Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021

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Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021
Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021

Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021 – As the disease continues to increase in its second year, few types were avoided because the type of shock was with the lack of release showing a lower key series this year compared to last year. With the release of a blockbuster yet to appear, it was an unexpected source like Thailand, with a two-shot of a wonderful release since “The Medium” and “The Maid” came with a big fan. Indonesia followed when Timo Tjahjanto gave one of the best literary pieces ever made and the actor Cornelio Sunny stood behind the camera making his debut. South Korea and Japan continued to deliver high-quality content as usual while Taiwan provided another star power in its mobile output, leaving other countries to fill the gaps as titles from India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong appeared. a good selection of films of the year.

Without further ado, here are the best horror movies of 2021, in order. Some movies may be watched in 2020, but since most of them spread in 2021, we decided to include them.

Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021

Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021

There is a lot to like about “Amanuda”. Among the best qualities of Harrikrishnan.R.G The typical setting of the genre is given here when the team ventures out into the forest to investigate the legend of a ghostly spirit roaming the nearby forest. Remembering the stories of their elders about who he was, how he died and the effect he had on the entire local population and disappeared is a great way. This backstory creates a logical setup for the group to explore and enough to keep the audience in suspense during their walk through the woods. As the group ventures deeper into the wilderness and begin to experience several dark and strange happenings around them, that early build-up helps create a compelling dynamic for the rest of the film. (Don Anelli)

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Also, the mystery and suspense are well maintained when “Irul” moves to the main part of his story. Featuring multiple scenarios where both Alex and Unni accuse each other of being the reported serial killer and present their evidence as to why, the back-and-forth nature of the show raises the stakes for everyone’s survival. Not only does this episode present a series of encounters based on clues found around the house, but the mind games played by Alex and Unni add to the credibility and suspense here. The final reveal, not only including the full reveal of everything going on in the house, but the dark consequences of what happened to the team, wraps this up nicely. (Don Anelli)

Considering these themes and the design of the characters, “Sugar Street Studio” is a video that does not take itself seriously. The exchanges between Gary and his crew are defined by one-liners and slapstick comedy, making them sometimes unofficially enter the “Scary Movie” franchise. At the same time, Lau seems to mock how the audience and the media want the big stage, that big illusion that people like the special effects that the artists create, showing the kind of respect for the craft. In addition to the aforementioned light-hearted approach to the story, “Sugar Street Studio” offers a lot of fun to its audience, without overstaying its welcome at 89 minutes of running time. (Rouven Linnarz)

Technically, “Shadow” is excellent. The decoration, together with the coloring and general cinematography is excellent, especially the Dr. Tsui delves into the unconsciousness of the various characters, which is a real wonder to watch as it unleashes a sense of mystery and anger at the same time. which sometimes even touches the limits of noir. The editing is also excellent, with the fast pace working very well throughout the story, while some montages, such as one with realistic missions, are memorable. (Panos Kotzathanosis)

Despite some flaws, “Ghost Lab” has a lot going for it. Most of these themes are based around ghost encounters which show the scary nature of ghosts as their appearance is truly terrifying. The first encounter in the hospital where she takes advantage of the dark hospital environment to create truly scary scenes of ghosts appearing out of nowhere sets in motion a series of horrors. The background scenes in the hospital corridors are equally effective, creating a real sense of tension and panic which nicely heightens the tension between Gla and Wee during their personal crisis which is a nice cohesive balance. Because the last episode builds strongly showing the intention to be in the hospital and to be very active, the energy and strength meet well with the meetings in the hospital which are enjoyable in general. There is also much to like about the conversational intensity involved in the quest and the motivation to do it, which is painted as kind and well recorded. Aside from the awesome ghost decorations that go a long way in scaring them, there are some cool things here. (Don Anelli)

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Overall, there’s a lot to like about “Midnight.” One of the best features that Dayao uses is a practical layout that provides an amazing construction to show off the awesomeness. The world of rampant drug use and structured attitudes towards the restrictions imposed in relation to the strange darkness that causes citizens to suddenly disappear is enough to be very cold and scary. and everything. While this universe presents the idea that the city is hollow, despite the technological progress of the country, the introduction of this strange phenomenon that causes everyone who falls into it to be affected regardless of the status of society . a new idea. After all this, involving the complete erasure of society and social media to never exist, they speak directly to the real-life horror of erasing the existence of authoritarian governments or the like. . It ends up elevating the film even more. (Don Anelli)

To begin with, “Death Knot” is not an action film, it does not contain many jump scares. Like his colleagues, for example, Joko Anwar, Cornelio Sunny often relies on the mood and atmosphere to tell his story, along with very interesting features that many viewers will probably notice on the second viewing. . The transition from the city at the beginning to the rural village, where most of the film takes place, is accompanied by a sense of time standing still, in fact as soon as we notice the clock in the house of her mother who has passed away. working Somehow, Sunny’s direction along with Gunnar Nimpuno’s cinematography puts a scene between reality and dreams, thus creating a sense of sadness and fear, as if something could happen. (Rouven Lin)

That gruesome action is where “Irul: Ghost Hotel” gets a lot of good stuff. This features a surprising amount of interaction as the group experiences all sorts of strange situations within the house where they are dragged into rooms and locked without help, acting as if they are under the influence of an outsider who has attracted areas of the house that in the past could not be accessed without help. That these actions often take place in Duriie strengthens the suspense, because events in the other world are reflected in many scary ideas. This is because the events start from the traditional beating of distant objects to meeting the devil and finally reaching the shocking finale. Mixing in not only human opponents but also demons and creatures that appear, the action also works to introduce some interesting twists in the story and add to everything dark. These units all combine into one amazing feature. (Don Anelli)

Latest Korean Horror Movies 2021

Also, “Buzzing” has a lot to like as well, as the haunting undertones slowly emerge throughout here. While the main plot focuses on Eun-hee’s old haunts at school after what happened to them as children, there are some shocking moments here. This flashback is very ominous, because the event starts the plot for the rest of the film and also provides the first events involving the ghosts that haunt the students. These include the meeting in the library as well as the awkward chase in the warehouse, where the first clear sight of the ghost’s bone-chilling design makes for a terrifying sight. Taking advantage of the involved atmosphere of the school and some good jump scares that come to people when they least expect it, all these episodes manage to offer a lot of fun. (Don Anelli)

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Shugo Fujii creates a laboratory story, back and forth in time that slowly reveals what is happening in this time and is fundamental to it.

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