Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

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Learn To Draw Anime Digitally
Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

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I’ve been drawing anime and manga art for years and have transitioned from a traditional artist to a digital artist.

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

Through this guide (for those who want to draw using digital tools), I will share my take on how to draw anime art, I hope you enjoy it!

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Before you get into creating anime and manga art, you need to decide whether you want to create anime art using traditional or digital media.

When I first started drawing anime art, I used a range of brushes, mostly HB or 2B, to create line art.

For the ink, I used Sakura Pigma Micron Ink pens in various thicknesses of 005, 05 and 01. This allowed me to draw a 0.20mm wide line between the other inverted lines. Sakura makes one of the best pens for the art line.

As for the paper, I used a block on an alcohol transfer paper. I used this paper for great quality use. If you use a lot of marks with basic A4 paper, you’ll probably get out of your lines and won’t be able to keep the colors clean and bright.

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For the design, I used a marketing copy as it is the best in the anime art category. Marketing advice gives you clear colors in any medium.

By using these stickers with the right paper, you can create highly detailed and beautiful anime designs. If you’re into the traditional medium and want the best materials for this type of drawing, check out my article on the best materials for anime artists.

Although I started my artistic journey using traditional tools, I soon felt a little limited by them. That’s when I discovered digital art and digital painting and the world of art opened up to me all the way.

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

If you are just starting out and want to enter the world of digital art, it is good to start knowing that you need the following equipment to design digitally.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

Now that the iPad Pro, among other tablets, allows you to draw anime art at a professional level, you don’t even need a full computer anymore. He needs my sadness too.

The most important part of choosing hardware, whether it’s a tablet, desktop or laptop, you need a lot of RAM. You also need a good processor and a display that has rich colors.

RAM is different from hard disk, SSD or such storage. RAM (random access memory) is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store data and devices.

The 32GB RAM is great for shooting crisp high resolution anime designs. 64GB is the next best thing to go, which is better when it comes to RAM.

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The more memory you program, the faster the editing process. However, it must be remembered that increasing the memory allocation in software also affects the speed of other programs (when they are used simultaneously).

Fortunately, we live in an era where SSDs exist and the speed of read/write operations has increased massively. SSDs could do access times, load times, write times and what not.

I use an SSD drive for scratch disk and also as a work disk. This results in fast save times and faster file processing, among other benefits.

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

The main advantage is that you can start drawing faster and move on to the image. But the storage and drawing skills functions are light and non-disruptive.

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I also have a lot of artwork saved from different sites like DeviantArt, Pixiv, Artstation, Behance and others, which are also on the SSD.

I want it to be fast or at least the information should be received as quickly as possible. Also, think about the space you need for your artwork and artwork.

I’ve seen my articles take up about 2Gb-4Gb of storage from a hard drive (that’s one device/folder). And just in case I needed storage, I bought two Lacie Rugged USB-C 5TB external hard drives.

You don’t need to effectively design a powerful processor. But when and if you want to do other tasks like file compression or video editing, it would be better to have a powerful processor.

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I prefer Intel brand processors. Whether you’re building a PC or buying a laptop, you’re trying to gather information about the running process.

If you’re building a small desktop, you’re also building a TDP (Thermal Design Power) processor, the bigger and more powerful the processor will heat up your computer faster, which is never good and brings fan noise. in levels of irritation.

The screen is probably one of the most important things you need. If you have color accuracy, or as some call it, you have good color. This means that the screen actually shows the colors as you want. Reds appear as red rather than magenta, for example.

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

A monitor with 99%+ Adobe RGB or 99%+ sRGB is required. This is somewhat of a standard basis expected from a professional drag show. So color is accurate in 4K and more. Color is one thing.

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Now, you can get 10K displays, but 4K or 5K seems to be the standard for display. 4K resolution (3,840 by 2,160 pixels) is four times the pixel resolution found on a 1080P display. Wide-Quad HD (WQHD) displays have a pixel ratio of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, which is also 1440p.

What is important is the I/O (input/output) connection that the monitor offers. To get everything from your display, make sure it has DisplayPort 1.2 or higher. Also, HDMI must be at least version 1.4, but again, the higher the version number, the better.

Whether you prefer a tablet, desktop or laptop, it doesn’t matter in the end. What matters is whether you want to draw with a large screen or just draw on the go.

It’s also worth noting that the more powerful (powerful) your hardware is, the faster you can create photos.

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While speed isn’t all you care about, I found it extremely enjoyable to be able to draw almost instantly and not have to wait for file loads or levels to appear.

So when choosing your hardware, keep in mind whether you want it to be portable (laptop, tablet) or whether you want to dedicate a place to it in your living room (desktop).

I like to draw on a large screen and I chose a laptop and drawing board as my material.

Learn To Draw Anime Digitally

A drawing board is a board that enables you to digitally use a pen. Graphics cards are separate hardware that you plug into your computer. However, the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Book III also allow you to draw on the screen, so it’s not necessary to have a separate drawing board.

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When I first started drawing digitally, I chose a board that didn’t have a screen/drawing screen (graphics board). My choice was the Wacom Bamboo for the time being. I dragged along with him for a while, until I noticed that I didn’t feel the hand and eye disconnect.

When there is no screen, you have to look at the screen while drawing on the board.

Dragging the panel with the screen allows you to drag directly on the screen. So the drawing experience is very close if you use paper and pencil.

After experiencing many frustrating moments drawing with the Wacom Bamboo, I bought myself a new drawing tablet, the Wacom Cintiq 12WX. It’s been a game changer for me for ten or so years.

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In 2012, I bought a new board and this time I decided to buy it in the best market. Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro. All I can say is that this drawing board gave me the best drawing experience ever.

While the board I bought is one of the most expensive boards on the market, it is also the best. And when you have the best, you know that hardware isn’t the bottleneck in the creation process.

So when buying a drawing board, think about the space you have in your office, figure out your budget and think about how you would like to draw and work.

Stylus is a stylus that works through digital displays. But almost every tablet on the market has a stylus dedicated to it, which means you can’t just buy a stylus and use it on every screen out there.

How To Draw Manga Style Eyes

But when you buy a tablet, you get a pen with it, so you don’t have to worry about that there. The iPad Pro has a special stylus for this, and for example the Huion

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