Monkey For Sale In Michigan

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Monkey For Sale In Michigan
Monkey For Sale In Michigan

Monkey For Sale In Michigan – BAY CITY, MI – A Bay City woman could lose her quarter deposit over a pet squirrel monkey. City ordinance prohibits the ownership of such pets.

Linda Stevenson, 34, said she paid $2,000 for a monkey she raised in Mission, Texas. That deposit is only half of what you’ll ultimately owe and is non-refundable, he said.

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

However, According to Dana Muscott, the city’s assistant city manager, Stevenson shouldn’t expect to catch a monkey anytime soon. City Ordinance 18-7 states that “a dog commonly kept as a pet; No person shall keep any animal or reptile within the city limits except cats or other animals,” it said.

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“The definition of a pet is not a squirrel monkey,” Muscott said. “A monkey is not considered an ordinary animal.”

Monday On February 15, Stevenson appeared at a Bay City Commission meeting and asked the commission to amend the ordinance to include monkeys.

“After the meeting, I took the city attorney and the parliamentary order and said it was not available,” Muscott said. The commission sent Stevenson a letter informing them of its decision, Muscott said.

“No one has ever come to the city commission and challenged it,” he said. “This is the first time in the 16 years I’ve been here that someone other than a dog or a dog has come and asked for it.”

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“I used to have one called Peanut when I lived in Florida,” Stevenson said. “I had her for about a year, around 2001. I saw her at a pet store, loved it, and bought her. She would sleep on my chest, climb up on my shirt, wrap my legs around me. It was amazing. She was so smart and so satisfying. Sometimes she was like a bug. She’d throw Q-tips and make-up down the toilet, so she learned to keep the toilet seat closed.

“He went everywhere with me,” she recalled. “I have a cage, but I don’t often. I don’t leave the house if I can’t come with it. If I think I’m going to leave, I hide the keys behind the sofa.” without him.”

He was on the move a bit at the time, so Stevenson ended up selling peanuts in Kentucky. A stay-at-home mom to her 8-year-old son who has lived on Bay City’s east side for two years, she said now it’s time for another monkey.

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

Squirrel monkeys are “New World” monkeys that hail from the tropical forests of Central and South America. They have a short bushy coat on the belly and limbs that are olive on the back and yellow-orange. They can grow 25 to 35 cm long with a tail of 35 to 42 cm. They weigh from 750 to 1,100 grams. They have the largest brains for their body size of any primate, including humans.

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The World Animal Foundation, based in Kentucky, helps them every day. active during the day; and described as arboreal or tree-dwelling.

“To mark territory, squirrel monkeys rub urine on their tails and skin,” the agency’s website states. “Squirrel monkeys are omnivorous, primarily eating fruits and insects. Occasionally, they also eat nuts, sprouts, eggs, and small vertebrates.”

Squirrel monkeys typically live up to 15 years in the wild, and up to 20 in captivity, according to the World Animal Foundation.

“While baby monkeys are usually easier to clean than humans (by changing diapers), pubertal monkeys are usually unable to remove their diapers and train themselves to use the toilet,” the agency reports. “They need constant supervision and emotional stimulation. They generally need a lot of attention. Monkeys can’t be away from their owners for long periods of time, like on family trips. Monkeys can be very destructive and can even throw soil or their feces.”

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The agency said monkey owners must set aside extended periods of time to clean up after their pets make a mess. Adolescent monkeys tend to bite humans. Also, finding a vet with the knowledge to treat them can be difficult.

“Monkeys eventually grow up and, in most cases, become feral and difficult to control,” the agency added. “Monkeys can even be aggressive towards their owners. They can change from minute to minute without warning, making it difficult for the owner to fully understand them. Most monkey owners have to find other homes for them, such as zoos and monkey rescues. Knowing that monkeys come with their first owner, it’s not easy for a monkey to get used to their new environment.”

New York-based Eco Healthy Pets also recommends against keeping monkeys as pets. The organization says it’s illegal to import squirrel monkeys into the U.S. as pets, but “Wild animals are trapped each year for medical research, and importation may amount to the illegal pet trade. Domestic monkeys can be purchased from licensed pet breeders through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

“They make great pets if you have time for them,” he said. If he had somehow acquired the jumpsuit. He said he would install PVC pipes throughout the house and have a large jungle gym in his backyard for riding.

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He added that veterinary services are already available for the monkey in the form of Lakeside Animal Hospital in Oakland County’s Commerce Township.

“She spoke to me at the commission meeting,” Stamiris said. “He has to contact me if he has any problems. I haven’t heard from him.”

“We will definitely look into what the issues are,” he added. “We do allow chickens and a few other things in the city, so I’d like to try to see if I understand correctly why they’re denying it. I didn’t get anything back, so nothing happened.”

“Then the city attorney will have to get involved with our code enforcement department,” Muscott said, adding that the city will pursue civil action.

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If you purchase a product or sign up for an account through one of the links on our site; We may receive compensation. Stevens Point resident Deilla Lake asked the city for a special permit that would allow her to keep the common marmoset, a type of monkey.

Lake said she and her family already have two dogs and a cat. He said they were looking for a new pet after their hedgehog recently died and thought a monkey would be cute.

If their permit is approved; Lake said they plan to purchase the monkey in the spring from Poggi’s Animal House in Davie, Florida. The facility is USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife certified

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

Chicken, goose Guana, City Clerk U John Moe said the city has received many requests over the years for exotic animals like geckos and pigeons. He said the city even received an application in 2001 to own a wolf hybrid that was denied. U Moe said this is the first time he has applied for a permit for a monkey.

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The monkey can only grow five to six inches in length, according to a letter written to the city of Lake. It can grow to six ounces and live up to 18 years, she said.

Lake was asked to send a letter to her neighbors informing them that her family would be able to purchase the animal. The Public Safety Committee will vote during a public meeting on Monday to approve the permit.

The baby monkey will be kept in a small cage and will be moved to a larger cage once it is a few months old, Lake said. He said the monkey had left the house to visit the vet.

Wisconsin We Care Animal Hospital in Clintonville was able to attend to the monkey’s medical needs, according to the letter.

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Michelle Immel, the hospital’s co-director, said they occasionally care for exotic animals and have experience working with young snow monkeys and monkeys. Immel said Albert Prudom, the chief of staff, was qualified to work with the monkeys.

Immel said marmosets can make good pets as long as they are raised in the right environment by someone skilled and experienced in handling the animals.

The cold Wisconsin weather can be challenging for the animals, she said, and they can’t handle the cold. But if you go out in the winter, there are ways to properly insulate,” he said.

Monkey For Sale In Michigan

If Lake Lake is approved by the committee, the Stevens Point Police Department; 933 Michigan Ave. will appear before the Public Defense Committee in The vote will go to the Stevens Point City Council for final approval.

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