Masters Of The Universe Collection

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Masters Of The Universe Collection
Masters Of The Universe Collection

Masters Of The Universe Collection – Welcome to the world of Masters of the Universe, with confirmed toy factories in over 18 countries.

72 individual figures from 1981-88, including 4 exclusive European releases in 2 giants and 2 lasers, were produced for the Masters of the Universe toy lines. Each number, one bar is made in at least 2 different factories. The difference is that the big Megator is produced only in Italy. No factory made all the figures, and no factory produced the same number, and the line continued to evolve over the years. Mattel claims that no production records were kept during this period, so it’s up to collectors like me to learn which factories produced which figures. Although Mattel ceased operations in 1988, licensed companies such as Top Toys in Argentina and Leo in India continued into the 90s.

Masters Of The Universe Collection

Masters Of The Universe Collection

Along with the figures, there are many cars, playgrounds and other equipment produced in the same factories. Factories known to have no figures in Australia, some large pieces, Castle Greyskull, Mount Snake and battle bones were made for local sales, Canada is known to have made battle bones and the castle. Korea that created Grayskull and Beam Blaster and Artillery. The molds were distributed and shipped to various factories around the world, sometimes with modified COO markings, sometimes without. This is mainly due to import taxes, trade regulations and tariffs imposed by many countries to encourage or protect local production.

Mini Figures Motu Origins Eternia Minis, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, 6 Cm

Production for export. It was sold in the US, UK, Canada and Australia markets. Mexico/USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China are Mattel standard, although there are variations, they are not considered international variations. However, there are differences between these countries and production cycles in the same factories.

The first editions came from Taiwan. The original Figure 8, also known as the 8 back, had a few minor differences when it was reissued, namely the paint application and the length of the armor belt. They were reissued with the 1982 stamp and other numbers were added to the production over the years.

Made in Mexico figures are sourced from the MABAMEX factory in Tijuana and their merchandise is mostly made in the USA. Only 2 figures are known to have been made in the US, the 1982 He-Man figure and the 1983 War Armor Skeleton figure. Everything else is made in Mexico.

Another major supplier is Malaysia. They differ from Taiwanese works because some figures are made with solid heads. They are often issued on euro cards, and some numbers have a special euro rate.

Best Vintage Masters Of The Universe Action Figures

No vintage numbers were marked in China, only a few were marked Hong Kong and the cards were first printed as made in Hong Kong and then with a sticker overlaid on Hong Kong stating that they were made in China. Finally, the Chinese cards were printed. Was it a political issue at the time or two separate factories? Mattel doesn’t have any information about the factories they used, so we can only go by the information on the card proofs. When I opened some MOCs from China and Hong Kong, it looks like a comparative analysis, I can tell that there are few differences, but don’t tell me if it is a manufacturing change in the factory or because it is made in a different factory. for some. In my opinion, Hong Kong and China have a special role. Some cards still say “Made in China, Made in Hong Kong”. This is a clear indication of the 2 factories probably working together and many Hong Kong cards are used by China. and communication. Another great piece of MOTU history, the Macau-built Meteorbs are now under Chinese control.

Japan is not the source of production, but Takara production is limited. A Taiwanese robot figure with a Takara sticker on the back. Originally released by MABA, a collaboration between Mattel and Bandai, many of the box models featured unique artwork. This case did not happen and was not released.

Although most of the numbers sold in European countries are Taiwan/Malaysia/Hong Kong numbers on Euro cards, many European countries are involved in the process.

Masters Of The Universe Collection

Two factories are in operation, producing all figures from series 1-4 except Teela and Evil-Lyn. There are many different mini paint applications from Mattel Standard. Exceptions are SUPER RARE series, Rubber cover variants and foot strap variants. Most of the items listed are in French, but many parts of Taiwan are used for some figures.

Motu Variants 101: An Introduction Into The World Of Masters Of The Un

There are many types of French cards, the most popular being the yellow border. It should be noted that not all French cards have French-made numbers.

No country produced all the figures, but Spain came close, producing all but the Niners, the Faker and the Magician, and the giants Tytus and Megator. Some figures made in Spain are marked with SPAIN COO, and they often used machines from other countries, but regardless of what the COO models say, all figures on the Masters Del Universo card were made in Spain.

There are many different varieties that come out of Spain, some rare and hard to find, many variations of the same style. Later “reeditions” are marked as French (it used French manufacture) and usually use clear leg straps.

The first wave appeared on Congost-branded cards, but later waves included Congost branding, although documents show that Congost was responsible for the entire Masters tournament. Del Universo.

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While there are a few figures on Euro cards made here, the 4 main additions to the MOTU line come from Italy. These are Giants Megator and Tytus in 1987 and Laser Light Skeletor and Laser Power He-Man in 1988. Other figures include Blast Attack, Mosquitor, Blade, Gwildor, Battle Armor He-Man, Sorcerer, Saurod, Ninjor, Scarecrow. Others used lighter foot straps and the same numbers were different compared to Hong Kong and Mexican standards.

Skeletor uses highly flexible and intelligent bands with interchangeable tools designed in Spain. Gorgeous nails have a non-chrome pink matte finish.

Licensing and local manufacturers are the reason for many variations of the Masters of the Universe line.

Masters Of The Universe Collection

Leo has a license agreement between Blowplast and Mattel to manufacture and supply MOTU in the Indian market. They continued into the 90s and created some of the most unusual, rare and expensive models of all time, including the most popular model of all and the crown jewel among collectors, the LEO Faker.

Motu: Revelation Masterverse Skelegod

Most of the figures and objects marked as Indian are useful for their symbols. LEO used similar cards in the beginning and NA cards in the end.

Top Toys is licensed to manufacture and ship MOTU in Argentina. Initially, most figures followed Mattel’s script closely, but various variations were created. The Cobra Kahn Camuflado is a completely new design, and the Modulock has been given green rods. It seemed that over time the prices would drop and the numbers would be higher than Mattel’s standard. Tooling and paint applications have changed since Top Toys reissued the figures in the 90s. These reissued figures have a unique leg shape where the muscles are more pronounced. The torsos are larger than the originals and most have square hand pins.

Top Toys used machines from other factories and removed the country name. Argentina COO’s only indicator is Trap Jaw. Top Shop items are under the COO brand.

NOTE: Due to the ease with which Top Toys figures can be modified by removing the paint, it is important to note that all figures shown in the following images are not factory approved versions. This applies to figures that are no different from the standard TT versions apart from the unpainted parts.

Mattel Releases Virgil Abloh Collaborated Masters Of The Universe Collection Series

Vintage Style Argentina Dresses || Argentina Vintage Options from James Reid’s Best Toy Collection || Venezuela Rotoplast from the James Reid Collection (25*)

Rotoplast is a company that manufactures and distributes MOTU in Venezuela. Some of the figures released used a soft rubber material for the figure’s hands and accessories. Most of the figures come from Venezuela, which is different from Mattel’s production standard.

Only Rotoplast released the Battlebones and Blasterhawk with the “Made in Venezuela” label. No numbers are given with COO Venezuela. Instead, Rotoplast used molds from Spain and other countries, eliminating the mold COO, sometimes leaving the original COO in place.

Masters Of The Universe Collection

The only company other than Mattel to have a company name on the numbers. They are designed for the Brazilian market. The names of the characters were given.

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