Movie The In Laws 2003

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Movie The In Laws 2003
Movie The In Laws 2003

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Movie The In Laws 2003

Movie The In Laws 2003

Michael Douglas plays daring secret agent and father of the groom Steve Tobias. Albert Brooks plays Jerry Peyser, a conservative, risk-averse podiatrist and father of the bride. Now, if these two men who have never met before experience the wedding festivities that give Till Death Do Us Part a hilarious new meaning, they will be bound by his each other for life as in law.

The In Laws 1979 The In Laws 2003 (dvd 2 Disc Set) Peter Faulk Alan Arkin Movie 883929014330

Behind the Lens Debbie Lynn Elias [T] her new release in 2003 bears no resemblance to the original except for the premise and the name. November 8, 2019 FULL REVIEW

The Kaleem Aftab List It focuses on two boring old men who try to be tough while bonding in twisted and silly situations. Disaster.April 17, 2019 FULL REVIEW

The Spectator Mark Steyn Fleming and co. they were working from a version that worked very well in 1979, and future interest in this new version will serve as a master class in how not to remake a movie. February 2, 2018 FULL REVIEW

Good Morning AmericaJoel Siegel It’s great to watch Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks having so much fun. It’s also nice to see a summer movie that doesn’t rely on special effects. January 4, 2018 FULL REVIEW

Jack Frost (film)

Times (UK) Barbara Ellen What We Are Left With is a film that carefully aims to be entertainment for the whole family, but you can’t imagine any family member particularly wanting to watch it. January 3, 2018 FULL REVIEW

A lame excuse for 95 minutes of celluloid. . . Andrew Fleming’s film should be banned for sheer laziness alone.

Apollo GuideTerri Clark Like most marriages, it’s more boring than great. The humor is one note, with the same jokes being told and repeated throughout the film. June 17, 2017 FULL REVIEW A comedy remake of the original 1979 film, starring Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks. Horrible podiatrist Jerry Peyser is delighted with the news of his daughter Melissa’s engagement. However, the inevitable stress of the upcoming wedding will be nothing compared to Jerry’s meeting with the groom’s father, Steve, who happens to be an undercover CIA agent.

Movie The In Laws 2003

The gap between an original film and its remake is closing, as this pointless rehash of the 1979 Peter Falk/Alan Arkin comedy proves. Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks take on the roles of a secret agent and a nervous medical worker, respectively – a dentist in the first film, now, for some reason, a podiatrist – who are brought together by the impending marriage of their offspring. Once Brooks accidentally stumbles upon Douglas’ true profession, he becomes involved in a maddened mission that involves being led to a crucial meeting with crazed French arms dealer David Suchet. Candice Bergen and Robin Tunney are among the supporting cast but are grossly underused because, after all, this is a boy’s day. Unfortunately, the over-spent and over-performed film relies entirely on Douglas and Brooks for comedic momentum, but the partnership eventually cracks under the strain.

Ryan Reynolds Lindsay Sloane In Laws Fotos Und Bildmaterial In Hoher Auflösung

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