Movie 365 Days Part 2

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Movie 365 Days Part 2
Movie 365 Days Part 2

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The first movie caused quite a stir when it was released on Netflix. With its stormy scenes, beautiful actors, her

Movie 365 Days Part 2

Movie 365 Days Part 2

The film was widely discussed on social networks. Also, it was objectively unnatural and devoid of real substance, making the film the target of ridicule and inflammatory comments on YouTube.

The Next 365 Days Review: Michele Morrone’s Threequel Is Yet Another Pointless Erotic Thriller

Our heroine follows Laura Biel (Anna Maria Sieklucka), who is kidnapped by a handsome, brooding Italian gangster named Massimo (Michel Marrone). Fascinated by her angelic beauty, Massimo takes her hostage and asks her to live together for exactly one year. If Laura doesn’t fall in love with him by the end of the year, she’ll let him go.

The end is inevitable. A bored Laura falls deeply in love with a mysterious gangster and they understand it. There’s also mob rivalry and mind games going on throughout the movie, but we know no one was watching.

It begins with Laura and Massimo passionately performing pop music before their wedding. The filmmakers are basically saying, “You’re here for the sex scenes, aren’t you?” Here, take it!” Then we see the couple tie the knot in a lavish Sicilian wedding sequence with even more background pop music. And then there’s the honeymoon.

Watch for more Rated R scenes to be released. The first half of this erotic “thriller” is mainly a montage of spoken scenes, as well as Laura and Massimo’s leisure activities in beautiful places. The vivid cinematography, endless pop playlists and characters dressed in designer clothes make the film look more like a music video or an extended commercial. Then there are more scenes of the couple attending parties.

Days 2 Release Date Announced, Read Details Here

Afterwards, Laura and her best friend Olga go on a girls’ trip in their shiny car in a scene straight out of a tourism commercial. In fact, this movie is less about dialogue and more about background music. You could say that every scene has its own song. The overall pop soundtrack of this movie isn’t bad. In fact, even the previous film’s soundtrack was cited by many as its only redeeming factor.

This movie is obviously sponsored by companies that make cars, vibrators, hoods, and hot tubs, and judging by the many shots of these items in the film, it looks more like an extended music video than anything else. The characters are paper thin and come across as petty with monotonous dialogue. There is not a single moment in this movie where we sympathize with these people or care what happens to them.

The plot itself is bare and irrelevant. In the second half of the film, the couple’s fairytale honeymoon comes to an end due to the husband’s inevitable mafia duties. So the bored Laura is left alone, with nothing to occupy her. He wanders around the estate and meets a mysterious young man named Nacho (Simone Susinna).

Movie 365 Days Part 2

Nacho’s opening scene is laughably cheesy – almost bordering on parody – with the camera caressing his muscles, tattoos and face as seen in male grooming commercials. Nacho claims to be the new gardener on the estate. But the young man is not what he claims to be, and once again the couple’s marriage is thrown on the rocks by dangerous outside forces. It’s incredible how much plot is crammed into the second half of this movie, and if it had the main scenes (cut the sex/party/travel scenes) it would only be twenty minutes long. And so it is with the plot of this film.

Everything We Know About 365 Days 3

Another unintentionally funny, slightly funny, and mostly boring uninspired piece of Netflix content. The makers of this movie can’t help but understand how lame and embarrassing this movie is and how people will perceive it. It is important that the film gets people’s attention, that it is discussed by reviewers, however negative it may be, and that people watch the film out of interest. And so far it seems that people

Watching this. Directed by Barbara Białow and Tomas Mandes, this thriller is ranked #5 on the list of Netflix movies.

Not all movies have to be serious or have a lot of meaning. Lazily written plot and clumsy English dialogues could have made this sequel a cheesy thriller. All the effort and attention could have been put into making this film a caricature of mafia characters and a realization of the complete lack of logic. Instead, it tries to be modern and beautiful, attractive but not too much – neither here nor there; and it makes for an unappealing film. But some viewers don’t mind a movie’s silliness or lack of plot as long as they can hang out with friends, eat snacks, and watch a movie where they can laugh at the characters. Perhaps in this way this film will benefit Schön, dass du auf unserer Seite bist! Wir wollen dir auch beiten beste Unterhaltung und tollen Service bieten.

