New Scary Movie Coming Out

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New Scary Movie Coming Out
New Scary Movie Coming Out

New Scary Movie Coming Out – A new horror film is coming just in time for Halloween as The Smile hits the big screen in the coming days. Here’s what the full cast and reviews are saying as it opens in the UK.

As Halloween creeps closer to the minds of moviegoers, Hollywood is gearing up to bring its spookiest new movies to the big screen.

New Scary Movie Coming Out

New Scary Movie Coming Out

And this year, the directorial debut of American director Parker Finn might just be the pick of the bunch, as he delivers his new film Smile, which promises plenty of terror.

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Finn releases his new horror blockbuster this month to prove that no matter what you do, maybe the cover doesn’t have to be flipped.

The terrifying trailer fueled the excitement of viewers around the world, with the two-minute-and-22-second trailer featuring several terrifying characters smiling as a strange phenomenon takes over their bodies.

The film follows therapist Dr. Rose Cotter as she witnesses a violent and traumatic incident involving a patient named Laura.

Dr. Cotter sees an intense horror engulfing his daily life and confronts it to face the challenges of his past in order to survive the ordeal.

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Produced by Paramount Pictures, Parker was approached in 2020 to write and direct the film adaptation of her short film, which follows a young woman who seeks help from her therapist to overcome a recurring nightmare.

The short film already won the Special Jury Recognition Award for the SXSW Midnight Short category in March 2020, and in September 2021 the film was announced under the title Something’s Wrong, which was later changed to Smile.

Produced by Marty Bowen, Wyke Godfrey, Isaac Klausner and Robert Salerno, the film stars Sauce Bacon (13 Reasons Why) as Dr. Rose Cotter and stars Jessie T. Usher (Independence Day: Resurgence) in a supporting role.

New Scary Movie Coming Out

It also stars Cal Penn (Van Wilder: Rise of the Crown), Kyle Gallner (Scream) and Rob Morgan (Stranger Things).

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Elsewhere, there’s a starring role from former Neighbors actress Caitlin Stacey, who plays Dr Cotter’s patient Laura.

Judy Reyes, Jillian Zinser, Kevin Keppy, Nick Arapoglou, Sarah Kapner and Jack Sochet also star in the film.

Cineworld premiered the film to Unlimited members on September 26, and reviews from critics have been overwhelmingly positive.

The popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 79%, meaning the website is “fresh”.

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Polygon’s Tasha Robinson enjoyed the film, commenting that it “rocks the brain and unapologetically scares,” while IndieWire reviewer Marisa Mirabal also praised Finn’s film, saying, “Smile captures an unhealed wound through a unnatural and confrontational lens. maliciously, despite feeling grim. other stories.”

“But why is that?” Film critic Kate Sanchez said, “Smile isn’t great, but it’s a fun movie to see at the theater with some high-quality scares,” while Katie Rife of was unimpressed by the horror film, adding: “As You Improve From a roughly 11-minute film to a nearly two-hour film, Smile draws not only on a formal mystery plot, but on horror themes and imagery drawn from popular hits like The Ring and It Follows . . .

Given an 18 rating by the BBFC due to its gory violence, viewers can expect a full-on Halloween terror.

New Scary Movie Coming Out

The duration of the film is 1 hour and 55 minutes, which means that we can only have epic horror. A family in a Los Angeles apartment building experiences a night of hell when the mother (Alyssa Sutherland) is possessed by a demon in the horror film “The Evil Dead.”

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The “Evil Dead” horror franchise continues to go global, with one hellish night rising for one family in “The Evil Dead Rises” (in theaters Friday). Some things stayed the same, because bad things always happen when you read the book of the dead. And while Bruce Campbell’s accidental hero Ash Williams has been the lead for four decades, “Rise” gives way to a possessed mother who will scare the socks off you.

The low-budget cult classic The Evil Dead, released to moviegoers in 1983, features a plot that would become a franchise: a group of innocent bystanders “with no special abilities” stumble upon the (made up) Book of the Dead. Rise executive producer Campbell, who starred in the first three Evil Dead films, says the characters (made of human skin and written in blood) escape the cabin and “their lives are turned upside down, and not in a good way. .” and the television series “Ashes against the Dead”.

In the new film, this unfortunate scenario occurs for tattoo artist Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), her three children and her aunt Beth (Lily Sullivan) on the top floor of an apartment building. Writer/director Lee Cronin saw a way to push the limits of an Evil Dead movie with an urban setting and a family element: “Having a loving, powerful mother and subverting everything that’s great about a person like that with evil is ripe for the psychological horror. war.” I felt,” he says.

For Sam Raimi, who directed the first three “Evil Dead” movies and is an executive producer on “Rise,” one of the franchise’s strengths is its monsters. When demonic forces enter people and turn them dead, “it’s not about losing them in a spongy mass with mouths that open four feet wide,” he says. “It’s about seeing their faces.” Their eyes change and they’re definitely scarier than before, but they still look like the people they were before, “so they’re half friend, half evil demon.”

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Inspired by the maddening sarcasm of the first Evil Dead movies, the new film features Deadite Ellie uttering terrifying phrases like “Mommy now with maggots” and sweetly trying to get her 9-year-old son to open a locked door. And Sutherland loved every minute of the scare: “I wanted it to be psychologically terrifying for the kids,” says the Aussie actress. “What’s the worst way a mother can do that to her kids? Teasing them and making fun of them was more psycho to me.”

Old-school fans will recognize much of “The Evil Dead Rises” right from the start: The film begins just as the original did, with a “shaking camera” through the woods from the perspective of a dark and terrifying presence. (Back in the day, Raimi did it on the cheap with two guys with two-by-four cameras. “It was out of necessity,” he says. “We didn’t have money for breakfast).

But fully immersed in Cronin’s story, Raimi asked him to delete a series of callbacks. “If I went up to guys and said there’s no Saw in this movie, they wouldn’t blink,” says Cronin. “But I wish there was a saw.”

New Scary Movie Coming Out

Longtime “Evil Dead” producer Rob Tapert loves a couple of “Evil Dead 2” favorites: a pizza box for a Dead baddie “that makes me laugh every time I see it” and a scene from elevator that is “a lot of blood”. to the 1987 film Ashes. scared” and uses the angry fly. “It’s fun to walk in gold molds,” he says.

Friday, February 10

The Evil Dead brain trust approached Cronin about filming after seeing 2019’s A Hole in the Ground, and his goal with the franchise is to find new filmmakers who want to tell new stories at the box office.

Raimi presents “big ideas for all new filmmakers to get on board with.” We tried to spit it out a little faster,” says Campbell, who won’t be seen as Ash in Rise for the first time. (He appeared briefly in a post-credits scene in 2013’s The Evil Dead.) “We’re all crying. We get new blood in there.”

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