zealand and Australia ahead of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup on October 18, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Michael Steele-ICC/ICC via Getty Images

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

The Cricket T20 World Cup 2021 tournament has officially entered the Super 12 stage, where every match depends on advancing to the semi-finals. Scotland, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Namibia advanced to the Super 12 stage from the preliminary group stage. This is how this part of the World Cup went.

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Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will advance to the first group of six teams, joining England, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies. Scotland and Namibia complete the second group of six India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan. This is how the Super 12 stage will take place. You can see the complete schedule of WC T20 matches here.

The top seed from Group 1 will play the second seed from Group 2 in the semi-final. The top seed from Group 2 will meet the second seed from Group 1 in the second semi-final. At the first U-19 Women’s World Cup, the Under-20s will enter the Super Six stage teams that will fight for advancement to the semi-finals.

From Bangladesh’s win over Australia on day one to Rwanda’s victory over regional rivals Zimbabwe, the first round results signal a competitive super-six stage of the tournament.

Points transferred, net success rate, how matches work and more – here’s everything you need to know ahead of the Super Six stage, which kicks off on January 21.

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The 12 teams that advance in the first round of the tournament are placed in two groups of six, the first to third teams of Groups A and D are placed in Group 1 of the Super Six, and Groups B and C are placed in Group 2 of the Super Six.

Bangladesh defeated Australia for the first time in any ICC competition in the Under-19 Women’s World Cup under-20.

To reach the Super Six stage, points collected against other teams in the first round are important as they can be carried over to the next stage of the tournament. Points earned in the fourth-place matches in each first-round group do not carry over to the Super Six stage.

Jamaica Advances To Super Six Stage Of Cricket World Cup

Each team plays two matches in the Super Six stage, these matches are determined by their position in the first round.

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Super Power teams avoid playing teams that finished in the same place as them in their opponent’s first round group – so it is advantageous to finish in the best possible place in the first round.

Each team will also avoid playing their first-round group again in the Super Six stage.

Bangladesh (top in Group A) play South Africa (second in Group D) and the United Arab Emirates (third in Group D) in their two Super Six matches, avoiding India (top in Group D).

Sri Lanka (third in Group A) face India and South Africa for first and second place in Group D, avoiding the United Arab Emirates after finishing third in Group D.

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It means that

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