Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

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Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring
Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring – A friend of ours came to Takayas Custom Jewelry with a vision of an elegant custom engagement ring inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Its beautiful and timeless design captures the delicate fairytale details that any Middle-earth fan would love.

Featuring an elegant white gold shank, each shoulder features a graceful pattern inspired by Arwen’s iconic even star necklace her mirror. Intricately carved branches of the White Tree of Gondor fan out from within, supporting a pair of luminous opals and a brilliant white center stone.

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

Our friends were shocked when Takayasu shared his 3D rendering of his awesome custom his design. “Perfect!” he exclaimed.

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We thank our wonderful friends for inviting us to design an exquisite engagement ring that reflects the timeless theme of The Lord of the Rings. We wish you and your beloved partner a wonderful adventure and a joyful life together.

Ready to start your customized journey? Visit our Options page to start crafting or visit our Contact Us page to contact Takayasu.

This is the standard his cookie notification and can be easily edited or disabled as desired in the admin. We use his cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and its latest installment, The Hobbit, have inspired countless works of art over the years, including many of our engagement and wedding bands. rice field. Couples can wear it to show their love for fantasy. These rings feature images of everything from lustrous gemstones and ornate designs to beautiful details that tell a story. True love for The Hobbit or LOTR series.

1/2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring in platinum. This ring from the Lord of the Rings collection is inspired by Galadriel’s ring from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you’re a JRR Tolkien fan, you’ll love it! Our jewelry is lovingly crafted with great craftsmanship, quality and customer service to match. Wearing it every day will surely make you feel like a queen or a fairy princess.

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One ring rules all…and he one band rules all. Inspired by Arwen from The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, this wedding band is a great inspiration for his LOTR fans looking for a unique engagement ring. Shown in 14K white gold, Arwen’s wedding band features a stunning dark green Montana his sauvage, beautifully simple yet strikingly unique.

An elf work made by Celebrimbor. The ring is forged with elven craftsmanship and imbued with spells by Sauron himself. This ring was given to Isildur as a wedding gift, and he vowed to save it for his son’s wedding day. However, when Isildur later challenged Sauron and refused to follow his instructions and destroy Sauron, he was attacked by orcs near Anduin while fleeing Middle-earth.

This His 60K Rose Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring is a unique design that is both elegant and durable. Made in a small jewelry studio, the Sauron ring features uncut rough Montana He sapphires flanked by dark greenish blue faceted Montana sapphires. This design may be inspired by The Lord of the Rings, but you don’t have to use magic to find out how beautiful it is.

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

Inspired by Boromir’s journey to save Frodo from the fall of the Orcs, Skadi has created a stunning golden ring that looks like it’s straight from Middle-earth. The Boromir-inspired design looks like the land has been carved into the surface, representing Boromir’s incredible courage and strength, making it the perfect LOTR wedding band. Middle-earth only has one ring of hers, but we believe everyone should have their own Boromir ring of hers.

Lord Of The Rings Jewellery New Zealand

Isildur’s ring was an heirloom, part of a single ring forged in Elegion by Celebrimbor. Worn by his son Isildur as he traveled through the Black Country while fleeing from Sauron’s forces after Sauron captured Minas Itil. While resting on a cliff near Dunhallow, Narsir wore it for confirmation, and within it was recognized that Sauron’s soul was one of his private properties.

What better way to honor a piece of your favorite story than by wearing it on your finger? Our Woodland rings are made with elven craftsmanship, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth and may be more beautiful than anything you’ll find in that land.

Noldor was one of his two clans of elves who set off for Valinor by ship. Known for their craftsmanship, they earned the nickname Deep Elves. Their rings symbolize strength and freedom from evil. The Arkenstone, upon which the Noldor Ring rested, was a pure white gem that illuminated Menegros, the home of King Thingol. In the world of The Lord of the Rings, the Kingdom of Lothlórien is like the Garden of Eden. It stands as the most beautiful and timeless place in all the lands of the Elven people, always shining with gold and green. For himself and his fiancée, Camilla, Eliel takes special inspiration from the natural light-filled architecture and the majesty of its master and master to create a wedding ring that reflects the heart of the Elven kingdom. I came to Takaya Custom Jewelry to create a set of. , Celeborn and Galadriel.

The Celeborn necklace is a silver toque of ornate construction and forms the basis of Eliel’s ring. Takayasu forged the stem out of 14K white gold and shaped the band into an intricate twisted pattern that resembles the intertwining branches of a forest canopy. The elegant design pays homage to the Sindarin origin behind the name Celeborn, the “Silver Tree”. A single black diamond in the center adds a mysterious atmosphere.

Classic Elvish Engagement Ring, Red Gold

Galadriel’s tiara in 14K white gold and yellow blends with his gold graceful two-tone Camilla ring design. The Queen’s powerful aura is matched by her curly hair studded with shimmering blue sapphires. For Eriel, one of Lothlórien’s most beautiful features is his legendary maroon tree, which glows with vitality even in the winter. Here, golden leaves cling tightly to the silvery branches of the stem, symbolizing everlasting love.

When Eliel and Camilla first met, they knew their love would last a lifetime. However, Camilla is shocked when she finally sees their wonderful ring. “She couldn’t believe it!” said the eel. “But she was very happy. Her dream came true.”

Their special project also celebrated the fulfillment of another great dream – the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to Eriel and Camila on the wonderful relationship you have celebrated together over the years and many more to come. Live a life full of love and happiness with your precious daughter.

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

Ready to start your customized journey? Visit our Options page to start crafting or visit our Contact Us page to contact Takayasu.

King Ring Lord Of The Rings Ring 6mm

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A perfect gift for any Lord of the Rings fan, this platinum design ring can be customized with a name or special text. This LOTR ring is enhanced by its simple and elegant design.

This item belongs to the Platinum 950 category. The ring weighs about 7.1 grams for men and about 5.04 grams for women. These rings also contain diamonds worth about 30 cents.

If you need to customize the 22 carat with or without diamonds, please contact us to confirm weight and price before ordering.

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Embark on a new journey with your partner in style. Matching rings help bring romance to life.

“I recently bought a custom ring from them and it’s amazing. She is very kind and supportive. I asked for the order to be delivered through DTDC instead of India Post and they shipped the item the next day through DTDC. Just give them a chance to serve you and you won’t be disappointed :)”

Lord Of The Rings Engagement Ring

“Amazing. The team made the event of our life an event to remember forever. Wedding rings!. We trusted them to fill in the designs and they did a great job They did the job…and delivered on time…”

Sapphire / Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

“I ordered a custom ring. The team was very proactive and it really lived up to my expectations. I will definitely recommend it to my friends :)”

“I ordered a wedding band. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the ring. From the very beginning, I had good support from Mr. Vivek.”

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