Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

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Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs
Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

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Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Soft paper rabbit bedding is the crème de la crème … the best pet bedding (if you’re looking for softness and safety). 100% natural virgin fiber, we lay … well, it’s just stones.

Bedding Set Pet Guinea Pig Bed Linen 155 X 220 Cm Family Hamster Duvet Cover Set 3d Printed Bed Set For Children Boys Girls Animal Theme Room Decoration 3 Pieces Zip :

First, our paper mattress is completely soft. It is very important for our animals. Comfort is important. In addition, he drinks. One of our biggest concerns (besides pet health, of course) is smell when we’re in the process of creating this little pet bed. We don’t believe in extra deodorants (or non-natural ingredients) so we try to make our surfaces drinkable. Finally, better absorption = less odor. And less smell = happier you. Happy = happy animals.

Now let’s talk about security; The most important thing to consider when choosing bedding. Our soft tissue paper is 99% dust free. It is sludge free and does not use recycled media. Tobacco. No additives, dyes or irritants. There is none. Zero. So sleep well. You don’t have to worry about breathing problems or other health problems.

If you are composting your garden or yard, we recommend 100% cellulose fiber and 100% brown composted bedding.

P.S. To give you a way to know what these sizes mean in the real world: a large bed bag is filled with approx. 20 large litter boxes with about 3 inches of soft tissue paper.

Guinea Pig Bed Soft Fleece Rat Bed Guinea Pig Bedding,hamster Bed Sleeping

P.P.S. We recommend removing solid or dirty areas between changes and changing the bed sheets every two to two days (or flour to prevent large wet areas where your pet stands). Bed linen can cause urinary tract infections.

Please note: weight will always vary and actual size is determined by user size, not weight. The number of beds may vary; heavier than natural bedding. However, even in the same category, the weight will be different.

You want the best products, services and information, and we want to be there for you and your little one.

Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Select one of our locations (if you’re in the EU, select the UK location only). You’re on your way to Happy Exploration! The most important thing you can do for your pigs is to provide them with a clean environment. Your pig’s bedding plays an important role in the cleanliness of its home. What makes a pig’s bed? Let’s take a deeper look. In addition to being supportive and comfortable for the guinea pig, the pig bed should be breathable, durable, and easy to clean. Taking the time and effort to find the right cage line for you and your pigs will pay off in cleaning time, long lines, and expensive pet bills to keep you safe. problems. Guinea pigs are intelligent animals and as responsible pet parents it is our responsibility to ensure that guinea pigs live in a safe and clean environment. The fact that you are taking the time to research and read this article proves that you are well on your way to becoming a great guinea pig parent! These animals need a lot of love, care and attention. Your pigs are lucky to have you.

How To Use Fleece As Guinea Pig Bedding: 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to the health of pigs, maintaining their environment is essential to their happiness and well-being. One of the most important things that guinea pig parents can do is to keep their environment clean to prevent respiratory diseases. Skipping these hygiene steps can leave parents with expensive pet bills, and worse, shorten their pet’s lifespan.

You may be wondering what is the best bedding for guinea pigs. In this blog post, I want to share all my thoughts on the best guinea pig bedding products. These findings are based on market research, research papers, interviews with real experts (veterinarians and relevant laboratory researchers) and personal experience. Let’s get to it!

The most important and basic function of rodent bed is the ability to absorb harmful moisture from urine and feces. Thus, sleeping plays an important role in slowing the growth of bacteria. It also reduces the production of gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, and accumulates harmful bacteria. To prevent all these things from accumulating, dolphins need to lie down in their cages.

Guinea pigs are susceptible to various diseases, viral diseases are the most common. A survey conducted by the Institute for Animal Welfare found that 40 percent of parents reported that their pigs had contracted a bacterial infection at least once in their lives. This research confirmed the information I got from talking to different experts.

Found Guinea Pig!

Veterinarians and laboratory researchers with a lot of experience with guinea pigs tell me that bacterial diseases are the most common diseases in these animals. In addition, they found that, in most cases, upper respiratory infections are the most common cause of death.

And research papers show that simple illnesses like viral infections can lead to serious illness and even sudden death. Yes, these possibilities are scary. But with the right information and caution, such things can be avoided!

In the previous article, we discussed how upper respiratory infections are the most common diseases in guinea pigs. The image above supports this statement. The second most common infection is urinary tract infection, which accounts for 47% of the “Other” category. All types of infection can be prevented with the use of Premium Liner, our popular pig cage liner.

Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

As pet pig parents, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to prevent bacterial infections. Reducing the chance of bacterial infection will increase the chances of our dolphins living longer and healthier lives.

Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

This is why choosing the right bedding for your guinea pig is important. There will always be a wide selection of different lines and breeds of guinea pigs. Unfortunately, most of it is of poor quality, and some is sold as bedding for guinea pigs and other small animals, but it is dangerous for dolphins.

At the same time, different brands make different products, which makes it more difficult for consumers (especially new parents) to choose the right product for pigs. You may ask what bedding should not be used for guinea pigs.

I will talk about this type of bed, and rank them from the worst guinea pig bed to the best guinea pig bed, with some information to support my position. At the end of this article, I will talk about what frustrated me as a parent of three small dolphins, which convinced me that I should start.

From worst to best: different types of pig bedding. What bed is best for guinea pigs? Cedar bedding and pine bedding (soft shavings)

Cali Cavy Collective: A Blog About All Things Guinea Pig: Secrets Of Fleece Bedding For Guinea Pigs Revealed

Of course, cedar and pine beds have a fresh forest scent. But contrary to popular belief, “natural” is not always good. Most new guinea pig parents buy cedar and pine bedding because they are cheap and readily available. They also found that grass is effective in suppressing the smell of dolphin urine.

But did you know that cedar and pine toxins affect the respiratory system and liver of dolphins? According to an article cited in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the acid in softwood bark kills the bacteria that line the lungs and trachea of ​​pigs. Not only this, the experiments showed that the poison obtained from the bed of pine and cedar in dolphins can destroy the liver of these small animals.

All of these popular types of guinea pig bedding have well-documented toxicity and should never be used on guinea pigs.

Pet Bedding For Guinea Pigs

For example, people who work in cedar and pine industries are more likely to develop asthma than those who work in dust-free environments. A similar phenomenon occurs among our angry friends, but at a deeper level. Guinea pigs have a smaller nose and respiratory system than us humans, so they are at risk of contracting diseases, especially respiratory diseases.

Here’s How To Save On Supplies For Your Guinea Pigs

Living and sleeping on cedar shavings will continue to irritate their bodies. The parts of their bodies that are most susceptible to infections are the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. When in these organs

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