Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

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Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace
Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

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At the age of twenty-four, Dang Thuy Tram volunteered as a doctor at a National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) combat hospital in Quang Ngai Province. Two years later, he was killed by American soldiers not far from his workplace. His diaries, written between 1968 and 1970, poignantly describe his loyalty to family and friends, the horrors of war, missing his school sweetheart, and his struggle to prove his loyalty to his country. Sometimes raw, sometimes lyrical, with a youthful sensibility, his voice transcends culture to speak of his challenges to honor, compassion, and the unrelenting fury of war. Shortly after Dr Tram’s death, the American officer who found the diary was ordered to destroy all non-military documents. As he was about to throw it into the fire, his Vietnamese interpreter said, “Don’t burn it. . . . There’s already a fire inside him.” An anti-regulation officer kept a diary and kept it for thirty-five years. In the spring of 2005, a copy was found in the hands of Dr. Tram’s elderly mother in Hanoi. The diary was soon published in Vietnam and became a national sensation. Pre-National Never before has there been such a vivid and personal account of the long challenges that have engulfed a generation.Last Night I Dreamed of Peace, translated by Andrew X. Pham and with an introduction by Pulitzer Prize winner Frances Fitzgerald, is an extraordinary documentary about one woman’s personal and political struggle. Above all, it is a story of hope in the worst of circumstances, told from the perspective of our historical adversary, but it also celebrates and mourns the fragility of human life in its universality.

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

Born in Hanoi, Dang Thuy Tram was a Vietnamese doctor who cared for Vietnamese soldiers as well as civilians. He died in 1970 at the age of twenty-seven. To learn more about Dang Thuy Tram and how his diary was published, visit

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Andrew X. Pham is the author of Catfish and Mandalas: A Two-Wheel Journey Through Vietnamese Landscapes and Memories and the forthcoming book Edge of Heaven: Life in Three Wars. He is the recipient of the Kiriyama Pacific Prize and the Whiting Writers’ Prize. He lives in Hawaii.

Review “Now appearing in English for the first time – an accurate translation by Pulitzer Prize-winning Vietnamese-American journalist Pham – [LAST NIGHT I DREAMED OF PEACE] is a witness and a growing reminder of the unjust horrors of war and countless tragedies. more relevant every day.”

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace is a must-read for everyone and should be included in any military literature course.

“Very good. . . . The gift of a heroine who was killed at the age of twenty-seven, yet lives on in the midst of the terrible chaos of war, a voice that reminds us of humanity and morality.”

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“A young North Vietnamese doctor tells of working in makeshift hospitals and underground hospitals as the Vietnam War escalated.

The tram did not survive the war. On June 22, 1970, an American soldier was shot in the head while walking along a jungle path in the black pajamas typical of his compatriots. Rescued by another American soldier from the fire, his diary, first published in Vietnam in 2005, says he died devoted to the unification of the Communist Party and Vietnam, his profession and his patients, many of whom he saved during the operation. carried out under the simplest and most dangerous conditions imaginable. In one of her first recordings, made on April 12, 1968, she described herself as “a lonely girl’s soul filled with unfulfilled hopes and dreams.” This longing, especially for a lover she rarely sees, a man she calls only “M,” fills these pages and lends them an almost unbearable poignancy. Wrote his concerns about joining the Tram Party. After all, he’s really happy, but one of his last articles shows the results of an assessment by his political advisers, who say he needs to fight “bourgeois” attitudes. This is a ridiculous statement for a young woman who has devoted her life to the political and military cause of the Communists. Over and over again, Tram calls out the disgusted Americans as “imperialists,” “aggressors,” and “bloodthirsty.” He wryly notes the devastation caused by bombs, artillery strikes, and defoliation. “He looked as if he had been roasted in an oven,” he wrote of his efforts to treat a young man who had been burned by a phosphorus bomb. The story of a young medic during the Vietnam War. Her diary was found by an American soldier named Frederick Whitehurst, who saved her from burning and sent her home. For several years he did not think what to do with it, but when he shared his diary with the world, it caused a stir in Vietnam, and Frederick Whitehurst had a new family.

The Vietnam War, or as the Vietnamese call the American War, left an indelible mark on the American psyche. It was a war that killed over 58,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese. One of the dead was a young doctor from North Vietnam who had just graduated from medical school and had gone south to treat wounded Vietnamese soldiers. A young woman’s short-lived wartime diary became a bestseller in Vietnam. It has been translated into dozens of languages. Last night I dreamed of peace, almost a decade ago, published by Random House USA. Michael Sullivan, NPR’s Southeast Asia correspondent based in Hanoi, wrote the diary and the story about the American soldier who found it, and preserved it against orders. Michael’s presentation was long overdue

Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace

, almost 13 minutes, won the Overseas Press Club Award. But he was always worried about what he had to leave behind. Now we’ve given him a chance to do it again, and he’s prepared an expanded version of the story

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Michael Sullivan was NPR’s senior Asia correspondent for 12 years. Before that, he was a senior producer and former anchor for NPR’s foreign service

. He is the recipient of several Overseas Press Club awards, the Robert F. Kennedy Award (General) and many others. He now lives in Thailand’s Golden Triangle, where he writes radio and makes pizza. (#MekongPizza)

Weekend Movie Review: Spider-Verse, Past Lives, Boogeyman Press with Madeleine Brand June 1. Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Hollywood Writers or Help them Write Better? Press Conference with Madeleine Brand June 1 The Big Screen Returns: Sustainability and the Challenges of Cinema Owners Business June 2 Look to India and Brazil to quench your lemon/lime thirst. Anne Frank of Vietnam, now in paperback ANNE FRANK OF VIETNAM Last Night I Dreamed of Peace is the moving diary of a 27-year-old Vietnamese doctor who died protecting Americans during the Vietnam War. their patients. Not only is it an important counter-story to The Dispatches and Apocalypse Today , it also shows the diarist, Dang Thuy Tram, as a living person full of youthful idealism and poetic yearning for love. Doing our best to be a decent Communist Party and doing our best to take care of our patients in terrible conditions. He wrote straight from the heart, and as a result his diary became a huge bestseller in Vietnam and continues to attract attention even as interest in the Vietnam War is resurgent.

Dang Tui Tram was the daughter of a wealthy medical family. In 1967, at the age of 24, he volunteered to work as a doctor in a Vietnam combat hospital in Quang Ngai province. From 1968 to 1970, he kept a diary in which he recorded his experiences of the conflict convincingly and faithfully. He was killed by American soldiers in 1970.

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Last Night I Dreamed of Peace is a must-read for everyone and must be included in the Chicago Tribune’s war literature course. A place where you can hide your private conversations, your heart, your soul… A diary reveals raw emotions. Observer In a society of economic growth and increasing consumption of material wealth, this book revived a sense of idealism. Written in a simple yet powerful style, this novel reminds us of the sacrifices of war veterans and educates the new generation born after the war about the hardships experienced by veterans. The Los Angeles Times… This is an important and deeply moving book that corrects the biased, macho, gun-toting coverage of the Vietnam War. Sydney Morning News. The fascinating diary of a young Vietcong doctor who died during the Vietnam War. Chicago Tribune The

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