Massimo or Nacho? Dieser Frage geht Laura im frisch erschienen, dritten Teil von “365 Days – Noch ein Tag” Did you link Grund.Doch or Netflix-Erotikstreifens?

This Day (the 365 Days, 2)

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22.08.19 Netflix movie 365 kun – Noch ein Tag crash. Wird es einen vierten Teil geben? Photo: Karolina Grabowska

While that’s critical enough, Netflix Direct gave us two more Austrag movies. in 2022 April and August Dr. Danach Schluss? Have you seen 365 days?

Movie 365 Days Part 2

Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen denleidenschaftlichen Eheleuten, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone), geht in die nächste Runde. Eine Menge Sex und ein haarsträubendes Frauen- und Männerbild inclusive! Teil zwei hatte LauraMassimo ErzfeindNacho(Simone Susinna) kennengelernt, mit dem sie auch direktanbandelte. Im dritten Teil steht Laura now zwischen diesen zwei Männern, denn sie hat sich offfenbarin Nacho verliebt und von ihrem Ehemann Massimo entfernt. Laura tried to listen to her heart and decided to go for one of them.

Dni Dvd 365 Days Polish Release Michele Morrone English Subtitles Film Movie

Uber die ganze Länge des Filmes ist Laura hin- und hergerissen, kann sich zwischen den Männern nicht entscheiden und steigt daher abwechselnd mit beiden ins Bett. Schlussendlich trifft sie sich mit ihrem (Noch-)Ehemann Massimo am Strand, wo er ihr sein Herz offenbart. Next excerpt: “Kehrst du zurück, Babygirl?”, End of the movie – go typical Cliffhanger!

In Hindblick auf die Buchvorlage sieht es eher schlecht aus, denn die Filme basieren auf einer Trilogie, also auf drei Büchern. Damit wäre die Geschichte nach dem dritten Teil auserzählt. Ein weiteres Indiz dafür Findet sich auch in derFilmanmerkung aufNetflix: “Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michel Morroneund Simone Susinnasind auch beimletzten Teildieseserotischen Dramasmitdabei”.

Der Cliffhanger am Ende von Teil drei, also die opene Frage, für welchen der beiden Männer sich Laura nun entscheiden wird, spricht allerdings für einen vierten Teil. Auch, dass from “365 days” von der Buchvorlage entfernt hat bereits. Darinkommt Nachos Rolle taits main dritten Teil vor, während sie in der Netflix-Produktionbereits im zweiten Film einen importanten Part hat. Auchverliert Laura in den “365”-Filmen bereits am Endesihr von Babyers. Ende von Teil zweigeschieht.

In der dritten Buchvorlage steht dieDreiecksbeziehungvon Laura, Massimo and Nacho im Fokus. Laura entscheidet sich im Buch für Nacho, verlässt mit ihmdie Stadt. Das Paarheiratetund bekommt einKind. Mit diesem Ende hatten die Fans nicht jesenchen, weshalb es ordentlich Kritik hagelte. Hats off to Netflix im dritten Film, vielleicht auch duendung der Fan-Kritik, gegen diese Wendung geschieden. Daskönnte bedeuten dass sich die Geschichte ohne Orientierung an der Buchvorlage weiterentwickelt va damit auch eventualnt noch nicht zu Ende erzählt ist…

Days Part 2

Da es nur drei Bücher zur Vorlage für die Filme gibt, ist die Handlung eines möglichen vierten Teils schwierig vorauszusagen. Wenn es weitergehen sollte, wird aber vermutlich die Dreiecksbeziehung von Massimo, Nacho and Laura aufgelöst. Laura würde sich höchshchrscheinlich in Teil vier endgultig für einen der Männer entscheidenlich. The third part of Liebes-Wirrwarr has finally been dealt with. It is possible that Laura will decide, as in the third book, for Nacho. Das siezu Nachozurückkehrt and Massimo sie dann kurzerhand einsperrt. Po sie fliehen kann, könnte siedann mit Nacho die Stadt verlassen. Die zwei könnten heiren undein Baby bekommen, so wie es im Buch geschieht. Da sich Netflix aber bereitsweit von den Buchvorlagen entfernt hat, ist auch ein anderer Dreh möglich… 365 Days, also known as 365 Dni and less officially known as Fifty Shades of Grey, has caused controversy in Poland. when it hit Netflix last June after a theatrical run in Poland and a limited release in the UK. Based on the book by Blanka Lipinska.

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