Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

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Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters
Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

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As drawing cartoon characters can be very challenging, we have prepared simple steps to create pictures with interesting personalities.

Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

Drawing can be taken up as a profession or just for fun. Famous cartoonists such as Martin Rowson, Graeme Mackay and Kevin Smith started their careers as a hobby. For those who have this hobby, drawing cartoons is a way to express their feelings that cannot be expressed in words. It is the art of presenting a real or fictional situation in a humorous way. This thumbnail allows people to draw cartoon characters with all kinds of funny features. Drawing a cartoon is not a difficult form of drawing. Instead, it is simplified into a line of art that can be learned in simple ways. Here are ten easy steps to learn if you want to draw cartoon characters.

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The first step in starting the creative process is finding an idea. Before you come up with a certain idea, you can’t start drawing cartoon characters. If the cartoon has a profitable purpose, it is recommended that you conduct thorough keyword research to find out which cartoon characters people are currently interested in. Then you can develop a design based on what’s currently in fashion and become a new cartoon character. it would attract more attention.

Circles, squares, triangles and other geometric shapes allow you to draw a stylish dimension while giving your characters distinct personality. In other words, these geometric shapes help you draw different cartoon characters. Before you begin, prepare a pencil, an eraser, and pieces of paper. Next, let’s get familiar with the patterns you’ll be using. Most of the time you will use circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles and squares to give the head and body of the cartoon character. Here’s what you can do with these shapes when drawing cartoon characters.

Circle and oval are the most commonly used shapes when creating cartoon characters. These two shapes are so versatile, you can use them for anything. For example, you can draw a simple cartoon eye by placing an oval inside a circle. The oval also serves as the base of the forward facing head. You can also display the head type in three-quarter view by combining oval and circle.

The faces of the cartoon characters can also be made from circles and ovals. Round shapes show the gentle appearance and character of the characters. Therefore, these shapes are usually used to draw women, children and friendly characters.

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While ovals and circles create an attractive character look, box shapes create a stronger look. When you use these shapes to draw the faces and heads of your characters, you’ll find that they look solid. Because of this, squares and rectangles are often used to create extreme character types.

Squares and rectangles are especially useful for creating arms, legs, torsos, and other solid shapes. For example, a square serves as the basis for drawing a human palm, while a rectangle can be used to start drawing simple fingers. By joining the fingers in a rectangle and the thumb in a square, you can draw an elegant hand. Similarly, you can make a fist by dividing the square horizontally and then dividing the top rectangle into fingers. Then add three overlapping rectangles to add the thumb on the side.

Another shape commonly used for drawing cartoon characters is the triangle. Unlike circles and squares, which are often used to draw faces and eyes, triangles have their own functions. For example, they can be an easy nose for your character. To draw a simple nose, you can define a triangle and erase one side. It’s okay to use all forms. In fact, triangles are often used to draw shoes or feet from many different angles. For this purpose, triangles are very effective shapes. To draw sneakers or flats, for example, you can simply draw an isosceles triangle and fill it with some details.

Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

Two or more different shapes can be combined to draw the body of a cartoon character. Using different shapes to draw cartoon characters helps you understand proportions at a basic level and makes it easier to adjust before moving on to the next step. Start by mentally drawing a square or circle. Then add a short rectangular neck to the bottom. Next, decide on your character’s body type. This is important because the decision will determine the shape of the torso, whether it is oval, triangular or rectangular. Then show the arms and legs by adding rectangles to the torso.

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It definitely takes a lot of practice to nail the right poses to portray your character, and it can also take some time. It’s okay though. By trying out different combinations of shapes, you’ll discover what you like and what you don’t, which will help you show off and develop your own cartoon character drawing style.

Now that you’ve learned some basic shapes for expressing and drawing cartoon characters, you’re ready to move on to the next step, which is drawing cartoon faces. First, start rendering the cartoon face. A circle is all you need to show your character’s face as it is the basic shape of a cartoon. From the circle you can show the basic dimensions of the character’s head.

When the circle is ready, determine the axis of the face. Since it’s a cartoon, of course, the face doesn’t have to fit perfectly like the faces of real people. Depending on your imagination, you can trace the axis of the face. To begin, draw a horizontal and vertical line in the middle. This axis helps locate the eyes, nose, mouth, jaws, and other facial features.

To show the eyes, make an oval shape with a slight upward slope to the side. Do the same on the other side. Make sure there is a gap between the two eyes that is almost equal to the eye. To help you understand the length of the space, draw another eye in the middle. This plan is very useful to serve as a benchmark in the design phase.

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After the eyes are ready, it’s time to draw your character’s eyelashes. To do this, gently rub the trace above the eyes. Place your eyebrows just above the lashes to create a kind of dramatic expression. There is no exact eyebrow shape, which means you are free to create your own style that suits your personality.

The next step is to draw the pupils. Many cartoonists show that both pupils are centered to make the character look good. It is considered a very effective technique if your goal is to make the cartoon character look attractive and likeable. If you want to show more life and reality in the eyes, add a small line underneath to create a kind of wrinkle. This is another useful tweak that shows a special touch to a character’s facial expression.

The main facial structures in a cartoon style design are the eyes and the character’s skull or head. Much depends on your skill in drawing the rest of the face, but there are tricks you can always learn to bring out certain features. To illustrate a paragraph, for example, you first need to decide whether you want a small or fat character, a young or old character, etc. Designing a nose generally does not involve much detail, especially if the nose is to be visible from the front. It is also common to show only one side of the tip of the nose.

Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

What about the mouth? For example, the mouth is light. It depends on how old the character is. If it is a child, the mouth should be light enough to represent innocent speech. When drawing a small child’s mouth, you should not draw the lips. The mouth just needs a good and clear track. In a

Cartoon People Drawing

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