New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

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New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend
New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend – . But with the fall movie season upon us, the thrills and chills will likely only grow as ghost season heats up. On the streaming front, Hocus Pocus 2 was released on September 30th on Disney+, and has been rebooted

Hit Hulu on October 7. But here are some must-see horror movies that are already showing or coming to theaters soon in time for Halloween.

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

, is often described as the perfect movie to walk into without knowing much about the plot. Georgina Campbell plays a young woman who discovers that her new home has a dark secret. Some critics have compared

New Horror Movies 2020

Twists and turns of James Wan’s 2021 hit Malignant. So fans should probably expect the unexpected. Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long are teammates.

Director Tee West delivered one of the most popular horror films of the year in X. Now it’s quickly following up that film with this prequel, which once again features Mia Goth as the title character. This critically acclaimed sequel explores Pearl’s origins and adds immeasurably to the viewing experience in every way

Sometimes the most effective horror comes in seemingly innocuous packages. After all, what’s wrong with a smile? Well, writer-director Parker Finn – in his feature directorial debut – is about to show audiences the answer to that question. Based on the 2020 short film by Finn

) as a doctor tormented by terrifying visions. The trailer of the film has already made a big impression. Soon fans will find out if the movie lives up to that.

Fear Has A New Face: Five Korean Horror Movies To Watch In 2022

To exert such influence. That film served as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original and even brought back Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode. Although it is 2021

Was less well-received than its predecessor, we imagine fans will still be flocking to see director David Gordon Green complete his trilogy with The Witcher’s End – there were plenty of thrills and chills. But horror fans can rest easy knowing there will be another one in 2023

A good year for the genre. From dark versions of classic children’s stories to reboots of hit 70s horror franchises, you’ll be peeking under the covers for months this year.

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

For die-hard horror fanatics, scary movies aren’t just for October, so we’ve compiled a list of highly anticipated scary movies premiering throughout the year. Check back here often as we’ll be updating it in real time as new movies are announced and trailers hit YouTube.

Halloween Horror Guide: The 10 Best New Movies To Watch

Episode with miley cyrus and the doll, then this is the movie for you. What happens when a robotic, anthropomorphic doll becomes a little girl’s new best friend? Nothing good.

What it’s about: This sinister film follows a detective named Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) who investigates the murder of a West Point cadet. Realizing that the victim’s fellow cadets won’t help him solve the case, Augustus enlists the help of a cadet, a young man known as Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling) – yes,

FYI, Harry Melling is best known for playing the nasty Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter films, so seeing him in a completely different role sounds like a real treat.

What it’s about: Two friends decide to quarantine themselves in an isolated lake house during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, they are not alone and are soon haunted by a sinister figure.

Horror Movies That Will Be Released In January 2023

, co-authored this film with Catelyn Crabb. The film stars Gideon Adlon, who played Becca on Netflix’s canceled series Inside,

, aka actor Jonathan Bennett, this horror film directed by Colton Tran follows five friends who are snowed in an isolated cabin on New Year’s Eve and slowly start to go crazy.

What it’s about: Two couples go on a weekend getaway with their kids, but the good times don’t last after the kids disappear into the woods. When the children are found, one of the adults believes that something sinister and supernatural is happening to them.

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

What it’s about: This film revival of the hit MTV series that ended in 2017 reunites most

Go Away (2023) Home Invasion Horror

A new evil emerging in Beacon Hills brings together old friends and allies to fight a deadly enemy.

Starring Alexander Skarsgård, this film follows a wealthy couple enjoying a vacation at an island resort. However, after an accident occurs outside the resort that turns their happy world upside down, they must fight for survival.

The society’s zero-tolerance policy for crime leaves them with two options: to be executed or to pay an ungodly amount of money

What it’s about: In the middle of the night, two siblings wake up to find their father missing and the doors and windows of their house missing. As the night progresses, the children notice that more and more items in their house begin to disappear.

James Wan Pushes Back Against Horror Fans Complaining That M3gan Isn’t R Rated

What it’s about: A family of three on vacation who run their own business are soon taken hostage by a group of four mysterious strangers. According to them, the family must make a choice to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

What it’s about: Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are NOT your friends in this Hundred Acre Wood character slasher.

After Christopher Robin (Nicolai Leon) leaves his childhood friends to go to college, they feel abandoned and quickly become killers. However, their rampage reaches a new peak when Christopher finally returns to the forest to introduce his old friends to his new wife.

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

What it’s about: What’s scarier than coming face to face with a bear? Come face to face with a coke-addled bear.

Biggest Horror Movies Releasing March 2023

Based on a true story (yes, really!), this horror-comedy follows a bear who has taken a load of cocaine and goes on a drug-fueled killing spree.

What it’s about: Creepy kids go on a killing spree in a small Nebraska town after the adults destroy the community’s crops. However, one teenager refuses to join a gang of murderous children, which quickly creates tension in the town.

, this sixth installment follows four survivors who leave the fictional town of Woodsboro to start a new life in New York. Of course, they still can’t escape Ghostface’s clutches.

Hayden Panettiere returns to the franchise as Kirby. Unfortunately, the beloved “final girl” of the saga, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), will not be returning due to a salary disagreement.

Ap Summer Movie Preview

The new teaser reveals that Ghostface followed the survivors to Manhattan, riding a crowded subway car on Halloween night. With almost everyone dressed in costume, it’s almost easy to miss the masked villain – but then they strike.

What it’s about: Russell Crowe stars as the real-life Father Gabriel Amorth, a priest who performed more than 100,000 exorcisms before passing away in 2016.

This film was inspired by one of his cases about a possessed boy and a centuries-old conspiracy that the Vatican is trying to keep secret.

New Scary Movies Coming Out This Weekend

What it’s about: Remember when the entire internet went crazy over those photos of Nicolas Cage walking around New Orleans dressed as Dracula? Well, it was for this movie. For those who don’t know the original

Here’s How To Watch ‘evil Dead Rise’ Online Free: Is Evil Dead Rise (2023) Streaming On Hbo Max, Netflix Or At Home

Is a horror comedy that follows the exploits of Renfield (Nicolas Hoult), who leaves his job for Dracula (Nicolas Cage) after falling in love with a traffic cop named Rebecca Quincy (Aquafina).

What it’s about: If you prefer “sublime horror,” aka “scary but with complex emotional and thematic underpinnings,” as Jenna Ortega’s character describes in the opening act of “Scream,” then this is the movie for you.

, his new film follows the life of a successful entrepreneur who has serious mommy issues. How does that plot make a scary movie? Check out the insane trailer below and see for yourself.

Franchise, this film tells the story of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short when they are forced to battle sinister creatures known as the Deaditis.

How To Watch ‘evil Dead Rise’ Online Free

Dianna Agron stars in this film about a woman who, under pressure to have children, agrees to participate in a clinical trial to fix her apparently broken biological clock.

Tells the story of two siblings reeling from the death of their mother. But when a sinister presence enters their lives, they beg their grieving father to pay attention before something terrible happens.

What it’s about: This indie thriller depicts the true horrors of social media. Tom hired Jess, a successful streamer who secretly films people and posts the clips online, to complete the script. The first red flag? They do it in a secluded cabin. Another red flag? Tom definitely did

Who runs the brand’s Snapchat Discover channel. She also covers entertainment topics specializing in nostalgia, such as classic Disney Channel content from the ’90s and ’00s and Nickelodeon content.

New Thriller & Horror Movies And Shows To Watch In March 2023

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