Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

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Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre – I haven’t posted a recipe on the blog for a few days and it’s not because I don’t keep up with the daily cooking, what happens is that my dishes are the dishes of life, I have the boys at home, and a relaxing salad in the heat is the only thing that makes it. you want.

The recipe for gazpacho is one I learned from my husband’s grandmother, Seve, who used to decorate every dish she made. I would stand by him while he was cooking and learn from him while he was cooking. A kiss from heaven

Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

We are a little silly with the memory and we start preparing it.

Sandwich De Miga “veganya”

3. Now we add salt, vinegar to taste and oil. Beat again and add water.

4. Pass the mixture through a sieve with a mortar and pestle, it will be fine.

You can drink it in a glass as a soft drink or as a snack along with chopped vegetables. I have a bottle in the fridge and I love soda.

You should take advantage of the tomato season, which is when they really taste the tomatoes and the many types of garden vegetables that we have.

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You know what happens in my house is that my children are not very amused, they like salty things a lot, so me and my husband came out with success hahahahaha like olive oil, vinegar and raw vegetables: usually tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion and garlic.

It is often served cold during the hot summer months. The origin of the current gazpacho is uncertain, although it is considered to be a dish found in Andalusia, where olive oil and fields are abundant, and summers are very dry and hot, which is why it is called gazpacho. . Andalus. Despite this, the origin of gazpacho as a “crushed” dish precedes the use of vegetables in its preparation and dates back to Al-Andalus.

The original gazpacho was a mixture of bread, olive oil and vinegar, which fed the Iberian peasants of southern Spain and Portugal for centuries. Now there are different types of both cold and hot. Cold includes ajoblanco and salmorejo. And hot, Manchego or Galiano gazpachos.

Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

Now that detox and slimming drinks are popular, I invite you to read an article from a popular magazine comparing these green and bitter drinks in fashion, and the benefits of gazpacho ( without bread) and its products. Why drink these drinks when in Spain we have been making the best, gazpacho, for centuries. In short, the taste of colors, and everything in this life is respect. You can read the article here.

Pan De Molde Con Sesamo Y Mielespe Saavedra, En La Cocina:

There are countless gazpacho recipes, all with a common base, and what I’m giving you is my personal way of making it, with numbers to serve as a guide. I hope you enjoy it.

The first thing we have to do is to remove the onion and garlic and wash all the ingredients. We cut the garlic in half and remove the heart, so that it does not return. We remove the upper part of the pepper and clean the seeds well.

In the pot or pan we use, we put a glass of water, bread cut into small pieces, oil and vinegar, salt and cumin. We put it well so that everything is mixed.

Now we chop the rest of the ingredients and put them in the pan. We cut the cucumbers with the whole skin, we only cut the tips, because the skin is where most of the vitamins and properties of cucumbers are. Even though we cut everything, the less work it costs us to spend on the mixer.

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We stir well so that the flavors combine, salt, cumin, etc… we put it in the pan until the next day. This step is, in my opinion, what makes the difference in taste and flavor.

You can see all the juice obtained by resting at night, which will bring flavor. We had a good time with the blender and then mash and straighten, if needed salt and/or vinegar. I always store them in glass jars and they keep well in the fridge. I put a few drops of oil on the surface and cover the stop, ready to eat when you feel like it. You can decorate glasses or cups with a few slices of cucumber and some thin slices of peel and finish with a few drops of oil on top. And follow his decoration, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and bread cut into small cubes so that every dinner can be served as a side dish. We love it just the way it is, drink it without chewing, it’s a matter of taste…

Here you have my special way of making a delicious dish, summer style, which is Andalusian gazpacho. I just hope you like it and it helps you fight the summer heat with a nice cold glass of gazpacho. I don’t know if it is still stored in some house, but we have lived with it and will continue to transfer it when we get the chance.

Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

I will always remember when we moved into our permanent home, in Calle Matadero. Our grandmother came one day, before we were there, to bring our mother a sack of salt and a jar of olive oil. It was the first thing that was allowed in a house, explained our grandmother Natalia, so she was never out of it.

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That day he also brought one kilo of bread and sugar, so we had a light meal of oil and sugar, like almost every afternoon.

Soon after, our aunt María Remedios moved to the next house, and it was our mother who bought oil and salt, which were never missing.

So, all these years, our mother used to bring oil and salt to every house we stayed in, and later we were the ones who brought these precious items to family members or friends who opened their homes. .

After a while we came across new neighbors and friends on the street, and the first thing we thought of was salt and oil, so let’s go to work: a small bottle of salt from Hortales salt and a bottle a little olive oil Olvera. two of our farm assets.

Recetario Valle Y Vega. Col Asada Con Vinagreta De Pistachos 😋

This would not have much meaning, except for the restoration of traditions, if it were not for the fact that we tried to find the origin of this practice on the Internet until we reached the Jewish traditions.

We know that salt is one of the most abundant mineral substances in nature, and it was popular in ancient times, because of its nutritional and medicinal properties for humans, and on the other hand, it is important to express the taste of food. . it’s taste. It was used to preserve food and was also attributed with religious meanings, evil forces and even important properties in alchemy. Its industrialization begins before the Romanization, promoted by the Romans; Pagan and Christian worship was part of their sacred rituals, such as baptism, the purification of temples, the blessing of water.

On the other hand, Andalusia has almost one and a half million hectares of olive trees. This ancient crop, which has been established in our autonomous communities for thousands of years, is of vital importance to the region. Its impact is reflected in both economic and environmental aspects, but also in social and cultural aspects.

Pan Con Agua Aceite Sal Y Vinagre

We also learned that in Jewish tradition, the first items brought into a new home are: bread and salt. His interpretation is wonderful: the bread is that the inhabitants of the house will never be hungry, while the salt will attract a life “full of taste”.

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So, of course, like all the traditions of our ancestors, everything was related to everything and we inherited the Jewish tradition of bringing important things to a new home, adding oil that is closely connected to our gastronomy. For this reason it is a requirement that it is in the fridge until today when it cools down and you don’t have to take it all the time, just do it. Save this recipe for convenience when you want to cook it. This dessert cannot be missing from any menu and it has two important things: it is very easy to make and it is cheap. Add olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper.

I liked a lot about my grandparents’ house

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