Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

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Learn To Draw Cartoons Online
Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

Learn To Draw Cartoons Online – Learn to Draw Cartoons is a series of articles based on the book Popular Artist Cartoon Course, now in the public domain. Artists in this course are: Rube Goldberg, Milton Caniff, Al Capp, Harry Haenigsen Willard Mullin, Gurney Williams, Dick Cavalli, Whitney Darrow, Jr. Virgil Partch, Barney Tobey. See other courses here. When you meet a friend the first thing you see is his face. You say, “You look good” or “You look sick” or “You look sad” or “You look happy.” You recognize Joe or Bill or Mary by eyes or nose or ears or hair. The good Lord is an expert at bringing people together so you can get to know them easily. Each of us has different characteristics – even twins are not truly identical – and, moreover, each of us has a specific and unique personality. As an observer and recorder of humanity, you must be aware not only of the superficial differences between people but also of what distinguishes them. Basically, you should be a psychologist. A good understanding of the emotional differences between people will help you create cartoon characters that will respond correctly to any circumstances and leave no doubt in the mind of the reader what kind of people they Drawing a wolf’s head

Before you start drawing cartoon heads, you need to learn how to draw a balloon shape freely and quickly. Never use a compass. To form your balloon, roll the pencil several times on the paper. The freehand balloon will only be a guide to the general shape of the head, so keep it light – you can strengthen the outline later. Practice drawing balloons at the size shown here, as most of your work as a cartoonist will require heads at size or smaller. Once you are able to draw the balloons and remove them easily, you are ready to move the two guidelines inside. Draw these lines as if they were going completely around the balloon. This will give the head a solid, three-dimensional quality and prevent you from drawing flat, pancake-like faces. Then start drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ears, following the principles shown here.

Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

By combining the curved eye line with a curved center line, the head can be drawn towards the face in any direction and at any angle desired. Establish these guidelines first and you will have no problem finding features correctly, regardless of the angle at which the head is tilted or rotated.

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If everyone’s hair was shaved, you’d see as many different types on a person’s head as there are on top of a mountain range. Human heads come in almost any shape, from a lima bean to a game tee – like cartoon heads. The round wolf head is just the beginning.

Imagine you are holding a toy balloon in your hands. Now press it hard. The balloon changes shape but still maintains its three dimensions. The same should apply to the different shapes of the cartoon heads you draw. Regardless of the form, your centerline should follow the curve of that form. If this happens, you can position the features correctly relative to the centerline and maintain the 3D effect. Changing the shape of the main balloon head is the key to creating many different types of animation. As you can see here, just a few different shapes can be the beginning of a whole cast of interesting characters – milquetoasts and mugs, upstarts and dowagers, seadogs and swamis.

While the eye line is usually halfway between the top of the head and the chin, interesting cartoon characters of many different types can be created by raising or lowering this line. Even with wolves of the same shape, a change in the eye line can be the beginning of a new character. Note, however, that since the features are equally balanced on either side of the center line, this line serves as a firm guide for locating them.

In a simple cartoon head, the hair makes the head male or female. When it comes to hair, anything goes – from the latest highlight from the nearly bald gent to the strange result of Milady’s last visit to the beauty salon. Every successful cartoon character has their own signature hairstyle. Hair is an important thing.

How To Draw Full Cartoon Character

Girls’ heads are made in the same way as all the others, but they will look cuter and brighter if the eye line is drawn lower than the waist. Remember to keep the contours of the face smooth and simple and emphasize the hair, eyes and lips. In the next course, girls will be discussed in more detail. For now, this page will give you a good starting point. Girls make up more than half of the human race. Learn to design them properly!

If a cartoon character is to be animated and interesting to the reader, it needs to express the right emotions. In the next lesson we will show you how the whole figure can be used to express emotion, but for now we are concerned with the head and face. Joy, sadness, anger and other moods are often seen on the face and you should learn all you can how to draw them.

A good way to start is to study the faces of the people around you and the different moods they express. Also, set up a mirror and study your own features as you record different emotions. See what happens to the eyes, eyebrows, corners of the mouth, etc. and practice drawing what you see.

Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

A good cartoonist doesn’t just think about their character’s expressions and emotions – they feel them. This gives conviction to his characters. Watch even the most experienced cartoonist at work and you’ll notice that when he draws an unusual expression on a character’s face, that expression is not his own face on purpose.

Cartoonify Your Images Online

Give the facial expression more punch and drama by drawing the head in a pose or gesture that matches the emotion expressed by the features. Again, stand in front of the mirror and try out some of the basic expressions. Notice how naturally the head takes a position consistent with the expression. When you laugh, the head comes back. When you look down, it collapses. For almost every facial expression there is a head movement. Practice these moves and apply them to your work.

All animated heads, regardless of drawing style, are based on real people. To turn a real head into a cartoon head, you have to do two things: (1) remove the details and (2) exaggerate the distinctive features. It allows you to express the character’s emotions and personality with clarity and sharpness. To show you what we mean, we have four cartoonists draw their interpretations of three models. Their designs, which range from realistic to highly stylized, are shown below. Remember that each person creates a unique and individual cartoon while expressing the type and personality of the model.

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Learn To Draw Cartoons Online

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