Mobility Scooters

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If you are not as fit as you once were, whether it is from old age or ill health, then it might be worth considering investing in an electric mobility scooter. They can get you around from A to B much quicker than walking, and offer freedom, convenience, speed, and an economical way to travel.

You can use the smaller mobility scooters indoors and out, they are becoming increasingly popular as prices slowly come down make them more affordable and more accessible for people with disabilities, or the elderly who are unable to get around as fast as they once used to.

There are plenty of manufacturers of mobility scooters offering quality products at reasonable prices. Choosing a well-known name means you are guaranteed a good reputation and a company that cares about their clients. Your scooter should last for many years, if a problem does occur then you want to know it’s not going to be a problem getting it repaired or replaced, an established company also means there’s likely to be a service center close to your home.

Rascal and Pride are familiar names in the mobility scooter business, popular due to their lightweight models and economical prices. Rascal has a stylish line of convertible scooters, switch the scooter from indoor to outdoor use very quickly simply by changing over the front part of the scooter.

Pride scooters are dependable and easy to use, with user-friendly elements integrated into their designs. They are amongst the higher priced models because of their good reputation as efficient and trustworthy pieces of equipment. There are plenty more reliable scooter brands offered, just take a look online and you’ll find lots of advice and information about manufacturers, various models, and prices.

Check out Rascal liteway scooters for comfort and extended legroom, it combines front and rear suspension for a more comfortable ride, is easy to dismantle and load and can take up to 21stone. You can add a basket to the front for shopping trips and it has a range of 10 miles.

Or the Liteway 8, also by Rascal, a great new scooter to the electric mobility series – it’s the only 8mph scooter that can easily go in the car boot. Offering the ultimate in comfort, it has a padded seat and armrests, is highly maneuverable and stable, has an optional front basket and under seat basket for storage, and stylish 9″ Alloy wheels with : pneumatic tyres . When people see you out and about in this, everyone will want one!

If you just need something small to get you around then you should take a look at the travel, and 3 wheeled scooters to start with. Travel scooters are also known as boot scooters and can easily be folded up to store away in a cupboard, or put in the boot of a car and transported to another location. They are made from a lightweight material which makes them ideal for taking on trips out to the beach or countryside, holidays and shopping trips. There are lots of options retailing at prices well below £1000.

Many people prefer the 3 wheeled scooters as they are easier to manoeuvre, with only a centre wheel at the front it means sharp corners and tight turns are negotiated with far less trouble, and so they are particularly useful for getting around the house, navigating small paths, and even for shopping. They also feature a larger platform to stretch your legs out, and are liked for their comfort and stylish appearance. Smaller in size than the 4 wheelers they look sleeker and are easier to handle.

4 wheeled scooters on the other hand can offer more stability; consumers tend to go for these models as they feel safer driving them and their large tires and longer battery life makes them ideal for taking trips further afield.

Once you’ve chosen the type of scooter you want, and the manufacturer, then how about sprucing it up with some accessories? Add a foam cushion to the seat of your scooter and then select a nice, soft, cream fleece cover to fit over the standard cushion and give you greater comfort. A sturdy, smart and versatile bag can also be secured around the seat or the handles of the scooter.