Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc

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Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc
Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc

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The idea to create a Lego set on Felucia, a fictional planet in the Ware universe, came after the movie “conquer the Sith”. This idea was inspired by the recent Episode III wave based on the Battles of the Oster Rim at the end of the Clone Wars, such as Saleucami and Kashyyyk.

Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc

Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc

This is a continuation of that theme and elements of the Battle of the Outer Rim and also an implementation of Order 66, where the Jedi were activated by their Clone Troops.

Mandrmoctober 2020 Submission

The supply is based on the rough fungus biome that thrives in Felucia, and features fungi, fungi, plants and leaves.

Minions include Commander Bly, 2 x Star Corps Knights, Clone Scout, Super Battle Droid and Jedi Aayla Secura, who was killed by a Star Corps Knight and Commander Bly.

Although it is only a scene of the attacks of the Outer Rim in Episode 3, I hope that it will inspire others or even the reader to create a wave of parameters from only “Order 66” on others planets of Caton Neimoidia, Mygeeto, Coruscant and Utapau.

The proposal features three main elements of the game: a dwarf spider droid, a faster BARC republic to explore the campaign, and two bases – one for the main landscape and one for the giant mushroom.

Aayla Secura And The 327th Star Corps On Felucia

A set based on the outer world of Felucia would make an excellent addition to any Lego Star Wars collector’s collection (youth or adult). Star Wars Episode III recreated some of the most exotic, weird and wonderful worlds on the planet in any of the movies and this set is just one of those places that allows for endless playability and fun for kids, and model making creative for adult fans and collectors. .

The characteristic features of the flowers are arranged as the growth of fungi and exotic plants that cover the ground. This project is quite simple, but it is designed to inspire others to create their world as they do.

The BARC features faster launchers and a deployment fire launcher to target the battle droid on set. The rapid inclusion of BARC also applies to separatist forces.

Lego Star Wars Felucia Moc

Droid Dwarf Spider adds more breakaway action, playability and conflict to the set. The spider droid model is based on previous droid designs.

Eb Lego Star Wars Forum: Factions (coming This Fall)

I hope that this project project will at least inspire others to create Star Wars sets that are unique and new, and maybe Lego Group to pay for the many different and interesting sets in the Star Wars Saga, instead of remaking the same ones sept.

With its wiring arches and sprinkles of colorful vegetation, Felucia immediately attracted the attention of those who moved in 2005. It was involved again in the 2006 game.

Where clones fight waves of Noti monsters. You still get these vibes just to see the incredible attention to detail that Simulterios has built into this creation.

The Felucian flora is always a challenge for any artist. Simultaneus manages to combine the unique parts and colors to form a powerful alien species, with the steep plants and deadly bushes receiving even more lethal enemies for the clone troopers and Aayla Secura, their Jedi commander. I really like the state of the lake. As anyone who has visited the tropics knows, it only takes a day or two for nature to find something unnatural.

Ambush On Felucia Moc

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