Nail Designs Trending Now

Nail Designs Trending Now

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While the fashionistas of the world are dusting off their mini skirts and cream sandals, we beauty lovers are planning our nail ideas for the coming season. Summer – we tend to be more creative and playful with our manicures, so the more information you can find, the better. That’s why it only right to call in the experts to find out what the biggest nail trends of summer 2023 will be.

Nail Designs Trending Now

Nail Designs Trending Now

“Last year, the trends seemed to focus more on brighter neon colors. Pink was one of the colors of summer 2022,” says the brand’s founder and celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. “I think we’ll see more changes to your nails this summer, but we’ll look good.” It’s no surprise that popular trends like milky manis and glazed nails continue to dominate both on and off the red carpet.

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However, Nailing Hollywood CEO and celebrity nail artist Mazz Hanna believes that no matter what the celebrities do, you should find something that suits your unique style. “There are no rules about what colors or designs you should put on your nails,” she says. “It depends on what everyone likes and what you feel best about.”

Nail Designs Trending Now

Below, Lippmann and Hanna highlight seven nail trends that they predict will be everywhere by summer 2023.

Some colors are simply seasonal classics, and pastels fall into that category. “Summer is the best time for pastel colors. In my opinion, it is the best alternative to nude and classic red. Soft, light colors are very refreshing, says Lippmann. In the same way, Hanna points out, trendy manicures such as Polly Pocket- and Barbie nails in the pastel family.

Nail Designs Trending Now

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“I think there is elegance in the natural nail look,” says Lippmann. “Fine nails are becoming more and more of a trend, especially with the clean-girl aesthetic that has taken the space by storm in recent months.” She notes that the milky nail trend could also fall under this umbrella, and adds that natural milky co to complete the look, suggests using a shade like Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Color ($20) in Like A Virgin .

Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Rihanna regularly wear multi-dimensional nail art, and soon you will too. “3D nails will remain popular all summer long, especially with all the innovation in building gel,” says Hanna. According to her, such an accent could even find its way into pedicures in warmer weather.

Nail Designs Trending Now

“The great thing about the nail polish trend is that while it has become popular because of its neutral glaze, it can be added to any manicure for extra shine,” says Lippmann. “So whether you want bright pink or subtle pink, everyone can get in on this trend.”

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We’ve all welcomed the return of the French manicure, but Lippman says to expect an increase in colorful interpretations of the classic style. “The options are endless: what color the base coat is and what color the tip is,” he says. “I’ve already seen several combinations of colorful French tips with additional designs, and I think we’ll see more pastel or even floral images in the French manicure this season.”

Nail Designs Trending Now

Korean nails became popular in the US last fall, and Hanna says the style is making a comeback this summer. Consider this trend a fresh take on pure ombre pink: the color is concentrated in the center of the nail to give it a blush effect.

An almond nail is a long oval shape with a soft point. It is very popular among those who choose to get extensions or tips because it goes well with nail art, but is also achievable if your natural length is long enough. “I think it’s very European and elegant, and it’s the nail shape I’m most asked for right now,” says Lippmann. Think of it as a slightly elevated version of your usual round shape.

Nail Designs Trending Now

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There are summer shades and there are characteristic summer shades. Both experts agree it is lavender

Color to take over our feeds this year. “People have been adding lavender to their list of neutrals for this season, and I think many people are loving lavender manicures and even adding a designer or chrome finish to enhance the look,” says Lippmann. Hanna also suggests lightening the shade with a soft ombre design. Rebecca is a niche contributing writer specializing in all things nails. She worked in beauty editorial for seven years.

Nail Designs Trending Now

After months of holiday nail art inspiration (think New Year’s nails, Valentine’s Day manicures, and St. Patrick’s Day nail art ideas), April offers more room for interpretation. If you celebrate Easter or Ramadan, you can adopt a manicure designed with matching colors. However, if you just want to embrace the fresh feeling of spring, choosing a softer pastel palette is a good place to start. From there you can decide whether you want an all-over color, classic French tips, or a modern negative space design. However, other nail trends of 2023 may include elements such as retro-inspired fringes or emoji accents. And flowers are always welcome in April. The point is: there are many ways to paint nails in April. Ahead you’ll find more than a dozen ways to do this.

Coolest Summer Nails To Know For 2023

Pantone color of the year – Viva Magenta – this floral manicure is especially perfect for April. Nail artist Anna Bahn used Holo Taco Nail Polish ($12) in What Do You Pink?, High Choi Hibiscus, Not Milky White, Laven-Duh and Work Bestie to create the look.

Nail Designs Trending Now

Blue is a popular April color because of the bright blue sky and frequent rain showers that fill the moon. For a pop of color, consider copying this graphic two-tone blue mirrored nail art idea.

Although it is still a bit cold, the flowers start to bloom as early as April. We love how this bright nail art idea captures this concept with cool glitter and cornflower blue flowers. Although nail artist Aistė Haas was kind enough to share all the products and tools she used to create this look, given the complexity of this design, you’ll want to take a photo for inspiration and have your nail artist paint it.

Nail Designs Trending Now

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Would you rather give your nails an all-over color? We love this multicolored monochrome mani look. Each toe sticks to a color family and emphasizes a spring-appropriate contrast.

How fun is this colorful houndstooth mani? Made with a mix of bold and pastel colors, this is a fun nail look that works well in April and other warmer months of the year.

Nail Designs Trending Now

Here we have another brilliant nail art idea for April. Made with pastel neon colors, this nail look has retro lava lamp vibes that we can’t get enough of.

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Prefer a more refined, minimalist nail look? This periwinkle blue French manicure with floral accents is a beautiful option.

Nail Designs Trending Now

Shades of green are popular in April, which means a beautiful floral nail design is a great idea for the month. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to recreate. All you need is a point tool to create the flowers. Simply place one bright pink dot on top of five light pink dots. Cover everything with a top coat.

We love how easily DIY flower nail art ideas can be turned into an April-ready mani. While it’s relatively easy to recreate the flowers and diamonds in this nail design, the swirls stand out a little more clearly. Try using a nail art brush with fine liner, like the one in the Beetles Nail Art Liner Brush 5-Piece Set ($10).

Nail Designs Trending Now

Best Gel Nail Design

One of our favorite nail art ideas for April, this manicure features swirled flowers, French tips, and swirls by checking several boxes of nail art trends for 2023.

This tricolor green nail art idea perfectly captures the freshness of the grass growing and the flowers blooming in April.

Nail Designs Trending Now

Remember: you can never go wrong with floral nail art accents in April. This particular design is quite complex, so you will need professional help to recreate it.

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A pastel swirl mani with a white outline and negative space feels bold and retro, making it absolutely perfect for spring.

Nail Designs Trending Now

While many swirly nail art ideas require the precision of a professional artist, these purple and pale yellow nails may be perfect for DIY. To recreate the look, choose glosses like purple and yellow and use a fine liner brush to create creases. Finish with a top coat.

We don’t know about you, but we’re super excited to see retro nail art make an appearance this year. These multicolored pastel circle nails are just too cute to pass up.

Nail Designs Trending Now

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For a more vibrant nail art look this April, consider copying this lavender watercolor manicure. Haas has kindly shared every product they used to create this mani here; However, it is a complex issue

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