Jason Friday The 13th Movie

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Jason Friday The 13th Movie
Jason Friday The 13th Movie

Jason Friday The 13th Movie – “There is a legend, a murderer buried but not dead, a curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse, the curse of Jason Voorhees, they say he died as a boy, but he came back. Few. He was seen alive. There few tried to stop him… No one can. People forget that he is below, waiting…”

Jason Voorhees is the main antagonist and focus of the Friday the 13th franchise and the secondary antagonist of the Freddy vs. Jason crossover film. It was an almost completely silent, unstoppable and seemingly unstoppable machine. Jason was a notorious madman who stalked Camp Crystal Lake and the surrounding area, killing anyone he came across with a burning need to avenge the death of his beloved mother, Pamela Voorhees.

Jason Friday The 13th Movie

Jason Friday The 13th Movie

Jason Voorhees, a famous serial killer, has killed more than 200 people over the years (some of them completely on screen).

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Jason Voorhees was born on June 13, 1946 in the small town of Crystal Lake, to Elias Voorhees and Pamela Voorhees. His age is often discussed, however, as for Pamela the actress created a story for her character that was the date of Jason’s birth in 1944. Jason suffered from severe facial deformities, hydrocephalus, an abnormal head and mental retardation. While raising Jason alone, Pamela isolated her son from the community, not letting him go to school and educating him in their home near Crystal Lake. Due to mental retardation, his education was quite limited, but he never learned to question his mother. He obeyed all his mother’s orders, understanding the notion that his life would be difficult, if not impossible, without her guidance. His extreme obedience to his mother was manifested in unusual ways even after puberty. Even after her death, Jason could imagine her talking to him from beyond the grave.

In 1957, Mr. and Mrs. Christie hired Pamela as a cook for their summer camp. With no family alive to take Jason in and unable to carry the nanny, she took him to her camp. Jason was actually more with his mother than the other children, which led them to think he was not very smart, so they started bullying him. While the other campers bullied Jason, he tried to escape from his punishment, but the cruel children caught him on the pier and threw Jason into the lake where he drowned. His last words were for his mother, then for everyone to help him. Counselors should be on the lookout for this type of misconduct, but be distracted by casual sex.

Christ ordered the camp to be closed. Police searched the lake but did not find Jason’s body. Counselors’ investigation led authorities to conclude that Jason’s death was an accident and that no one was responsible for his death. In 1958, it reopened on schedule. Pamela, angry and grief-stricken, killed Barry Jackson and Claudette Hayes, the counselor she blamed for Jason’s drowning. Pamela was never suspected of murder, but unlike Jason’s drowning, the autopsies of the two teenagers clearly showed that they died as a result of murder, and the camp was immediately closed again.

Christus reopened the camp in 1962, but the discovery of arsenic in water reservoirs on the camp property canceled the summer season. During the 1960s and 1970s, fires broke out randomly on the property, and the fire department could not come up with a good cause. This was never proven, but it was strongly suggested that Pamela lived near the camp and engaged in these acts of sabotage to ensure that the camp remained unoccupied and that no children suffered the same fate as Jason. As a result of all these tragedies, the locals came to believe that the area was cursed and nicknamed the abandoned summer camp.

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Although he struggled to get out of the boat in the lake, he did not drown. Somehow Jason manages to land it safely. Not knowing how to get help, apparently he decided his only course of action was to wait for his mother to find him. He either builds a house or occupies an abandoned hut in the forest. During these years, Pamela never knew where he was, and she never saw each other again until her death. Suppose Jason believed that his mother was dead and that he was alone. He managed to live off the land, subsidizing edible plants in the forests around Crystal Lake or hunting small animals, or stealing food where he could. He also used the abandoned summer camp to search for temporary supplies, or take the very limited routes of civilization to obtain supplies. Jason managed to break free from his mother and live on his own as a fully grown man, albeit in a clumsy and very erratic way.

Steven Christie, son of Camp Crystal Lake founders David and Lois Christie, tried to reopen the camp. In 1978, he spent $25,000 hiring carpenters, electricians, builders and plumbers to go over the Camp Crystal Lake property and renovate it. He also enlisted a number of young men from the city to help him rebuild, and the camp was scheduled to be open for business once again in the summer of 1979. Steve went to urban areas and reached out to community centers, giving lower-class inner-city families the opportunity for their children to enjoy the great outdoors for the summer. Enraged by Steve’s actions, Pamela kills him and almost all of his employees, leaving only Alice Hardy to survive. Finally, Alice cuts off Pamela’s head after a short struggle by the lake. After killing Pamela, Alice collapses from a boat due to exhaustion and stress, and falls asleep while floating on the lake. The following Saturday morning, the police arrive at the Caron Camp property to investigate the murder, only for Alice to be dragged into the water by Jason’s old alter ego. Alice was indeed drowned, but it was actually caused by the sinking of the boat. He wakes up in a hospital bed and is greeted by Sergeant Tierney, who says a body was found on the property, and Officer Dorf and one of his men saved him from drowning. Alice was then hospitalized and treated for hypothermia. When Alice asks about Jason, Tierney hallucinates from his last ordeal and replies “Mmm, we didn’t get a boy” causing Alice to comment that Jason is still there.

After killing his mother, Jason, after witnessing his mother’s death, retrieved his sweater, pants, head cut off, and the aunt who killed him, and returned to his bag with them. They put on a crude altar, which he built. The shrine of your beloved mother. Two months after Pamela’s death, Jason soon leaves the woods and enters the city in search of his mother’s killer. Jason somehow drags Alice to his apartment, breaks in and puts her mother’s head in the refrigerator after scaring her by stabbing her in the head with an ice pick. Escaping with Alice’s body, Jason places it at the foot of his mother’s grave.

Jason Friday The 13th Movie

Three years after he killed Alice, Jason found a local teenager named Chris Higgins in the woods and attacked him with a knife, knocking him out of a struggle. Exactly what happened next is not known, but hours later, Chris woke up in the house without knowing how he got there.

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Jason’s mass murder began in the summer of 1984 when he learned that a new gang of teenagers had taken over the nearby picnic lodge. Determined to destroy the traitors, he began to watch the group closely and beat them to death. He kills a cop and Ralph (and puts the cop’s body next to the shrine because he sees it was already in the bag). Jason attacks the picnic in the middle of the night, killing six counselors who decided to stay behind instead of going into town for one last night of fun. Hiding the corpses of the counselors (and bringing at least one to his attic), Jason stays the night, waiting for more victims to present themselves. When Paul and his assistant Ginny return to the field, Jason drags Paul out and then chases Ginny across the campground to her cabin, where he discovers a shrine to Pamela Voorhees.

Aware of Jason’s story, Ginny removes Pamela’s sweater and tricks Jason into thinking she’s his mother, distracting him long enough for Paul to show up. As Paul and Jason fight, Ginny grabs the dog that used to kill Mrs. Voorhees and puts it on Jason’s shoulder, knocking him out. Despite the severity of his injury, Jason recovers and follows Jenny and Paul back to the picnic.

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