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Piercing Movie
Piercing Movie

Piercing Movie – A mischievous troll who knows what you expect and constantly plays with those expectations. Director Nicholas Pesce’s screenplay is based on the novel by Japanese author Ryū Murakami, best known in the West for The Last Jedi.

It uses extreme horror and violence frames to challenge the plot’s underlying ideas. as well as its appeal to general horror film audiences.

Piercing Movie

Piercing Movie

It’s about gender roles. Violence is an expression of trauma here. as well as the driving force of the relationship

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The torturer – whom audiences may watch with unusual passion, empathy, compassion, or even sympathy – is a handsome character type

The piercing initially seems to produce one such character: family man Reed (Christopher Abbott), who feels a strong compulsion and does not want his baby to be stabbed with an ice pick. He thought the best way to get rid of this demon was to kill someone and “remove it from their system.” He plans to hire and kill a sex worker while on a business trip. The 81-minute film wastes no time. And all within the first five minutes. Then the question arises in front of the audience what kind of film they will see. Will this turn into torture porn? Cat chases mice? The joke about making a mistake when Reed’s plan goes awry? The answer is all and none of it.

Reed’s target is Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), a bondage specialist who doesn’t prove what he expected. and shakes off his meticulous assassination plot from the start. They soon find themselves in a back-and-forth struggle for dominance that reflects the insecurities of their early romantic relationship. The film is a two-handed performance with other actors. least appear And the two main actors have exceptional content. Abbott is nervous. Playing an ambitious psychopath using the power of his shy boyfriend on his first date, Wasikowska plays Jackie like she’s devastated. and break through to see how far she can sink Discovering Reed’s desire to be with her is a powerful antidote to her lonely malaise. The fact that he wanted to stay to kill her (Or maybe he really is attracted to like-minded people?) just adds spice to their dance.

Showcasing Reed and Jackie’s rendezvous is Punch and Judy’s moody routine, with outbursts of violence that are both funny and terrifying in equal measure. The kind that still respects the character’s pain. and regardless of harassment or physical abuse there is a tendency to please bloodhounds without provoking misogyny in anyone. And also in a creative way. (The film contains what I believe to be the first cinematic trailer for a brutal attack on a tin can opener.) The fact that the exterior is designed with dummy objects adds to the unrealistic effect of voyeuristic voyeurism. Show a quick look down the back alley.

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Discover how people aggravate their pain by inflicting pain on others in hopes of healing them. and how to express it in interpersonal relationships The audience’s inability to recognize Jackie’s origins. (Let’s assume that’s exactly what happens to sex workers.) That upsets the balance a bit. However, she’s still more of a character than a number. At its core, Jackie is not the ship where Reed ultimately finds curse or salvation. As in

Failure of the Male Lead Murakami’s novels seem to delve deeper into the psychology of the characters and grapple with situations that are perceived by women rather than humans. Too bad instead of a humorous adaptation of this story. But even though it’s flatter than the basics, the film is still a lot of fun.

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Piercing Movie

Director: Nicolas Pesce Cast: Christopher Abbott, Olivia Bond, Laia Costa, Maria Dixia, Marin Ireland, Dakota Lustig, Mia Wasikowska No. 18, 81 minutes

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Sleek and stylish, Nicolas Pesce’s comedy horror is as off-putting and humorous as it is alternate. In this adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s cult novel, Pesce strikes a balance between humor and Grand Guignol-style thriller tactics. Essentially a two-handed operation, the film allows it to feature and star appearances from the quirky Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott

Abbott plays Reed, a handsome businessman who hints at him to Ted Bundy. Maybe he has a spiritual addiction. But he also spoke very politely. Reed had to think early on about attacking the newborn with an ice pick. when he was on a business trip he plans to kill an English speaking prostitute to control his sexual desires. Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), the woman he hires, turns out to be even more perverted than he is. They immediately created a unit.

Pesce leads his character to a dark place. There is what the British Film Rating Board calls “the best film in the world”. Here, both Reed and Jackie are obsessed with BDSM and self-harm, but always spend time killing or torturing each other to eat soup together.

There’s something amusing about Reed’s meticulous way of orchestrating his crimes. by trying to predict whether or not he will have to change his clothes and what to do with any blood that may have spilled. The killer was very upset that he was making too much noise in his hotel room. New to the world of S&M, he rehearsed his line “Can I Bind You?” over and over before his victim arrived. He put all the terrible tortures on the bed. As he begins practicing his kill moves, Pesce adds sound effects that make it appear like he’s actually attacking someone.

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Wasikowska has always been good at playing outside. Her character here is like a comedic and playful version of a corrupt young woman who arrives in a very degenerate Hollywood in David Cronenberg’s satire.

The two characters take turns experiencing a bond and witnessing violence. Some of the scenes looked very scary. But funny interludes followed regularly. Reed and Jackie couldn’t figure out if they wanted to hurt each other or help each other. They acted more like shy young lovers than monsters.

Music is used in an ironic and playful way. The funny theme song over the credits makes the film look like a 1970s police series.

Piercing Movie

It doesn’t last long (only about 80 minutes) and you feel like the writers and director are struggling to lengthen the story. Also, he relives the nightmares of Reed’s childhood and the strange, surreal sight of reptiles swarming out of the bathroom. The true originality is that he uses elements normally only found in the most distorted and depraved exploitation images to create a comedic film. The end result is a film that is far more accessible and entertaining than the plot would suggest.

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Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott are weird and quirky in Nicolas Pesce’s adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s cult novel.

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Please refresh this page or go to another page on the site to automatically log in. Please update your browser to login. It is a film directed by Nicolas Pasce based on Ryû Murakami’s novel. ) A young married man dreams of killing a prostitute. He has a beautiful wife, Mona (Laia Costa – unless she’s enchanted in Las Vegas).

Piercing (movie Review)

Under the guise of a business trip he checks into a hotel and hires a prostitute with plans to fulfill his fantasies. when the prostitute he wanted was late, he opted for the faster option. An hour later, Jackie (Mia Wasikowska) arrives.

Reed was a little nervous. His balance is broken by Jackie’s slightly odd question. When she asks him to go to the bathroom to shower, Reed agrees. A little time passes and Reed checks on how Jackie is doing in the bathroom. no answer. He entered the room and watched as she stabbed her thigh with a pair of scissors.

Reed took her to the hospital. while Jackie was in the hospital. Reed calls Mona. She knows all about his fantasies and encourages him to be with Jackie. When Jackie leaves the hospital, he returns there

Piercing Movie

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