Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

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Movie About Dungeons And Dragons
Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

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Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

Share All Share Options: What the new D&D movie gets – and misses – about the game

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Review (2023)

If Dungeons and Dragons fans have been bothered by bad dice with past films based on the venerable role-playing game, the new,

It’s fun, it’s funny and especially for the casual player it feels like D&D. While the movie is filled with fan service references and Easter eggs, you don’t need to know anything about the game before you take your seat. And that seems to have worked for a lot of people, judging by the film’s top box office opening weekend.

It knows the pitfalls of its source and largely avoids them. Complex gameplay concepts such as spelling and character classes are ironed out; they are simply shown in use without being too specific about the details, making them suitable for a wider audience. (The directors told Polygon that while this was done on purpose, they still play by the rules as closely as they do on screen.) Every effort has been made to create that balance between respecting the game and making a good movie. the new.

What the movie captures is the chaos and humor you’d find in a real D&D game. This means it often feels like someone’s had a bad roll – leading to bad luck or an unexpected failure – or a good one, where a highly unlikely situation has worked in the characters’ favor. Despite the context of the chance system underlying the game, it might seem like bad writing when the characters jump into a deadly gelatinous tube but just don’t get hurt – but sometimes the whole constitution saves the reels! Goldstein and Daley cleverly conjure up traditional pocket stories in D&D without compromising the film.

The Dungeons & Dragons Movie Is A First Rate Comedy

Almost unanimously, the D&D players I spoke to about the movie singled out one scene as the moment they really noticed at the gaming table: an adventurous party is accompanied by paladin Xenk (Regé-Jean Page) for a long time on a strict set. The rules of the road for crossing a trap-filled bridge… and a man standing by the bridge accidentally steps on it, causing everything to fall into the burning pit below.

This is also the look on your DM’s face when you mess up rather than solve a complicated puzzle they created. Main/individual images

“Every once in a while these games go completely off the rails and funny things happen, and there’s this feeling, like a world crisis,” game designer and writer Chance Feldstein told me. As a fellow D&D player, they say what they wanted most about the movie was that it wasn’t self-centered. “There has to be a highlight, but there has to be an ‘Oh my God, how did that happen?’ part of being.”

Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

That’s not to say that every proverbial pitch worked well on screen – the pacing was too fast and at times whip-inducing uneven, with odd tangents and moments that might leave a die-hard D&D fan wondering about plot choices. Strange diversions, evil villains, and content that goes unexplained might work well in a D&D game, but they don’t play well on the big screen. And the sheer amount of story packed into it was almost overwhelming.

Hasbro Monopoly Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Edition Board Game

“There was so much plot in this movie, it felt like it should have been a TV show,” said Feldstein. (Good news for fans: Paramount+ is working on that.)

Any movie based on Dungeons and Dragons necessarily has to contend with the game’s oft-cited, problematic history. While Wizards of the Coast, the Hasbro publisher of D&D, has tackled some of the worst classics, there’s still more work to be done.

Kat Jones, a game designer and professor of game design at the University of Cincinnati, points out that many players today are fully aware of the game’s history and are working to reinvent it in the same way, with using tools such as “homebrew” or content created by the player. “You have pit managers doing their thing, teams of players taking over from their side,” they said. “There’s that agency to do things and tell stories that maybe weren’t even considered in the first place.”

However, to me, the part that most resembled a real D&D game was the evolution and growth of each character. This choice in the movie – to give each of the titular gang of thieves their character arc – is a small Hollywood ensemble piece, often focusing on one or two main characters. There are complexities in these relationships and motivations that the average moviegoer might not expect from a big action movie. This sounds like something more of a good RPG. Jones says he thinks this is what makes the movie so successful: “They all had something they had to overcome to become the best person.” When done right, role-playing games can benefit. “

Idw Reveals Dungeons & Dragons Movie Prequel Comic (exclusive)

In an interview at SXSW, Daley said this was the goal: “It was something we spent a lot of time on, making sure each character had something to say, that they were unique and that they had something to say. bow.”

One of the most magical things that can happen in Dungeons & Dragons, a game, is that a group of players always start with one set of goals, and as they learn more about their group and themselves, they discover that they want to achieve something. . different and better. So does the movie.

For example, Chris Pine’s character, the bard Edgin, started out with a plan to bring his wife back from the dead (tired fantasy trope alert), but his motives for doing so were selfish. At the end of the story, he has the power to carry out his great plan, but he makes a completely different choice, to save his strange BFF and platonic co-parent Holga (Michelle Rodriguez) – and he is driven by some good. is. for him. daughter instead.

Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

That’s D&D! When we play, role-playing enthusiasts want to; Discover our characters’ expectations and their ideas about what they want to do and who they want to be, and how those change over the course of the events that affect and are influenced by them – often involving other characters and actors, just like the film. Often the result is a personal, deeply meaningful experience.

We’re Getting A New Dungeons & Dragons Movie In 2021

As young swashbuckler Simon (Justice Smith), who struggles with the burden of a fictional fan and a self-esteem crisis, but is ultimately able to tap into his burgeoning powers to save the day. Or the conniving druid Doric (Sophia Lillis), who joins the party with a pronounced hatred of humans – as in all sorts – and comes to appreciate his companions as humans.

D&D main characters: Honor Among Thieves, from left, Simon (Justice Smith), Doric (Sophia Lillis), Edgin (Chris Pine), and Holga (Michelle Rodriguez). Main/individual images

This kind of internal transformation is something that interests Sarah Lynne Bowman, who has been researching how RPGs allow people to transform themselves, both in games and in their real life. Bowman, a professor of game design at Uppsala University, currently working on the Transformative Play Initiative, says the psychological foundation is why this type of game has such an impact on players past and present.

“It’s a combination of community and storytelling together; It’s something very important that we’ve been doing since the beginning of time, probably since the beginning of culture,” Bowman said, explaining that RPGs specifically allow us to “incorporate different characters that we create.” So we can try out different personalities and characters at about size.

Finally, A Dungeons & Dragons Movie That Seems To Understand D&d

“It’s something that not only allows us to explore our issues that we normally can’t express, but also to share with other people, and to create different kinds of social organizations that may not have been available to us in our day-to-day social life. ,” he said.

That’s what makes RPGs so special: you get to take this emotional journey as a different person, figuring out what your priorities are and how you relate to the world. Ideally, you’re on a journey that pushes you to get better in some way; a better person, a better partner, a better parent, a better friend.

The game

Movie About Dungeons And Dragons

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