Learn How To Draw Cartoons

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Learn How To Draw Cartoons
Learn How To Draw Cartoons

Learn How To Draw Cartoons – Learn to Draw Cartoons is a series of articles based on the famous artist’s cartoon course book, now in the public domain. The artists of this time are: Rube Goldberg, Milton Caniff, Al Capp, Harry Haenigsen Willard Mullin, Gurney Williams, Dick Cavalli, Whitney Darrow, Jr. Virgil Partch, Barney Tobey. See other lessons here. When you meet a friend, the first thing you look at is their face. “You look good” or “You look sick” or “You look sad” or “You look happy”. You can tell Joe or Bill or Mary by their eyes or nose or ears or hair. The good lord is an expert at bringing people together so they can be easily identified. Each of us has different characteristics – even twins are not identical – and each of us also has a separate and individual personality. As a human observer and recorder, you need to know not only the superficial differences between people, but also what causes them. In general, you must become a psychologist. A good understanding of the emotional differences between people will help you create cartoon characters that will react appropriately to any circumstance and leave the reader wondering what kind of person they are. Drawing a balloon head

Before you can draw cartoon heads, you need to learn how to draw free and fast balloon shapes. Never use a compass. Roll the pen around the paper several times to form a balloon. The drawn balloon is only an indication of the general shape of the head, so keep it light – you can reinforce the outline later. Practice drawing balloons around the size shown here, as most of your work as a cartoonist will require heads of this size or smaller. Once you’ve mastered drawing balloons and can easily pop them, you’re ready to push the two guide lines. Draw these lines as if they go completely around the balloon. It gives a strong three-dimensional quality and doesn’t let you draw flat pancake-like faces. Then start drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ears following the principles shown here.

Learn How To Draw Cartoons

Learn How To Draw Cartoons

By combining a curved eye line with a curved center line, the head can be faced in any desired direction and at any angle. Set these guidelines first and you should have no problem positioning the features correctly, no matter what angle the head is tilted or rotated.

How To Draw Cartoon Animals

If everyone had their hair cut, you would see that there is as much variety in a person’s head as there is in the top of a mountain range. Human heads come in almost any shape, from slimy beans to toy heads and even cartoon heads. The round balloon head is just the beginning.

Imagine holding a toy balloon. Now squeeze hard. The globe changes shape but still maintains its three dimensions. The same should apply to the cartoon heads you draw. Regardless of the shape, your centerline should follow the curve of that shape. If this is the case, you can place the features correctly relative to the center line and maintain the three-dimensional effect. Changing the shape of the basic balloon head is the key to creating different types of cartoons. As you can see here, a few different shapes can create a variety of interesting characters: Milquetoasts and Mugs, Debutantes and Seniors, Pig Dogs and Swimmers.

If the eye line tends to be halfway between the head and the chin, by raising or lowering this line, you can create very different types of interesting cartoon characters. Even if the balloons are the same shape, a change in the horizon can be the beginning of a new character. Remember, however, that since the features are balanced on either side of the center line, this line serves to determine their placement.

For a simple cartoon head, the hair makes the head male or female. When it comes to hair, everything from the last precious man who is almost bald, to the strange result of Milady’s last visit to the salon. Every successful cartoon character has their own distinctive hairstyle. Hair is an important thing.

How To Draw Tadeo Jones

Girls’ heads are built like others, but they look prettier and more elegant when the horizon is lowered halfway down. Remember to keep the contours of the face smooth and simple and emphasize the hair, eyes and lips. Girls will be discussed in more detail later in the course. For now, this page will give you a good basic start. Together, girls make up more than half of humanity. Learn to draw well!

If a cartoon character is to be animated and interesting to the reader, it must express the right emotion. Later in the course we will show you how the whole image can be used to express emotion, but for now we will work on the head and face. Joy, sadness, anger, and other moods appear mainly on the face, and you should learn all you can to draw them.

A good way to start is to study the faces of the people around you and the different moods they express. Also set up a mirror and explore your features by registering different emotions. See what happens to the eyes, eyebrows, corner of the mouth, etc. and practice drawing what you see.

Learn How To Draw Cartoons

A good draftsman doesn’t just think about his character’s expressions and emotions, he feels them. This lends credence to his characters. Watch even an experienced cartoonist at work and you’ll notice that when he draws an unusual expression on a character’s face, his face unconsciously takes on that expression.

How To Draw Cartoons For Beginners

Add sharpness and drama to the facial expression by drawing a head position or gesture that matches the emotion expressed in the facial features. Again, stand in front of the mirror and try some basic expressions. Note how naturally the head assumes the position for expression. When you laugh, he throws his head back. If you look depressed, it will go down. There is a nod to almost every facial expression. Practice these gestures and apply them to your work.

All cartoon heads, regardless of drawing style, are based on real people. To turn a real head into a cartoon head, you need to do two things: (1) remove the details and (2) enlarge the salient features. This allows the character’s feelings and personality to be expressed clearly and sharply. To show what we mean, we have had four artists draw their interpretation of the three models. Their drawings, which range from realistic to highly stylized, are shown below. Note that each man has created a unique and individual cartoon, expressing the type and personality of the model.

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How To Draw Cartoons, Even If You Cannot Draw A Simple Straight

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Learn How To Draw Cartoons

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Learn How To Draw Cartoon Men Character’s Faces From Household Objects

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Learn How Geometric Shapes Can Help You Draw Cartoon People

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