Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 is the third issue of Boom! Studios, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series begins with issue #0. Introducing the Mighty Morphin Team, released on April 6, 2016.

Scorpio goes to Tommy, who is most offended. Rita won’t give up on her Green Ranger so easily. With their lives in the balance, the Rangers must band together to save their friends or risk losing them forever.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

Billy and Trini investigate the damage to the Dragonzord and are frozen when Tommy mistakenly reports it. Billy explains how the Dragonzord determines balance and movement. Trini then compared it to a Segway. Trini then concludes that the two should look into other systems and asks Billy about his concerns. Billy explains that he knows how their Zords work, but he doesn’t know what the Dragonzord looks like, and advises them to avoid the Dark Amulet. Trini jokes that it’s from evil unicorn blood and has to explain it. Trini points out that Tommy’s powers are more similar to Rita’s. Billy expresses his disbelief that Tommy doesn’t have much in common because he’s tall, handsome, and a fighter. Trini tells Billy that she’s not retarded in the looks department and that being a Power Ranger is more important than being a powerful warrior.

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Scorpion gives Tommy a Dragon Power coin and tells him he can stay alive or he can give up and take the remaining coins. Tommy’s mother walks by his closed door and offers to make him something to eat. Scorpina threatens to use Tommy to get her to cooperate. Then he sends them through the flash. Scorpio destroys their relationship and Tommy changes. They fight putty together.

Jason ends up taking a karate class with several young people. Kimberly has been waiting for Tommy since Tommy canceled their coffee date and had to leave the house because his parents were fighting over visitation rights. Jason asks if Tommy and Kimberly are dating. Not between Kimberly school, gymnastics, and being a Power Ranger, she doesn’t have time for that and doesn’t want to disrupt the team dynamic like that. Sensei Jason arrives and asks about Tommy. Jason tells her that Tommy has moved to Angel Grove from the East Coast. Jason’s mind sees little Wado-ryu through Tommy’s path and eventually wants him to join Jason and teach in Jason’s class. Before the conversation continues, Zordon calls them to help fight against Tommy Scorpina and Putti.

Rita watches Tommy fight Scorpion and Putty and tells him that he is a force of nature and fighting a man, and why she chose him as the Green Ranger. The battle plays right into Rita’s hands by injecting more chaotic energy into the crystal.

Jason and Kimberly join the fray. Kimberly freed Tommy from nailing the putty to the wood. Zack joins the fray. Scorpina runs away, but Tommy doesn’t let her go and chases after her. Tommy winked at Rita and said it was a valiant effort and he didn’t beat himself up. She then taunts him that the others don’t need to come to Jason’s rescue. Tommy defends his job as he returns to the others.

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Rita’s cause returned to Trini’s command center. Zack has shown how far Rita is willing to go, predicting that he and his family can reach anywhere. Zordon says that as long as Tommy has the Dragon Power Coin, Rita will never stop and her methods will only get tougher. Rita’s reasoning suggests that it is better to give the coin away. Tommy vows not to let Rita get his hands on the Power Coin or the Dragonzord. It reminds Kimberly of what Trini and Billy did. Billy explains that the Dragonzord is fully functional and doesn’t listen to Tommy. Rita’s apparition tells Tommy that it was operator error. When Jason asks why he hasn’t heard back, Zordon says that the Zordons bond with their pilots and that they should be as comfortable with them as they are with him. Billy compares zord to a horse. Then Rita should not ride a horse because it is imagined to be a poisonous horse. Angrier and more frustrated, Tommy says he’s tired of all the cursing. Tommy then falls.

Bulk & Skull successfully capture the Putty tied up in the basement of the Skull House. They plan to defeat Putty before Kimberly and Trini, but first they need armor, Power Rangers, etc. After making the “power tool”, they attach the putty to the top of the car. They eventually find Kimberly and Trini before they can execute their plan and escape from the mud.

Jason Lee Scott – Zach Taylor – Billy Cranston – Trini Kwan – Kimberly Ann Hart – Tommy Oliver

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

Kimberly Ann Hart – Mike Corbett – Tanya Sloan – Heckyl – Cameron Watanabe – Andros – Ellarien – Remy

Mighty Morphin #17 Preview: Power Rangers No More?

