Movie The Train

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Movie The Train
Movie The Train

Movie The Train – UK Quad / Single Sided / (30″ x 40″) / Printed in England. Stafford & Co Ltd Nottingham and London

“In 1944, a German colonel loaded a train with French art treasures to send to Germany. The resistance should stop it without damaging the cargo.’

Movie The Train

Movie The Train

A great poster for a really dynamic looking British film from 1964. This original British quartet of John Frankenheimer’s The Train is a magnificent piece of Boys Own adventure art. Excellent all-action illustration by Frank McCarthy (best known for Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond posters). From the year of its first release in 1964, this is an original poster for the British film Quad. Originally folded (as issued), the beautifully restored example on offer here has retained the linen to a very high standard and is now displayed and presented to excellent effect in bright and bold colours. Ready to frame this poster represents an extremely rare and beautiful collectible British action film item that is rarely offered for sale.

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“As the Allied forces close in on Paris in August 1944, German Colonel Von Waldheim is desperate to take all of France’s greatest paintings to Germany. The French Resistance wants to stop them from stealing their national treasures, but has received orders from London that they must not be destroyed. Station Master Labich is tasked with planning the train and making everything run smoothly, but he’s also a part of it. from a shrinking group of resistance fighters tasked with preventing the theft. He and others orchestrate an elaborate ruse to prevent the train from ever leaving French territory.”

A unique World War II drama based on a true story. In 1944, as the Allies spread across France from the Normandy landings, the Nazis looted Paris art museums and loaded the works onto a train to take them back home and sell or barter for scarce war materials. It’s a perfectly sensible scheme to be sure, and in reality the train never went any further than the city’s east end, but that shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment of the classic action flick.

At the heart of “The Train” is the clash of wills between Von Waldheim, a cultured but steely Nazi colonel (played well by Paul Scofield) charged with transporting stolen art to Germany, and a railway troubleshooter named Labiche (Burt). Lancaster). Von Waldheim first seeks out Labiche as “insurance” against any monkey business on the train journey. However, Labiche happens to have resistance connections and, with serious reservations, becomes drawn into a desperate, improvised plan to stop the train, preferably without damaging the precious artifacts inside.

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While it can easily be enjoyed as a straight action film, what gives the film weight is the supporting story, in which Labiche first argues against wasting precious lives on a few boxes of paintings he’s never seen, and then gradually emerges when begins: to realize that the Nazis actually held a large piece of France’s heart. Beautiful black-and-white photography, with deep focus and solid supporting performances from a mostly French cast (of which Jeanne Moreau is perhaps the most prominent), convincingly evokes the grim misery of the occupation. John Frankenheimer’s economical direction manages to deliver highly charged action scenes without hiding the human cost as von Waldheim retaliates savagely against mounting efforts to block the train’s passage.

Lancaster, who performed his own stunts, is a great, fierce athlete as he slides down ladders, leaps onto moving locomotives and charges across ridges and fields behind a train. At the same time, he effectively manages to bring subtle authenticity to his character as a jaded, fatalistic railroader.

Finally, the action set pieces are nothing short of stunning and include a mad dash of a train through Allied carpet bombing, a bombardment of a high-speed locomotive and numerous wrecks and derailments, all staged in full scale with period equipment donated by the French National Organisation. Railway.

Movie The Train

A poster that has never been used or displayed and may show minimal signs of age and wear. The wallpaper should not have holes or tears.

The Train Review 3/5

Totally unused wallpaper with fresh, saturated colors. May have minimal tears in folds. No significant holes, paper loss, may have small tears along edges, may have fine holes.

Wallpaper with bright colors and an overall crisp feel. It may have many general signs of use including light fold separation and fold wear. It may have pins or very small tears. This is the highest grade allowed for a poster that has been restored on either linen or paper.

Wallpaper with good colors and overall clean appearance. It may have minor tears, minor paper loss and minor stains. It may have a folding separation.

Overall a medium wallpaper with a fresh color. There may be tears, minor paper loss, minor blurring. Paper may be brittle due to age, may have small stains. May have a small amount of writing in a discreet location. May have medium or large recovery.

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Poster with faded colors and brittle paper showing significant signs of use. Tears and paper loss are possible. The image area may have tape, writing, spots. Needs or has had a major recovery.

Wallpaper that is worn, torn and/or damaged. May have stains, cracks, dry rot and/or large tears. May be very dirty, pieces may be missing. It is in serious need of restoration.

All photos and images used on our website are photos of the actual poster/product you are purchasing, we do not use stock photos.

Movie The Train

11 x 14 inches printed on heavy paper. Used as a display in theater lobbies. Originally made in sets of eight. Some sets have a title card that contains the credits and artwork, mostly a mini poster. The remaining seven cards are color photo credits and posters showing various scenes from the film.

Rats On A Train

14 x 22 inches printed on heavy paper, 4-6 inches high, usually left blank for the local theater owner to fill in with the theater and the date it will be playing. Mostly discontinued in the 1970s.

22 x 28 inches printed on heavy stock. The featured image is usually a smaller version of the main wallpaper, although some have different artwork and sometimes come in two versions.

14 x 36 inches printed on heavy paper. Tabs usually have the same artwork as a single sheet. Popular with collectors because they are smaller and easier to frame. Usually come tri-folded or rolled.

40 x 60 inches printed on heavy stock. Rare as they were mostly only used for big movies. Designed for use outside the cinema, on an easel, usually in a drive-in cinema.

A Beautiful Standee Of A Movie Called Bullet Train Is A 2022 American Action Comedy Film Display At The Cinema Editorial Photo

27 x 41″ printed on paper. This is the most common poster size for display in a glass “tent” house. It is the most sought-after size by collectors. Since the 1980s, most posters have been sent to the cinema. rolled and possibly , slightly smaller at 27″ by 40″, and with the advent of backlit light boxes, more and more modern movie posters are available double-sided and the more traditional single-sided.

41 x 81 inches printed on paper. They were printed on two or three separate sheets intended to overlap, few survive. Used for larger advertising spaces, usually hung on walls, perfect for large drive-in theaters where people can see them from a distance. Beginning in the 1970s, three papers were sometimes printed in one piece and issued as “international” versions for use abroad.

30 x 40″ The most common poster size used in the UK. British squares are horizontal and may have different artwork than an American single sheet. As an American newspaper, they usually come in two versions. As an American single sheet, they are usually supplied single-sided or, more commonly now, as a double-sided poster.

Movie The Train

13 x 28 inches six inches shorter than the US tab, a very nice size for a frame. Italian poster illustrators are some of the best in the business.

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18 x 26″ Glossy, high quality, used as lobby cards in Italy. Sizes vary, portrait or landscape format. Double Photobusta or mini Photobusta also available.

(REASON) 39 x 55 inches This is the standard poster size used in Italy. Italian poster illustrators are some of the best in the business.

47 x 63″ (LARGE) or 24 x 33″ (SMALL) French movie posters usually come with different artwork than US or UK. Like the Italians, some works of art are extremely beautiful. Most popular DVDs have a European region code of 2 and a PAL picture format. Wir bieten aber auch Veröpflichungen aus den USA or die im NTSC-Format und mit dem Ländercode 1 auf den Markt. Dies ist dann in unseren Article details angegeben.

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