Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 is the second season of Power Rangers based on Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger while borrowing elements from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Saban originally planned to produce only 40 episodes in the series, ending with the two-parter Doomsday. Another character called Bubba is slated to appear. As the episode was originally written, he was the pilot of Cyclopsis and based on the character Kai from Zyuranger. After Cyclopsis is defeated by the Rangers, Rita will be sealed in an urn (mimicking the last Zyuranger), and the teenagers will give up their powers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2

However, due to the unanticipated popularity of the series, Saban, the company that produces Power Rangers, is faced with the possibility of exhausting all Zyuranger recordings without being able to rely on them to continue producing the show. Saban contacted Toei, the Japanese company that produces the Sentai series, along with Rainbow Productions, which designs and produces the monster suits, and requested that another half-season of Zyuranger footage be shot specifically for Power Rangers. Two Japanese companies agreed and created about 25 brand new monsters and filmed human- and zord-sized battles for each. They also incorporated elements from MMPR into the footage, including the relationship between the Green and Pink Rangers and portraying the Blue Ranger as the brains of the group. This clip is known as “Zyu2” in the Power Rangers fan community.

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During this time, Saban also negotiated a deal with Toei to shoot footage from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, the Sentai series that follows Zyuranger. Saban used more than half the length of Zyu2 for the rest of Power Rangers Season 1, but when he decided to replace the Dinozords with season 2 Dairanger mechs called Thunderzords in Power Rangers, the Zord length of the other Zyu2 monsters became obsolete. . To back this up, Saban tried to merge the footage of Zyu2 and Dairanger to make sure that Zyu2’s monster was fighting the Thunder Megazord instead of the Dino Megazord. The new cutscenes will show only monsters attacking, followed by a shot of only Thunderzords dealing damage. It doesn’t always work, and sometimes monsters can actually appear in physical contact with the old Megazord. Saban also decided to continue using the Zyuranger costume instead of replacing it with the Dairanger costume, even though the second season was adapted from Dairanger. Because of this, due to the lack of footage available, Rangers will rarely engage monsters adapted from Dairanger in hand-to-hand combat like previous monsters, unless each spliced ​​footage will change. This also means that the new cockpit footage for the Zord battles cannot be adapted from Dairanger, with new footage for the Thunder Megazord but not for the individual Zords. This subsided somewhat after the introduction of Tommy as a white racer modeled after Dairanger’s Kibaranger costume in the second half of the second season, although Kibaranger’s costume is quite different from Zyuranger’s clothing.

This season is the 100th episode of Power Rangers at episode 40. Originally, the episode “Lights, Camera, Action” was originally intended to be the 100th episode of Power Rangers, so almost all clips show the past adventures of the Rangers. Due to a power transfer failure, FOX Kids messed up the episode order, making it the 93rd episode. Therefore, footage from the unaired episode “Friends Forever” (up to Jaws of Destruction) can be seen in the montage before the introduction of the Rangers in the episode. Due to this rescheduling, the 100th episode in the broadcast order became “Rangers Back in Time-part II”.

The Ranger Blade and its individual weapons remained unused for most of the season, until the Power Weapons were abandoned after the episode “Rangers Back in Time-part II”, except for the Power Ax, which made its final appearance a few episodes later in “Storybook Rangers – part II”). The reduction in the use of weapons was due to complaints from parents about the violence in the series, which also caused Lord Zedd to become mute and make the character more campy and stupid, as well as the lack of funds to create new scenes. involving gun-to-gun combat. Although the reason for this drastic increase in complaints has never been determined, it is likely due to the fact that Mortal Kombat was released a year before the first season aired. The violence in this game and the sheer amount of blood has caused an uproar among parents who fear their children will get hurt and try to copy the move because it looks cool. Of course the complaints started at the end of Season 1 and in Season 2 they started making changes.

Season 2 is the first true season of Power Rangers to have a continuous story arc outside of multi-part episodes, starting with the Green No More saga during Green Dreams (Episode 7) to the two-part episode arc of the same name (which ended with Episode 12). However, more famous is the power transfer fiasco that started with “Monster of Global Proportions” (episode 25) and ended with two parters of the same name (ending with episode 28), although it may have started with that episode. “Two for One”, both because three actors left during the production of this episode and because the famous dub sound started. The reason for its use in multipart episodes is not clear, but the motive can be seen optimistically or cynically. The optimistic view is that they’re trying because they’re not limited by Sentai footage, but the cynicism is that they ran out of ideas at this point and split the episode into multiple parts to kill time. Fans point out that the spinning of the proverbial wheel is most evident in the four episodes, “Rangers Back in Time” and “Storybook Rangers,” which many argue seem to just kill time in one way or another. come up with a useful record.

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Additionally, the first episode of Season 2 introduces a new subplot involving Bulk and Skull, both of whom are determined to discover the true identity of the Power Rangers. Almost every episode introduces a new stupid plan by the two to expose the Rangers, each comically ending in failure. This new plot helped to reduce the previous image of Bulk and Skull as high school bullies, which have now become a common concern in American schools, and established their roles as clumsy but less hateful characters. This subplot continued until the final episode of Season 2 and became the basis for Bulk and Skull which carried the season-long comedic subplot to the end of Power Rangers and Space in each new iteration of the series.

The main problem Saban had to deal with was the White Rider himself, as his actual screen time in Dairanger was very limited, much more so than Zyuranger’s Green Rider. In some episodes of Dairanger, Kibaranger is absent, even after he is introduced. He only appeared in a total of twenty-eight episodes, most of which were in his unmorphed boy form, with many morphed scenes featuring him for at least two minutes. It took seventeen episodes of Dairanger out of fifty to make his debut, and five more to get the Zord and be able to fight with his comrades against the giants. Even when he does appear, he rarely joins the other five in battle and usually just plays on the sidelines, sometimes appearing out of the blue during battles against the Zord, and just as often, he appears but not properly. war. The worst example of this battle footage is undoubtedly the Zord battle in the episode “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire”, where he clearly summons the Zord but is never seen in it. In fact, apart from this case, this problem is even visible in the show, because this is why Goldar will appear randomly to fight Tommy even if he has nothing to do with other episodes, such as in “Rangers Back”. in Time “- part II” and “Friends Forever.” In addition, Kiba Daioh’s cockpit, which is used to introduce the Mega Tigerzord, contains Kibaranger and four additional Dairangers, so they cannot be used in Power Rangers. Thunder Megazord, not the length of the new cockpit filmed for Mega Tigerzord showing the White Ranger and four Power Rangers, this is not small for the White Tigerzord itself where despite the four additional terminals, no outfit other than Kibaranger was ever shown. length, allowing for easy adaptation to the White Tigerzord.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2

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