Tommy Oliver – Adam Park – Kimberly Ann Hart – Billy Cranston – Aisha Campbell – Rocky DeSantos – Matthew Cook

Jason Lee Scott – Zach Taylor – Trini Kwan – Kia Kyatil – Saard Yale – Kevor Wrin

Leon Ardo – Raf Ael – Michel Angelo – Donatello – April O’Neill – Casey Jones – Splinter

Bulk – Skull – Mrs. Appleby – Ernie – Mr. Kaplan – Mrs. Pruitt – Roger Hart – Helen Hart – Mrs. Kwan – Mrs. Oliver – Mr. Cranston – Mrs. Cranston – Violet Arias – Sam Scott – Olivia Cooke – Mr. Chef – Kira Cook – Mrs. DeSantos – Riley DeSantos – Robin DeSantos – Raul DeSantos – Travel

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Rita Repulsa – Lord Zedd – Dane – Goldar – Squatt – Babu – Scorpion – (Z) Pathfinders

Bullzer – Vitruvian Man Giant – Black Dragon – Sir Locks-A-Lot – Vixenya – Commandant – Nameless Monster – Nameless Pig – Pumpkin Rapper – Lokar – Serpentera – Goldar Clones – Unknown Golem Alien – Zosma – Shapeshifting Putty Patrollers – Karmadillo – Boar – Goth Sloth – Crowderload – Psycho Green – Mr. Meowgi – Wizard of Deception – Sheep – Journey of the Hermit – Private Corn – Black Tiger – Manic Mantilope – Nameless Robot Chicken Monster – Girl Robot Monster – Turtle Samurai Monster – Nameless Boomerang Kangaroo Monster – Monster Hippogriff Nameless – Monster – Big Nameless – Crystal Two Christ – Disatrons – Mr. Muster – Mutant Rangers – Ugly – Dinosaur Monster Simulation – Snakenstein – Beastbus – Killing Cycles – Psychoslug, Terror Snail – King’s Throne

Plaster Leak – “The Flog” – Montaur – Rammerhead – Pudgy Pig – Megaputty – Stabasaurus Bataar – Warbunny – Lady Grumptruck – Nimrod the Crimson Guardian – AC – DC – Eye Boy – Gunmetal Kettle – Hodjopod the Hedgehog – Danger Dingera

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic 2

Aurico – Delphine – Tideus – Cestro – Corcus – Katherine Hillard – Trey of Triforia – Phantom Ranger – T.J. Johnson – Ashley Hammond – Cassie Chan – Leo Corbett – Maya – Karone – Kendricks Morgan – Carter Grayson – Chad Lee – Joel Rawlings – Kelsey Winslow – Dana Mitchell – Wesley Collins – Jen Scotts – Lucas Kendall – Katie Walker – Trip – Eric Myers – Cole Evans – Taylor Ehrhardt – Max Cooper – Danny Delgado – Alyssa Enrile – Merrick Baliton – Shane Clarke – Tori Hanson – Dustin Brooks – Hunter Bradley – Blake Bradley – Conner McKnight – Ethan James – Kira Ford – Jack Landors – Sky Tate – Bridge Carson – Z Delgado – Syd Drew – Doggie Cruger – Nick Russell – Chip Thorn – Madison Rocca – Vida Rocca – Xander Bly – Udonna – Dax Lo – Rose Ortiz – Casey Rhodes – Lily Chilman – Theo Martin – R.J. – Scott Truman – Flynn McAllister – Summerland – Ziggy Grover – Dillon – Jem – Gemma – Lauren Shiba – Kevin – Mia Watanabe – Mike – Emily – Antonio Garcia – Gia Moran – Noah Carver – Emma Goodall – Marvin Shih – Eddie Banks – Jack Thomas – Vesper Vasquez – Chloe Ashford – Joe Shih – Tyler Navarro – Riley Griffin – Koda – Kendall Morgan – Shelby Watkins – Brody Romero – Preston Tien – Calvin Maxwell – Haley Foster – Sarah Thompson – Aiden Romero – Devon Daniels – Ravi Reeves – Cybervillain Blaze – Amelia Jones

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Zack – Trini – Saba – Ranger Killer – Skull – Billy – Jason – Bulk – Aisha Campbell – Matt – Scorpina – Adam Park

Broken Cage: Lord Drakkon – Finster 5 – Ranger Sentinels – Rita Repulsa – Koragg, Werewolf – S.P.D. A-Red

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